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Mon 14th January 2019 19:06 by Don Matthews
Re: Dicranopalpus sp?
Thanks, Peter. I'll stick with the agg.


Mon 14th January 2019 15:48 by Peter Harvey
Re: Dicranopalpus sp?
Yes, Dicranopalpus. The separation of Dicranopalpus ramosus in the strict sense and D. caudatus requires microscopical examination and is not easy, so otherwise they can be recorded as Dicranopalpus ramosus agg. (aggregate)
Mon 14th January 2019 15:39 by Don Matthews
Dicranopalpus sp?
NS9287 (Forth Valley, Central Scotland); 14/01/2019

possible Dicranopalpus sp. Copyright: Don Matthewspossible Dicranopalpus sp. detail Copyright: Don Matthews

Thank you for the confirmation of my Opilio canestrinii. I hadn't expected to record any harvestmen in January but here is another one, again sitting by my garden moth-trap. According to my old fieldguide and the FSC pictorial guide, this one appears to be Dicranopalpus ramosus but I note that there is now D. caudatus as well. Is my identification correct and how is this species pair currently being recorded?

Don Matthews

Fri 11th January 2019 14:57 by Daniel Blyton
Thanks, Peter, for all your comments today. Much appreciated. Daniel
Fri 11th January 2019 13:42 by Peter Harvey
Re:Opilio canestrinii?
Yes, I would say this is O. canestrinii - interesting record this far north!
Fri 11th January 2019 13:41 by Peter Harvey
Re: Pseudoscorpion
Most pseudoscorpions cannot be reliably identified without microscopical examination and can be very difficult even then. It requires careful use of a decent key, experience and reliably identified reference specimens or a specialist who can help verify.
Fri 11th January 2019 13:38 by Peter Harvey
Re: Xysticus sp. male?
Yes, and adult male Xysticus. These can only reliably be done with microscopical examination of the adult palp structure, but probably X. cristatus, the commonest species. It is the palps, which have a complex structure in adult males, that show if the spider is an adult male or not. Before they become adult the male palp is just a swollen bag with no structure.
Fri 11th January 2019 13:35 by Peter Harvey
Re: Salticidae - Jumping Spider
This is a poorly marked example of the Zebra spider Salticus scenicus, but will be juvenile at this time of year.
Fri 11th January 2019 13:33 by Peter Harvey
Re: Metellina segmentata
Date does not rule out either species, it is only that generally early summer adults are likely to be mengei and autumn adults are likely to be segmentata, but this is not a firm rule and both species can be found at either time of year - see the adult season charts for these species on this website. If the long ventral hairs on adult male metatarsus I and II can be seen, it is just about possible to do adult males from photos, but females definitely require microscopical examination is required and even then it can sometimes be difficult to separate females. Your photo looks a bit like a juvenile, so could not be done even under a microscope.
Fri 11th January 2019 13:26 by Peter Harvey
Re: Clubiona sp. maybe
Yes, Clubiona, but not possible to get to species without microscopical examination. Bee, Oxford and Smith's field guide indicates this.
Fri 11th January 2019 12:40 by Don Matthews
Opilio canestrinii?
possible Opilio canestrinii Copyright: Don Matthews possible Opilio canestrinii detail Copyright: Don Matthews
I'm starting to attempt recording harvestmen encountered when moth-trapping and this individual was close to my moth trap when I checked it this morning. To me it looks like Opilio Canestrinii - but am I right? Any help welcome.

Location NS9287 (Forth Valley, Central Scotland); date 11/01/2019

Don Matthews

Thu 10th January 2019 22:21 by Daniel Blyton
CO6 2RJ, 29th August 2018 - back garden

Moving away from spiders, I found this pseudoscorpion, one of two specimens, under my water butt lid (along with the possible Clubiona spider already posted below). Is it possible to identify this from my photo? Is it a Knotty Shining Claw?

Pseudoscorpion 29.08.2018 Copyright: Daniel Blyton

Thu 10th January 2019 22:14 by Daniel Blyton
Xysticus sp. male?
CO6 2RJ, 11th May 2018 - back garden

This one is from the Spring and I obviously managed to only photograph it from behind. Looks like a Xysticus sp. but does the dark colour imply a male?

Male Xysticus sp. Copyright: Daniel Blyton

Thu 10th January 2019 22:11 by Daniel Blyton
Salticidae - Jumping Spider
CO6 2RJ, 18th November 2018 - back garden

This one was seen on my pear tree trunk. Is it possible to take this one to Genus level?

Jumping spider on pear tree Copyright: Daniel Blyton

Thu 10th January 2019 21:52 by Daniel Blyton
Metellina segmentata
CO6 2RJ, 7th October 2018 - back garden

Another one, the plant is Clematis - is this Metellina segmentata (assuming the date rules out M. mengei)?

Metellina segmentata Copyright: Daniel Blyton

Thu 10th January 2019 21:47 by Daniel Blyton
Clubiona sp. maybe
CO6 2RJ, 29th August 2018 - back garden

Hi, just looking back at my spider photos from last year, trying to see if I can identify any (I got a copy of Bee, Oxford and Smith's field guide for Christmas). Is the photo enough to take this one to the genus level of Clubiona sp.? It was found at night, under my water butt lid.

Clubiona possibly Copyright: Daniel Blyton

Mon 7th January 2019 10:44 by Peter Harvey
Sun 6th January 2019 19:41 by David Rice
Backyard Spider - Identification Please?
Hi all, any ideas what species this spider is? Thanks, David.Backyard Spider - Twickenham Copyright: David Rice

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