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Mon 24th October 2016 14:42 by Peter Harvey
Re: Record of Xysticus acerbus
Many thanks for the correction. I have checked, and this and other records were entered from BRC record cards by BRC when work was being undertaken for the provisional atlas digitised at BRC and the date 1909 was not picked up in the checking. Now corrected.

The location is given as Corfe Mullen (SY9796). Should this be changed for all these records to SY980967, a different monad?

Mon 24th October 2016 09:37 by John Hunnisett
Record of Xysticus acerbus
On looking through the records of this species I see that my record for Corfe Mullen SY980967 is dated 1909, this should be 1999.

John Hunnisett

Wed 19th October 2016 16:40 by Peter Harvey
Re:Is this Nigma walckenaeri please?
Yes, this is Nigma walckenaeri. Thanks for details. This spider has been spreading in recent years from centres of distribution in the Thames and Severn valleys and your discovery seems to fill in a gap in the distribution, see Nigma walckenaeri species page. The species is evidently continuing to spread, presumably climate related.
Wed 19th October 2016 16:06 by Dave Mangham
Is this Nigma walckenaeri please?
Can anyone comment on this please?

I believe it to Nigma walckenaeri (a female) but I'm no expert.

Photographed at postcode DE13 0XS (Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire) on 18th Oct 2016.

I'm not sure that this is in the currently recorded distribution range.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.


nigma walckenaeri maybe Copyright: Dave Mangham

Tue 18th October 2016 15:27 by Ronan Burke
What spider is this?

I tried to identify it myself but none quite matched. This is in Northern Ireland. The video footage has been brightened to make it easier to see the spider earlier in the the spider is actually darker.

From seeing it in person, it looked to have a little bit of white on the top front of it and maybe some white on the top back.


Mon 17th October 2016 20:58 by Karen Jones
This scared the electrician
Found this monster...should I be worried
Mon 3rd October 2016 16:55 by Rosalind Shaw
Unknown Linyphiid

I wonder if anyone could help me with this female linyphiid. The epigyne looks quite distinctive but I haven't managed to get it to anything! Colours are a bit off and it's general size is about 2mm. Many thanks in advance! Ros

Grid ref SU 1444 Date 7/7/13

Linyphiid Copyright: Rosalind Shaw Linyphiid1 Epigyne2 Copyright: Rosalind Shaw Linyphiid1 Epigyne1 Copyright: Rosalind Shaw


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