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Thu 26th July 2018 15:05 by Richard Barker
Small black spider with 2 bright red dots
On Saturday I was tidying up my garden. When I moved some wood, 2 spiders appeared. Both were about 2cm long with 2 bright red dots on their backs. One also had a bulb shaped on it's back too. I didn't have my phone at the time so couldn't take any photos.

Any ideas please?

This was in Derbyshire DE58RD

Wed 18th July 2018 10:26 by Peter Harvey
The majority of Pardosa need microscopical examination of the adult female epigyne/male palp for species identification and yours is no exception. Your second post shows Agelena labyrinthica, as you suggest.
Tue 17th July 2018 19:38 by Charles Fleming
Agelena labyrinthica?
Labyrinth Spider Copyright: Charles Fleming Can anyone name this species please, is it Agelena labyrinthica? Haldon Forest Devon. SX 88997 84288
Tue 17th July 2018 19:28 by Charles Fleming
Pardosa sp. Copyright: Charles Fleming I would really appreciate any help to name this spider please. I am calling it as a Wolf Spider, is it possible to name it to species. Thanks in advance. SX 88997 84288 Haldon Forest Devon
Sun 15th July 2018 11:09 by Peter Harvey
Re: Help identifying this spider
Can't help without any photo or information on the spider (and postcode or grid reference etc).
Thu 12th July 2018 20:13 by Rebecca Pudney
Help identifying this spider
Sun 1st July 2018 22:00 by Lisa Rowley
Cors Fochno spiders
Many thanks for the prompt reply, Peter.

Much appreciated,



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