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Sun 21st June 2020 23:11 by Anastasia Saxby
Steatoda nobilis.. male?
Hi all, found it today 21/06/20 in the morning on me in my house after it bit me :(. Felt like wasp bite, thanks God i didn't had a bad reaction. I live in Tadley, Hampshire. Looks like i have a few of them in my conservatory but they come out only after sunset. Do not know how this one ended up on me. It didn't move fast on floor, so could take pics for identification.
Sat 20th June 2020 22:10 by Bo Crombet-Beolens
ID Help please
Fri 19th June 2020 14:28 by Steven Donoghue
Clubiona corticalis Copyright: Steven Donoghue I'm struggling to identify this female. Clubiona corticalis1 Copyright: Steven Donoghue I thought she could be Clubiona corticalis but she measures 12mm chelicerae to spinnerets. Caught in Derbyshire. Any suggestions?
Fri 19th June 2020 12:44 by Steven Donoghue
Preservation of spiders
I've started a reference collection of spiders but I find that the abdomen can swell and haemorrhage within 24 hours of immersion in alcohol. I'm using isopropyl alcohol diluted with distilled water to 55%. Is this common and does anyone have any advice on how to avoid this?
Fri 19th June 2020 12:30 by Steven Donoghue
Preservation of spiders
I've started a reference collection of spiders but I find that the abdomen can swell and haemorrhage within 24 hours of immersion in alcohol. I'm using isopropyl alcohol diluted with distilled water to 55%. Is this common and does anyone have any advice on how to avoid this?
Wed 17th June 2020 22:40 by Matt Harvey
Help with ID please
Steatoda grossa-  CH Copyright: Matt Harvey


I’m hoping someone can ID a spider I found in my garden on 17/06/20. Post code is SK8 7DL.

Is it a Steatoda grossa? Female?

It was a beautiful specimen! The gold band was incredible!

Hoping my picture has attached to this!

Thanks, Matt

Wed 17th June 2020 18:41 by Jason Argent
Possible large Marpissa muscosa
Large Marpissa muscosa female 2 Copyright: Jason ArgentLarge Marpissa muscosa female 1 Copyright: Jason Argent Please excuse the awful photos, but I think I found a female Marpissa muscosa on a dry stone wall in South Gloucestershire (grid reference ST681824). She must have been getting on for 20mm in length, by far the the largest Salticid I have ever seen in the UK! Is this size unusual? Is it worth trying to collect a voucher specimen?

Thanks in advance,

Jason Argent

Sun 14th June 2020 21:16 by Peter Harvey
This is Steatoda nobilis, the so-called 'noble false widow', the spider which the media make such an unjustified fuss about. It has been frequent in the southern coastal counties of England for a great many years, and is nowadays frequent and abundant in many areas of southern England and Wales, including the south coast, south-west, south-east, London area and East Anglia, and increasingly much further north. The media frenzy caused by this spider is unwarranted. Steatoda nobilis spiders are unobtrusive, have no interest in attacking humans and would only bite if they were put into a position where they do so as a defensive reaction. They are no greater risk than honey bees and social wasps. There are a number of other 'false widows' in Britain, some which are native or have been in the country for centuries, so there is a lot of misinformation about these spiders.
Sun 14th June 2020 00:42 by Gb Ford
Possible Steatoda type
Steatoda Copyright: Gb FordCame across this chap on my kitchen blind, the second of this type I’ve found this year. Caught & deposited outside. Woukd be interested to know it’s correct name. TIA My first submit so hope it’s done correctly. Need help with identification. Found in kitchen, TN22 5TD @ 00.04 14/06/20. Don’t like this site, too complicated, can’t find grid ref map.... HELP!
Thu 11th June 2020 20:24 by Peter Harvey
Your tiny unknown is probably a baby Zygiella (x-notata). Tenuiphantes type are generally body length 2 - 2.5mm as adults. The linyphiidae are generally small spiders body length from minute 1mm - 3mm although some are larger such as Linyphia triangularis mature in the autumn 5-6mm.

Segestria is a massively bigger spider, 13 - 22mm body length.

Thu 11th June 2020 19:23 by Tony Fergus
Re: poss Segestria senoculata
Thanks Peter. Never thought it would be a money spider as its size was about 2.86mm calculated by measuring its size on a 35mm frame @ 1:1 and doing the maths
Thu 11th June 2020 19:12 by Tony Fergus
re tiny unknown
Sorry Peter, during my first post I was torn between showing more of the web or cropping tightly on the creature. Hope this picture could help. NT36497266 09/06/20re unidentified aracnid Copyright: Tony Fergus
Wed 10th June 2020 18:44 by Peter Harvey
Re: Sardinidion blackwalli - county first?
This certainly looks like Sardinidion blackwalli and the first record in the recording scheme for the species, but an absence of records for a VC on the maps does not necessarily mean a record is new to a VC:- it may mean previous records have not been submitted to the recording scheme. The maps in Locket, Millidge & Merrett Vol. III (1974) and quite a few subsequent NCR updates published in the BAS bulletin need to be consulted (as Theridion blackwalli). I will add your record to our database.
Wed 10th June 2020 18:39 by Peter Harvey
Re: poss Segestria senoculata
This is a linyphiid money spider, one of the Tenuiphantes type. These require careful microscopical examination of adults to identify to species.
Wed 10th June 2020 18:37 by Peter Harvey
Re: tiny unknown
The photo is far too low resolution to be able to enable identification, although certainly an orb web species
Wed 10th June 2020 10:27 by Tamasine Stretton
Sardinidion blackwalli - county first?
Very excited to find Sardinidion blackwalli in my house yesterday, 9th June 2020 - SJ198097. This species is new to Montgomeryshire, I believe, in fact new to Powys and third record for the whole of Wales? Sardinidion blackwalli - dorsal view Copyright: Tamasine Stretton Sardinidion blackwalli - showing carapace markings Copyright: Tamasine Stretton Tamasine Stretton
Tue 9th June 2020 21:55 by Tony Fergus
poss Segestria senoculata
06/06/20 poss Segestria senoculata pic taken a couple of days ago NT36497265 Thanks in advance for a possible I.D.poss  Segestria senoculata Copyright: Tony Fergus
Tue 9th June 2020 20:52 by Tony Fergus
tiny unknown
Have been observing this one for a few days to see if it gets any bigger as it is only 1.5 to 2mm judging by the space it occupies in my full 35mm frame and 1:1 macro. No idea what species it is although I suspect it is an orb weaver/missing sector of sorts. I seems to build a new one every so often and sits in the middle waiting for prey. Thanks in advanceunidentified aracnid Copyright: Tony Fergus Unrecorded in irecord as yet NT36497265
Tue 9th June 2020 13:48 by Peter Harvey
This is certainly an Araniella orb web spider, but there are 5 variable species found in Britain, which cannot be identified to species without careful examination of adult female epigyne or male palp structure under a microscope. Yours is likely to either Araniella cucurbitina or A. opisthographa.
Tue 9th June 2020 10:30 by Jacky Chase
I think I’ve narrowed it down to Araniella sp?
Car spider 1 Copyright: Jacky Chase Took this image on 8/6/20 in Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway. Estimated body length 2-3mm. I have no experience in spider identification but I believe it may be one of the Araniella species, but would be unable to pin it down further. Maybe someone else could? I’ve posted it, not least as this website’s distribution maps of the various species might suggest this occurrence be at a ‘new’ location depending on species. The car it was on had been stood in Langholm for the last 9-10 weeks except for a brief visit to the moors above Langholm just a day earlier.
Tue 9th June 2020 09:48 by Michelle Reeve
Hi all, I'm usually ok at ID but for some reason this one has me stumped! Found on the side of my shed, hiding behind some wood that was propped up against it. Body length around 2-2.5cm. Location: Norwich (NR1), Norfolk. Date: 09/06/2020. I think it might be the same species as Conor's (who posted a picture yesterday evening)? Thanks! Unknown shed spider for ID Copyright: Michelle Reeve
Mon 8th June 2020 18:22 by Conor O'Donoghue
Woodshed spider
Woodshed spider Copyright: Conor O'Donoghue

I know nothing about spiders but would like to identify this one. Found today (8/6/2020) in dark woodshed, YO25 area. Around 2.5/3cm diameter.

Sun 7th June 2020 18:45 by Tony Fergus
Scotophaeus blackwalli
Thanks Peter. Much appreciated
Sun 7th June 2020 18:11 by Peter Harvey
Yes, this looks to be Scotophaeus blackwalli, although there is a second species which has been found several times in the Colchester area, which looks exactly similar until adults are examined under a microscope, and there are another 2 European species as well, so there cannot be any absolute certainty.
Sat 6th June 2020 23:11 by Tony Fergus
Help identifying
First post ever on this site. I take a lot of macro pics including a lot of spiders but I struggle identifying them including these two pictures. I think they are a of a Scotophaeus blackwalli but I get told the locus is out of their normal range so, could anyone help please....BTW I have a long line of them waiting to be ID'd Details: Pictures shot around 23:17 on 30/05/20 at NT36507266 Musselburgh, Scotland this specimen was around 8 to 10mm in size and showing hunting/stalking behaviour close up possible Scotophaeus blackwalli scotland Copyright: Tony Fergus possible Scotophaeus blackwalli scotland Copyright: Tony Fergus
Fri 5th June 2020 00:01 by Nubz Gaston
Hi can anyone identify this spider please Spiderspider Copyright: Nubz Gaston
Thu 4th June 2020 09:21 by Peter Harvey
This is a clubionid spider, There are a lot of very similar species which need microscopical examination of adults for species identification.
Wed 3rd June 2020 20:03 by William Ingram
Unknown spider
Clubionid Copyright: William IngramI found this spider in the house Postcode: NE3 3DE date: 3/5/2020, see uploaded picture. I think it may be a Cheiracanthium mildei but unsure.
Tue 2nd June 2020 12:06 by Mike Rowe
To Peter Harvey
Thanks for your ID help.


Tue 2nd June 2020 12:02 by Peter Harvey
I am afraid it isn't possible to confirm without examination of the sternum, jaw teeth arrangement and preferably adult genitalia. A side view is also not much help for id.
Tue 2nd June 2020 11:32 by Mike Rowe
Tetragnatha montana
Photo taken on 26/5/20 in Alice Holt Forest, Hampshire, Grid Reference SU 81001 42531

I think this may be Tetragnatha montana but I would like confirmation or otherwise if possible.  The spider was in compact rushes and grasses with overhanging trees.

Thanks Mike Spider 4 Copyright: Mike Rowe

Tue 2nd June 2020 11:20 by Peter Harvey
A Xysticus crab spider with Metellina mengei / segmentata prey, but neither can be done to species without examination of an adult under a microscope.
Tue 2nd June 2020 10:26 by Mike Rowe
Spider on Spider Predation
Photo taken on 26/5/20 in Alice Holt Forest, Hampshire, Grid Reference SU 81001 42531.

This seems to be showing one species of spider preying on another.  I think the prey spider may be Metellina segmentata.  I'm not at all sure of the predator, maybe in the genus Philodromus?

I'd be interested in confirming or otherwise the identification of both spiders.


Spider on Spider Predation Copyright: Mike Rowe


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