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Please note that this is a working list of species, not a published checklist. It is used to provide information on species established in Britain and with records in the recording scheme databases.

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Agelenidae  Amaurobiidae  Anyphaenidae  Araneidae  Atypidae  Clubionidae  Corinnidae  Cybaeidae  Dictynidae  Dysderidae  Eresidae  Gnaphosidae  Hahniidae  Linyphiidae  Liocranidae  Lycosidae  Mimetidae  Mysmenidae  Nesticidae  Oecobiidae  Oonopidae  Oxyopidae  Philodromidae  Pholcidae  Pisauridae  Salticidae  Scytodidae  Segestriidae  Sparassidae  Tetragnathidae  Theridiidae  Theridiosomatidae  Thomisidae  Uloboridae  Zodariidae  Zoridae  Zoropsidae  Leiobunidae  Nemastomatidae  Phalangiidae  Phalangodidae  Sabaconidae  Sclerosomatidae  Trogulidae    show all


Araneae Achaearanea lunata
Araneae Achaearanea riparia
Araneae Achaearanea simulans
Araneae Achaearanea tepidariorum
Araneae Anelosimus vittatus
Araneae Coleosoma floridanum
Araneae Crustulina guttata
Araneae Crustulina sticta
Araneae Cryptachaea blattea
Araneae Cryptachaea veruculata
Araneae Dipoena coracina
Araneae Dipoena erythropus
Araneae Dipoena inornata
Araneae Dipoena melanogaster
Araneae Dipoena prona
Araneae Dipoena torva
Araneae Dipoena tristis
Araneae Enoplognatha latimana
Araneae Enoplognatha mordax
Araneae Enoplognatha oelandica
Araneae Enoplognatha ovata sens. str.
Araneae Enoplognatha tecta
Araneae Enoplognatha thoracica
Araneae Episinus angulatus
Araneae Episinus maculipes
Araneae Episinus truncatus
Araneae Euryopis flavomaculata
Araneae Kochiura aulica
Araneae Neottiura bimaculata
Araneae Paidiscura pallens

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