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Mon 31st March 2014 21:06 by Emma Coles
Thank you
Thank you for responding regarding my earlier post, much appreciated.
Mon 31st March 2014 20:43 by Peter Harvey
As far as can be told from the photograph, this is probably Steatoda grossa. It is not the 'noble false widow' which causes all the ill-informed scare mongering in the media. Steatoda grossa is widespread and frequent in the southwest, and in recent years has also become more common on the southeast.
Mon 31st March 2014 19:39 by Emma Coles
Is this a False Widow?
False widow in Caerphilly Copyright: Emma Coles

Just found this is my bathroom, is it a False Widow? Should I do anything if it is? Postcode CF83.

Mon 17th March 2014 18:25 by Peter Harvey
No, this is Amaurobius similis, a very common spider of cracks in walls, fences, eaves etc in gardens and buildings. Please provide a full postcode or Ordnance Survey grid reference and date of the record so that it can be added to the recording scheme.
Mon 17th March 2014 15:15 by Barney Rushworth
False Widows West Yorkshire
Hello everyone!

Found this spider in our house whilst having the kitchen pulled out a couple of months ago. Amaurobius West Yorkshire Copyright: Barney Rushworth

Ever since this capture we have noticed many more of these spiders in and around the house.

My untrained, novice eye leads me to believe it to be a Steatoda nobilis (False widow).

They seem to love the ivy that grows on the wall in my yard as we have spotted a few there.

Just thought it was intesresting due to most of the data regards distribution i've seen showing that they are primarily spotted in the south.  So for you northern folk, if this is indeed a 'False Widow' then they are amongst us.  This was found in my house by me in Bingley West Yorkshire.

For those interested.  I released it not too far from the house.  Not bothered me before and not going to start being terrified of nothing starting now.

Mon 17th March 2014 15:03 by Chris Emblem-English
Marpissa muscosa
Yes it did seem rather out of place to me too. It was about 8mm long, which seems to make it a bit bigger than the species you suggest, from what I've read. When I first spotted it I thought it was perhaps a housefly of some kind until I got closer! Mainly, it was the short and very robust looking front legs which struck me, as well as the size - much bigger than the little zebra spiders I'm more used to seeing. Wish I'd studied it for longer, but I was just turning in for the night!
Mon 17th March 2014 14:10 by Peter Harvey
This is an unlikely spider to find on a ceiling. What size was it? Are you sure it wasn't Pseudeuophyrs lanigera?
Mon 17th March 2014 09:25 by Chris Emblem-English
Marpissa muscosa
I found a Marpissa muscosa indoors on the ceiling yesterday. I've not seen one before, but it seemed quite distinctive and easy to identify from the books. It was quite lively once I caught it so I couldn't get a photo before I liberated it in the garden. If you would like to add it to the records the location is TQ383939 in north east London, date 16/03/2014.
Sat 15th March 2014 15:57 by Evan Jones
Re: Black and white long legged unknown spider
Please could you say where you found this spider Laura. link

It looks like Argiope argentata which is not a UK species!

Mon 10th March 2014 19:30 by Peter Harvey
Juvenile male Episinus, probably angulatus.
Mon 10th March 2014 19:11 by Tim Hodge
Spider, Horsey, Norfolk 10.03.2014
Grateful to learn if this can be identified. It was in my garden this afternoon. I've looked through Roberts but can't find a spider to match. Thanks.

Spider for ID 1 Copyright: Tim Hodge Spider for ID 2 Copyright: Tim Hodge Spider for ID 3 Copyright: Tim Hodge

Wed 5th March 2014 16:52 by Evan Jones
Neon pictus
'Found a very tiny jumper this morning on the beach in SussexProbable subadult male Neon pictus Copyright: Evan Jones So tiny at about 1.5mm it must be the smallest species of Salticid in Britain when it is adult? Is there a littler one!

Possibly Neon pictus subadult.


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