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Thu 30th July 2015 23:27 by Kay Hughes
I should have given the date the spider was found: 30/07/2015
Thu 30th July 2015 23:25 by Kay Hughes
I found this spider when I moved some rough timber I had in the garden. I later found a nest of spiderlings nearby on the same timberTHought to be Nuctenea umbratica Copyright: Kay Hughes. Is this Nuctenea umbratica?
Mon 27th July 2015 13:33 by Peter Harvey
A shed is a very odd place for Pisaura mirabilis.
Mon 27th July 2015 13:08 by Grant Thompson
Pisaura Mirabilis - seen in Loanhead MidLothian EH20 9LS
Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of this spider but I noticed it while clearing out my mother-in-law's shed up in MidLothian. I didn't recognise the species and was interested enough to try and identify it.

Apart from the odd house spider I've rarely seen many spiders up there and never one like this. This one had a body between 10 - 12mm and was dark brown in colour.  Looking at the distribution maps this hasn't been recorded there before.

Just to clarify the spider was crawling around on the outside of the door rather than inside the shed. It wasn't in a web. The spider was very distinctive and it was the shape of the abdomen that made me think it was this spider. I tried to look for it later on to take a picture but it had wandered off. Fine looking spider though.

BTW are the house spiders moving north, I've been going to Scotland for 25 years and never really saw them there until about 10 years ago. Now there are a lot if my mother in law's shed is anything to go by.

Fri 24th July 2015 22:33 by Paul Kidd
Please can someone confirm whether the spider on the attached photograph is a steatoda nobilis. It, and it's children, have taken up residence in our conservatory. I live in Chiddingly, East Sussex. Thanks in advance.Steatoda Nobilis Chiddingly Copyright: Paul Kidd
Wed 22nd July 2015 20:02 by Malcolm Ogilvie
Araniella cucurbitina on Islay
Thanks, Peter. There don't seem to be any Araniella records for VC102, so at least the genus is new!
Wed 22nd July 2015 18:44 by Peter Harvey
Unfortunately the spider can't be confirmed without microscopical examination of the adult epigyne or male palp. There are four closely similar and variable Araniella species and although this one is probably Araniella cucurbitina in the wide sense, it could equally well be either Araniella cucurbitina sens. str. or Araniella opisthographa even assuming it is not one of the rarer species.
Wed 22nd July 2015 12:36 by Malcolm Ogilvie
Araniella cucurbitina on Islay
One was found in Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay (NR6127) on 21st July 2015. This appears to be the first for vice-county 102. However, the person who reported it to me (see photos) found it on his car at that location having driven from his home in Caol Ila on the island (NR6942) that morning. I hope that my ID can be confirmed.
Mon 20th July 2015 16:57 by Peter Harvey
It isn't possible to confirm Heliophanus to species without microscopical examination of the adult epigyne or male palp.
Mon 20th July 2015 14:37 by Crystal Maw
id confirmation for Heliophanus cupreus
Heliophanus cupreus id confirmation please. Photographed 30/6/15 on Ailsa Craig NX02389983. The spider was safely tucked away within a silk capsule, between a rat monitoring station (a plastic rock) and a stone, on a boulder/scree area.
Sat 18th July 2015 13:56 by Evan Jones
Meioneta nigripes
Hi Peter, North Wales. Yr wyddfa (Snowdon) Under a stone amongst moss on a south facing slope next to the Pyg track zig-zag below summit. Grid Ref SH 60941 54937 altitude about 1000m
Tue 14th July 2015 15:23 by Jo Poland
Thank you
Thank you very much for your help with araneus angulatus. It seems our garden may have a good population?
Sun 12th July 2015 23:00 by Les Gradwell
Many thanks, I was deceived by the body stripe and its ability to actually walk on water (not vegetation).
Sun 12th July 2015 22:27 by Peter Harvey
No, this is a Pirata wolf spider with spiderlings on her back.
Sun 12th July 2015 21:43 by Les Gradwell
Raft Spider ?
I hope this image is good enough to help people confirm if this is a Raft Spider, here in SK12 1TY. Seen on a small pond in the heart of a well established Local Nature Reserve (Cheshire East Council). Thank you.

Sat 11th July 2015 22:47 by Peter Harvey
Adult male then, because of the palp structure.
Sat 11th July 2015 22:30 by Jo Poland
This individual was half the female size and has massive palps! (picture). Also the thorax was equal or larger than the abdomen.

A. angulatus male Copyright: Jo Poland

Sat 11th July 2015 19:46 by Peter Harvey
Yes Araneus angulatus, but I don't see the complex palps of a male, so I suspect this is a slightly shrunken female.
Sat 11th July 2015 19:22 by Jo Poland
Is this a male Araneus angulatas?
We recently found a female Araneus angulatas in our garden. We posted a picture of her up onto this forum on 28th June 2015 and you confirmed the ID. Today, at the top of a Teasel we spotted what we think is a male - would be very grateful for confirmation.

Araneus angulatus male Copyright: Jo Poland

Sat 11th July 2015 11:26 by Peter Harvey
Wicken Fen spider
Your spider is Pisaura mirabilis, the 'nursery web spider. The female commonly sits out on leaves, and is very variable. She carries the egg-cocoon in her jaws until the eggs are about to hatch, when she constructs a tent-like web in tall herbage in which young remain until they disperse.
Wed 8th July 2015 22:19 by Chris Slaney
Wicken Fen spider id please
I found this spider and web/nest at Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve on 4th July, whilst photographing dragonflies.  Can you identify it for me please?
Sun 5th July 2015 20:00 by Peter Harvey
Yes, this is Segestria florentina. Please provide a full postcode or Ordnance Survey grid reference and date of the record so that it can be added to the recording scheme.
Thu 2nd July 2015 21:07 by Jason Macneaney
Segestria florentina?
I believe this is a Segestria florentina.  I found it the other evening.  it appears to have a tube like web behind an external light attached to the brickwork of my house.  It's jaws are a striking green colour.  A very impressive and very fast spider.

My location is the market town of Dursley in Gloucestershire.Segestria florentinas waiting for prey Copyright: Jason Macneaney Postcode is GL11 5PX date of observation 2/7/15 Jason.

Thu 2nd July 2015 08:57 by Peter Harvey
This looks like the 'mouse spider' Scotophaeus blackwalli. There is a second species, Scotophaeus scutulatus, which has been found several times in the Colchester area, which looks exactly similar until adults are examined under a microscope, and there are another 2 European species as well, so there cannot be any absolute certainty. They are harmless to humans.
Thu 2nd July 2015 08:36 by Christian Sloan-Murphy
I found this on my bedroom wall this morning in Bristol, BS16 7HE; I couldn't find any images on the net that had a similar abdomen. It was around 25mm in span.

Unknown Spider-BS167HE Copyright: Christian Sloan-Murphy


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