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Wed 30th September 2020 12:23 by Peter Harvey
Re: Steatoda Nobilis? Near Lincoln
Yes, this looks like Steatoda nobilis.
Wed 30th September 2020 12:22 by Peter Harvey
Re Area Lists
The lists are created from the raw database, and may take time to appear. Maybe the computer you were using takes too long for you to think it doesn't work. If you want to report problems like this, you should email me directly.
Thu 24th September 2020 10:42 by Is Br
Steatoda Nobilis? Near Lincoln
Steatoda Nobilis found near Lincoln Copyright: Is Br

Found indoors at NG34 8HB.

Apologies for the potato image, but the identifying features are visible I believe?

Wed 23rd September 2020 12:16 by Michael Kilner
Area lists problem
Just looking up the Area Lists. The Vice County that I am particularly interested in, VC86 Stirling, does not show a list when I click on it. Most other areas do. The same issue seems present for the Yorkshire VCs Edit. It works on a different computer. Never mind
Wed 23rd September 2020 09:06 by Peter Harvey
Yes a Xysticus, probably X. cristatus but microscopical examination of an adult would be needed for certain if. At this time of year the spider will still be juvenile.
Mon 21st September 2020 20:24 by Steve Marshall
Xysticus sp.
I think this is a Xysticus sp. Actually found it crawling on me indoors. The garden is damp and extends into oak woodland, with a shrub layer of elder, hawthorn, honeysuckle, hazel and rose, but there's lawn with herb borders around the house, so variety of habitats. Guildford, GU3 2HA / SU933502. Thanks, Steve

Xysticus sp. Copyright: Steve Marshall

Sat 19th September 2020 10:02 by Paul Rule
Zilla diodia
I found 5 occupied webs in my Cambridge garden last week and another at Anglesey Abbey on Thursday.Zilla diodia CB1 Copyright: Paul Rule
Sat 19th September 2020 09:53 by Paul Rule
Gibbaranea gibbosa
This little fellow was found on my moth trap recently. If my ID is correct it is a new record for my garden.Gibbaranea gibbosa CB1 Copyright: Paul Rule
Wed 16th September 2020 20:06 by Peter Harvey
Both look like Steatoda nobilis, the so-called 'noble false widow', the spider which the media make such an unjustified fuss about. It has been frequent in the southern coastal counties of England for a great many years, and is nowadays frequent and abundant in many areas of southern England and Wales, including the south coast, south-west, south-east, London area and East Anglia, and increasingly much further north. The media frenzy caused by this spider is unwarranted. Steatoda nobilis spiders are unobtrusive, have no interest in attacking humans and would only bite if they were put into a position where they do so as a defensive reaction. They are likely to present no greater risk than honey bees and social wasps. There are a number of other 'false widows' in Britain, some which are native or have been in the country for centuries, so there is a lot of misinformation about these spiders.
Wed 16th September 2020 07:53 by Chris Mitchell
16 September 2020 - PO15 7DX (Whiteley, Hampshire)

Morning, we get quite a few like this chap (pretty sure the last one was a “missing sector” rather than false widow, but any thoughts on this welcome.



2020-09-16PO15-2 Copyright: Chris Mitchell

2020-09-16PO15 Copyright: Chris Mitchell

Tue 15th September 2020 16:07 by Peter Harvey
Mon 14th September 2020 21:47 by Rob Walton

@ Peter Harvey - Sorry, the bugger kept fleeing into his hole every time I got close. Managed to get em this time. Does this make it easier to ID?

Many thanks

Sat 12th September 2020 19:33 by Dave Coombe
Welsh Wasp Spider Copyright: Matthew Pickersgill sorry new to this, CF62 4NU
Sat 12th September 2020 17:01 by Peter Harvey
It would be, if you provided a full postcode or Ordnance Survey grid reference so that your record can be used.
Sat 12th September 2020 15:24 by Dave Coombe
Welsh Wasp Spider
Welsh Wasp Spider Copyright: Matthew Pickersgill

My son took this picture this morning in St Athan, Nr Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan, thought it might be of interest

Fri 11th September 2020 18:08 by Peter Harvey
The photo is far too low resolution to be sure even of spider family, but I think it is probably a juvenile Zygiella x-notata, a common orb web spider of buildings, walls, fences, gardens etc. It could also be a juvenile wolf spider Pardosa species, or juvenile Textrix denticulata, both a very different kinds of spider.
Wed 9th September 2020 21:28 by Rob Walton
Is this a false widow?
Maybe a False Widow (Scotland) Copyright: Rob Walton

Looks similar to ones I've Googled but I know they're rarer up in Scotland so I'm not sure

It's about 12mm in diameter

Location is KY12 7LY

Any help would be appreciated :)


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