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Fri 19th August 2016 14:35 by Peter Harvey
Re: Everleigh Harvestman
The photo is not sharp enough or high resolution enough to see details, but the harvestman is probably Phalangium opilio. I wouldn't even begin to try to name the mite and these are not within the remit of the British Arachnological Society or the Spider Recording Scheme.
Fri 19th August 2016 14:12 by Graeme Davis
Everleigh Harvestman
Everleigh Harvestman with mites Copyright: Graeme Davis

Large Harvestman with mites attracted to moth trap.Had two of them in there. I assume the mites might be Trombidium holosericeum?? from an internet search. Would love to know harvestman, big fella.

Found Everleigh Ashes, Wilts, SU 195 566 EMAIL:

Tue 16th August 2016 00:12 by Matthew Bell
Anyone tell me what spiders these are please?

I live in south Belfast northern Ireland, recently noticed a bunch of spiders hanging around my back door, anyone able to tell me if I should be worried or tell me what breed they are?

Fri 12th August 2016 17:46 by Peter Harvey
No, this is the comb-fotted spider Enoplognatha ovata sens. lat. There are two species in Britain which require microscopical examination of adults for identification, E. ovata sens. str. and E. latimana.
Fri 12th August 2016 14:54 by Bill Neill
Thanks for the Harvestman identification Peter. Am I right in thinking this is an Araniella sp? Inside a rolled-up leaf Copyright: Bill Neill Found at Cille Bhrighde NF748148 10/08/2016
Wed 10th August 2016 17:52 by Peter Harvey
Re: Harvestman with mites
The harvestman is Mitopus morio, looks like var ericaeus, a northern upland harvestman. I don't know whether the mites would be hitching a lift or more sinister.
Wed 10th August 2016 10:13 by Bill Neill
Harvestman with mites
Is it possible to identify from the photo ? Are the mites a problem or just hitching a lift ?Harvestman with mites Copyright: Bill Neill NF738237 09/08/2016
Tue 9th August 2016 20:44 by John Bryan
Possible Steatoda grossa (Araneae) ?
Photographed yesterday while clearing out a garage - slightly out of focus but it wouldn't keep still for long.

I have a short video,a bit sharper, if that would be useful to the scheme ?

Possible Steatoda grossa (Araneae) 08082016 Copyright: John Bryan

Tue 9th August 2016 10:40 by Julie Nock
Meta Menardi?
Can you identify my cave spiders from this picture - are they Meta menardi? I live in the Scottish Borders. The spiders have always been in the coal shed and in recent years have moved into the wood shed too. Usually have quite a lot of egg sacs but only two so far this year. Thanks Julie
Sun 7th August 2016 22:42 by Jim Jobe
Many thanks for that Peter. I've just looked at plate 22 of the Spiders of Great Britain and Ireland which matches it exactly. Unfortunately I didn't keep the specimen so can't look at the genitalia unless it pops up again. It's certainly a beautiful beastie with that moleskin-like abdomen. Jim
Sat 6th August 2016 09:14 by Peter Harvey
This is most likely Scotophaeus (blackwalli), a juvenile. It is not Amaurobius. Note there is a second species of Scotophaeus recorded in Britain which looks the same as blackwalli, S. scutulatus.
Fri 5th August 2016 23:02 by Jim Jobe
Possible A. ferox
Is this identifiable as A. ferox?? Found in my bathroom, Ripon, N.Yorks, SE304697, 3 Aug.2016. JimPossible A. ferox Copyright: Jim Jobe
Wed 3rd August 2016 18:37 by Peter Harvey
Re: Any ideas
This looks like one of the cave spiders Meta species. It is most likely to be Meta menardi, but microscopical examination of adults is needed for certain identification, and it could possibly be the scarcer Meta bourneti.
Wed 3rd August 2016 18:34 by Peter Harvey
Re: A second spider from Hellisy
This is a Metellina species, either M. mengei or segmentata, but microscope examination of adults is necessary for id.
Wed 3rd August 2016 18:00 by Michael Whelan
Any ideas
Drain dweller in Banavie Copyright: Michael Whelan Drain dweller in Banavie 2 Copyright: Michael Whelan

Found these stunning creatures under a man hole cover today (03 Aug 16). Counted 9 spiders in total with four nests, all just smaller than a ping pong ball. Did what I could to protect the nests from the rain and replaced cover as soon as possible. Two of the ( Im assuming) females left their nests and moved into the under growth with two remaining. Hopefully the two that left will return to their nests.  Thought at first maybe they were Lace web spiders, but not sure to be honest. The pictures do them no credit, the gloss shine on legs and cephalothorax was something that I have not seen before. Beautiful all the same. Any help on identification much appreciated.  If better pictures are required I can hopefully manage that tomorrow as Im back there again.

Wed 3rd August 2016 14:32 by Bill Neill
A second spider from Hellisay
I'm not sure what this one is. It was found on 01/08/2016 at the same time as the L.cornutusA second spider on Hellisay Copyright: Bill Neill NF7504 I imagine that there are not too many spider records for this square !

Now that I know it is either Meta segmentata or M.mengei and that it is a male I have looked in the Collins Guide, Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe by Michael J. Roberts. The drawings of the metatarsus clearly indicate M.mengei.

It does say that they are "easily distinguished" in this way. Is that correct ?

Tue 2nd August 2016 14:47 by Bill Neill
Is confrimation possible from this photo ?
L.cornutus perhaps Copyright: Bill Neill Found on a visit to the island of Hellisay in the Outer Hebrides yesterday, 1st August 2016.
Tue 2nd August 2016 14:06 by Peter Harvey
This looks like Steatoda nobilis, the so-called 'noble false widow', the spider which the media make such an unjustified fuss about. It has been frequent in the southern coastal counties of England for a great many years, without causing any problems. It is nowadays frequent in many areas of southern England and is abundant in the south coast and south-east England regions. The media frenzy caused by this spider is unwarranted. There are a number of other 'false widows' in Britain, some which are native or have been in the country for centuries, so there is a lot of misinformation about these spiders. Steatoda nobilis spiders are unobtrusive, have no interest in attacking humans and would only bite if they were put into a position where they do so as a defensive reaction. Honey bees and social wasps pose a far greater risk.
Tue 2nd August 2016 11:07 by Loretta Lloyd
True or false widow?  S.grossa?
ID request 1 Copyright: Loretta Lloyd Moved to BN11 4LD two months ago. Live in flat surrounded by several large trees.  Last week we had the gutters and fascias cleaned, since then we have seen several medium sized dark brown spiders in our home (averaging 1 a day). I have attached a photo of one taken this morning (02.08.18). My best guess is S.grossa, but will be very happy to be told I'm wrong! Only want to know so I can tell my seven year old daughter not to touch them (she's happy to cover them with a plastic beaker until I relocate them to the garden).  Also want to know so we can switch to Sahara Desert behaviour, where we shake clothes and shoes before putting them on.  Can anyone help with an ID here?  New to this forum, not sure how it all works. Thanks?  Loretta.
Mon 1st August 2016 20:04 by Natalie Khanna
Can you ID this spider please- found loads in porch in Croydon Copyright: Natalie Khanna

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