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Fri 26th February 2021 12:09 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Sabina. Your spider (a female) is one of the false widow spiders, and almost certainly the Noble False Widow Spider Steatoda nobilis. You don't say where in the country you found it but this species has expanded its range substantially over the last couple of decades. For more information see the factsheet: I hope this helps, Geoff
Fri 26th February 2021 12:05 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Margery. The spider image is too dark to really make out details. However, the web you show is on a tubeweb spider and judging from its size against the brick, I'd say it was a Green-fanged Tubeweb Spider Segestria florentina. If so, it is further north than expected from its current, known distribution. For more information see: I hope this helps, Geoff
Fri 26th February 2021 00:41 by Sabina Cook
Can anyone help identify this please?
My son spotted this whilst out on a walk today and I told him I’d find out what it was. It had dimples in its back and two tiny, bright white spots on its head. It was also quite unlike anything we’ve seen before! Can anyone help please? Finger in pic for scale. Thanks in anticipation.

Unknown spider ME13 7RG Copyright: Sabina Cook

Thu 25th February 2021 16:53 by Margery Hinchliffe
Is this a Large House Spider?
Found this spider on my path just before the very cold weather a couple of weeks ago.  It was on its back struggling to right itself.  I have a fear of spiders but I gently helped it over with the end of my dogs lead.  It crawled to the shelter of the wall and stayed there.The Spider Copyright: Margery Hinchliffe

The picture is not very good , as I said I have a fear and didn't want to get too close, and can no longer bend down very far.

The other photo is of a web, which it might have come out of (?) which is by my front door, there are 3 or 4 similar webs in holes in the brickwork, but this is the largest.Largest Web Copyright: Margery Hinchliffe

Sadly the spider did not survive the very cold weather.  It was about 2.5" front in length, the legs pointing forwards rather than all round.  Very black and shiny, not hairy, with noticeable fangs. When it was on its back its underside was like a flesh colour.

This was in Northampton, NN3 5HB.

Thank you.

Fri 19th February 2021 10:55 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Paul, how wonderful. Unfortunately we don't get this species here in Yorkshire. Can you let me have a postcode for where it was found, so that the record can go on the national database? Send it to: Thanks, Geoff
Wed 17th February 2021 23:52 by Paul Rule
Spitting Spider in the bath
I am often called to remove spiders from our bath, and this evening I was delighted to find the specemin my wife asked me to rescue was a Spitting Spider, Scytodes thoracica. Not see one before but I have been on the look out for one for some time. Spitting Spider Feb 2021 Copyright: Paul Rule
Tue 16th February 2021 12:04 by Lee Parker
Thank you Peter
Thanks for that Peter as i said no expert but got excited when googled looking for similiar spiders. Have noticed it doesnt have the white rim around the diamond. Still never seen this spider before and think its beautiful creature. My wife wouldnt agree. Thanks again for the ID.
Tue 16th February 2021 09:44 by Peter Harvey
This is a Zoropsis species, almost certainly Zoropsis spinimana. This is a southern European spiders which has moved north in Europe and which is now well established in the wider London area in Britain as well as in Sussex and increasingly much further afield (see Zoropsis spinimana established indoors in Britain). There are other European Zoropsis species which look very similar.
Mon 15th February 2021 21:46 by Lee Parker
Identify please
Diamond spider Copyright: Lee ParkerPossible young black diamond Copyright: Lee Parker Saw this in my back garden and after sifting through images hopefully have a black diamond spider. Location Tw15 1BZ Date. 15.02.2021 Can anyone confirm. Head to bottom of abdomen was an inch. The liquid was my spilt tea. Also if anyone can give me its latin name i will add a record Rgds Lee
Thu 4th February 2021 16:51 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Joe, you are right, a False Wolf Spider Zoropsis spinimana. See the following website for more information They don't live outdoors in Britain and so don't put it out. Learn to live with these beautiful spiders. If you send me the postcode I can add the record to the national database - uk. Geoff
Thu 4th February 2021 16:35 by Peter Harvey
No, either a juvenile male Rugathodes sexpunctatus (but further south than existing records) or a juvenile male linyphiid. Microscopical examination of an adult would be needed for definite identification.
Thu 4th February 2021 15:05 by Andy MacGregor
Theridion varians?
Hi. A friend sent me the attached photo from Ayrshire, which I'm fairly sure is a male Theridion varians, with the sparse abdominal markings that the species sometimes has. If so, it looks like a new county record, with no records from most of Scotland south of the Central Belt. Photo taken yesterday, 3 Feb, grid ref NS50622112 (Ochiltree). Thanks, Andy Possible Theridion varians Copyright: Andy MacGregor
Wed 3rd February 2021 13:15 by Joe Godfrey
Female False Wolf
Found this specimen kicking back on the wall/ ceiling junction in the kitchen this morning. I think she may be a (female) False Wolf? I am inclined to move her outside but worried I might hurt her. Glass bowl and sheet of card might trap her legs. She's quite a unit! False Wolf Copyright: Joe Godfrey
Tue 2nd February 2021 15:15 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Kate, you have found a mature male False Wolf Spider Zoropsis spinimana. This is a relatively need addition to Britain but it is now well established in the London area. see If you can send me your postcode ( I can officially lodge the record. There is little danger to your children. I hope this helps. Geoff

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