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Tue 22nd April 2014 09:59 by Peter Harvey
Re: Larinioides cornutus TG4523 21/04/2014
Yes, this is Larinioides cornutus. It may well not have been adult, which could only be ascertained by seeing if there was a fully developed epigyne on the ventral side of the abdomen. Incidentally the epigyne of this species often doesn't look too much like the figures in books, because the tongue can become broken off and because the epigyne can become distorted.
Mon 21st April 2014 14:39 by Tim Hodge
Larinioides cornutus TG4523 21/04/2014
This was in a reed clump adjacent to a brackish dyke at Horsey today. It looks good to me for Larinioides cornutus but I'd appreciate to learn if related species can be ruled out? Thanks

Larinioides cornutus TG4523 Copyright: Tim Hodge

Tue 8th April 2014 22:18 by Peter Harvey
Your photos are almost certainly juvenile Steatoda bipunctata, although there is an outside chance that it could be poorly marked juvenile S. grossa. You can see from the Steatoda bipunctata map that this spider is very widely distributed in Britain, although it gets scarcer further north. It is almost certainly under-recorded, and probably occurs in most buildings and gardens in the southern half of the country anyway. It is harmless to humans.
Tue 8th April 2014 19:53 by George Hogg
Is this Rabbit Hutch Spider?
If this is Steatoda Bipunctata is it the first record for East Lothian ? If so,does this reflect it's occurrence,or is it just under recorded. Is a bite to a human possible/likely? Can it be safely left in a workplace ? I suspect it is perfectly safe and innocent but would welcome your reassurance. Specimen seen at EH421RS See George Hogg's photo album
Sat 5th April 2014 16:10 by Peter Harvey
Yes, this looks like Steatoda nobilis, the so-called 'noble false widow', the spider which the media make such a fuss about. It has been frequent in the southern coastal counties of England for a great many years, without causing any problems. It is also nowadays frequent in the London and Surrey areas. You can see a reasoned outline about the spider on the website links on the SRS, BAS and Buglife websites.
Sat 5th April 2014 09:49 by Sue Davies
Steatoda nobilis ?
Found in garden, funnel web at side of wall light. 4th April 2014, BA6 8RX, Somerset

Steatoda nobilis SD14 Copyright: Sue Davies


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