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Sun 31st January 2021 18:16 by Kate Ward
Wolf spider?
Wolf spider 2 Copyright: Kate WardWolf spider Copyright: Kate Ward I found this spider today in my house. It was quite large - the body being around 3-4cm. We think it’s a wolf spider based on some cursory googling - but I’m no expert.

I have young children so I am nervous about it biting. Also if I have one does that mean I have lots? Advice appreciated. Thank you!

Tue 26th January 2021 14:59 by Danniella Sherwood
Hi Karen,

Yes, that is Uroctea durandi - which is a common stowaway in cork bark harvested and exported from Mediterranean for the pet hobby. We occasionally get specimens sent to us at the museum to identify and they can vary in the colouration of the opisthosomal spots. Totally harmless but non-native and should not be released. Given you keep tarantulas, you could easily house this specimen as they require little husbandry. If that is not of interest to you, I would be happy to take the specimen for the remainder of its natural lifespan.

Best wishes,


Tue 26th January 2021 14:04 by Karen Moriarty
Possible Uroctea durandi
Possible Uroctea durandi Copyright: Karen Moriarty

I found this specimen tucked away in one of my son's superhero capes. I believe it to be Uroctea durandi, although very rarely sighted in the UK. I do keep Tarantulas, so wondering if it was a stowaway of sorts. Can anyone confirm? WA4 2XJ

Sun 24th January 2021 15:14 by Geoff Oxford
Hi Scott, Your spider is the Daddy Long-legs Spider Pholcus phalangioides. Now extremely common all over England and Wales and increasingly so in Scotland. It is almost always found in buildings, often in large numbers, but can live out of doors in the south of England. For a factsheet on this species see: Geoff
Fri 22nd January 2021 10:11 by Scott White
Found him (and his friends it seams)
There were quite a few, one under each shelf (KT18 5HG)

Spider KT18 5HG Copyright: Scott White

Thu 21st January 2021 18:45 by Scott White
Can you identify a spider from its web?
Noob question.  We have plenty of house spiders, some that leave webs you can see.  When they do they are as expected, segmented circular structures.  The fun ones the size a pint glass that don't seem to have a web.

This year we have a new visitor in the garage (KT18 5HG) and she/he has been super busy leaving the weirdest, most ineffectual constructions.  I have never seen anything like it before.  Mostly they are individual strands hanging down 50 cm to a meter in length.  Often one or two threads spanning gaps, up to a meter.  On the odd occasion there is any kind of structure it has huge gaps between the threads.  I just do not understand how anything could be successfully caught by them.  It is a garage that could probably hold 4 cars and the web strands are everywhere.  If they did catch anything, and there is no evidence any have, I don't see how such a large area could be patrolled by this fella.  I feel guilty clearing them up and wondered if there was any way to identify the culprit before I do.

I could have taken hundreds of photos, here is just an example

Spindly Webs1 Copyright: Scott White

Spindly Webs2 Copyright: Scott White

Spindly Webs3 Copyright: Scott White

Spindly Webs4 Copyright: Scott White

Wed 6th January 2021 11:26 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Ida Thanks for the postcode and date. Your spider is the False Wolf Spider Zoropsis spinimana, a species first recorded in 2011 and now reasonably widespread in the London area with a couple of outlier records. Geoff
Tue 5th January 2021 21:44 by Peter Harvey
As it states at the top of the Forum page, IF YOU WANT HELP WITH IDENTIFICATION, PLEASE PROVIDE A FULL POSTCODE OR GRID REFERENCE AND DATE of the record in your post so that it can be added to the recording scheme.
Tue 5th January 2021 21:42 by Ida Winde
What spider is this? Fulham, London
Spider Fulham Copyright: Ida Winde SW66TT, 5 January 2021
Mon 4th January 2021 13:40 by Peter Harvey
No, Cheiracanthium mildei has never been recorded in Britain and is certainly not established. To identify this spider would require microscopical examination of an adult, and could not be done from a photograph. Your photo is much too low resolution to be sure of much, but could be an adult male Nigma walckenaeri, a widespread species in the London area, although this would be very unusual this late in the season for this species or this early in the year.
Mon 4th January 2021 08:42 by Wallace Stanley
Is Cheiracanthium mildei established in the UK? This is in west
Can anyone help identify this?

Is Cheiracanthium mildei established in the UK? It’s what I believe it is.

Taken on 2nd Jan 2021 in TW9 4JA

spider in west london Copyright: Wallace Stanley

Yellow spider in west london Copyright: Wallace Stanley


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