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Fri 16th June 2017 09:03 by Peter Harvey
Looks like one of the cave spiders Meta species. It is most likely to be Meta menardi, but microscopical examination of adults is needed for certain identification, and it could possibly be the scarcer Meta bourneti. There is no concern raised by this spider.
Thu 15th June 2017 19:58 by John Furmanek
Can anyone identify this spider ?
Unkown 2 Copyright: John Furmanek

Found SY10 8LG near Llanymynech on the 18th May 2017

Unknown Spider Oswestry Copyright: John Furmanek

Any help much appreciated as I wonder if its a danger to my very interested cats


Many thanks, will resist the temptation to squish this rather menacing looking but beautifully patterned spider, found crawling over a gazebo in my dark shed, a typical habitat I warrant for Meta Menardi or Bourneti.

Thanks for your input !


Mon 12th June 2017 08:27 by Peter Harvey
Yes, Segestria florentina. You can enter your record from Save your records at if you want to add this to the recording scheme. You need to be logged-on to do this.
Thu 8th June 2017 17:24 by Paul Curtis
Segestria florentina ?
Tunnel web 2 Copyright: Paul Curtis Tunnel web 1 Copyright: Paul Curtis

KT5 9AG 8/6/17 lurking on outbuilding


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