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Mon 30th September 2013 21:15 by Simon Knevett
Found this in work and would be interested to know what it is
This little fella was hanging from a lampshade in work today and piqued my interest. I'm not a spider expert but have a general interest in the natural world and the markings look like quite distinctive. I've had a trawl through lots of sites showing images but can't find anything similar. If it turns out to be the 'common or garden house spider' please don't laugh!

What am I Copyright: Simon Knevett

Fri 27th September 2013 06:50 by Peter Harvey
This is the very common and widespread orb web spider Zygiella x-notata, present in most houses and gardens, living on fences and under eaves, window frames etc, and even car wing mirrors. It is harmless to humans.
Fri 27th September 2013 02:30 by Luke Mcdonald
Luke-m Copyright: Luke Mcdonald Need a possitive ID on this spider please dog has been bitten 1 week ago and had a reaction caused 500£ vet bill they said insect bite possibly a spider bite and we have recently had allot of these spiders pop up on our iron fencing
Wed 11th September 2013 07:10 by Peter Harvey
Re: Isle of Man
The harvestman looks interesting, but I don't think it will be possible to get to a definite species without the actual harvestman.
Wed 11th September 2013 07:08 by Peter Harvey
Re: Cave Spiders
With the new picture uploaded, I would revise my identification as probably Meta menardi, but the two Meta cave spider species cannot be reliably identified to species from photographs. It seems likely that Meta menardi usually has clearly annulated legs, as in the picture, and M. bourneti not annulated or far less prominent. However we do not know how reliable this difference in appearance is in the identification between the two species.
Tue 10th September 2013 20:22 by David Copland
Cave Spiders
I have no previous interest in spiders but these really grabbed my attention. When I lifted the external trap door to my cellar (the first time in many years) there were eight of these and several egg sacs on the underside of the door.  I believe they are cave spiders and would be grateful if somebody could confirm this
Tue 10th September 2013 00:59 by Robert Irvine
Isle of Man
I found this on the wall of the restaurant at the summit of Snaefell. A mountain in the Isle of Man. Can anybody identify it? The water drops on it are due to the cloud which surrounded the Summit at the time the photograph was taken.  Isle of Man Opilionid Copyright: Robert Irvine
Mon 9th September 2013 14:21 by Joseph Fitzgerald
Re: Goldenrod or Common Crab spider?

Thank you for your comprehensive and definitive answer on our confusion over the English name for this spider. Your answer highlights, how well intentioned attempts at definitions by non specialists, always requires the input of the expert view.

Your asistance is very much appreciated in this matter. Joseph

Mon 9th September 2013 13:36 by Peter Harvey
Re: Goldenrod or Common Crab spider?
The two photos you have uploaded are the crab spider Misumena vatia, and any confusion over 'common crab spider' or 'goldenrod crab spider' is due to the fact that there are no widely accepted English names for the vast majority of British spiders - it is the binomial taxon name Misumena vatia under which the taxon was described which defines the species in question. English names simply cause confusion, especially where there is no set agreed name or, as in this case, different non-specialists argue over what might (or might not) be the 'correct' English name. The answer is that there is no correct English name. Incidentally neither suggested English name makes any sense - there is no special connection between Misumena vatia and golden rod (indeed I would be surprised if this spider ever used golden rod as a flower where it waited for prey) and as can be seen from the summary for this spider and distribution map at the Misumena vatia summary page, it is very far from 'common' except in some southern parts of the country.
Mon 9th September 2013 12:43 by Joseph Fitzgerald
Goldenrod or Common Crab spider?
Hi, New user to this forum here and have been told that this is best place to raise our query.

We are a conservation group on the Herts/Essex border and we observed this delightful character,hiding on a nettle leaf, acting true to description, in June 2012 on the border of scrub and a wildflower meadow. We published a local pictorial guide and named the specimen as Goldenrod Crab Spider- Misumena Vatia we were then challenged locally and told we had got the labeling wrong and that it was a Common Crab Spider- Misumena Vatia Our efforts to clarify from online and other guides have only added to our confusion. From the two pictures supplied/uploaded can you help us with getting this right. Thank you in anticipation. Joseph Fitzgerald


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