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Tue 30th September 2014 13:21 by Polly Thompson
False widow advise
Hi there, I have now been bitten for a second time in the space of a month whilst sleeping in my spare room. Last weekend I found I spider that matches the description of a false widow (I will Upload shortly), I did the humane thing and took it to the end of the road and released it but am now concerned there are more in the room due to a second bite. I'm not afraid of spiders nor irrational in this matter, my bites have been sore, caused a lot of swelling and required a course of antibiotics on both occasions so I would argue they are rare. So to my need for advise, I have a tenant moving in on Sunday, I don't want to alarm her but have not been able to find any other spiders, I would hate for her to be bitten also (I doubt she is as understanding as I am toward the situation).  The bites have occurred at night when sleeping in the bed, reading about Spider bits it's sounds like it's only ever in defence, which makes me question where they could be coming from. The room was stripped and redecorated only 3 weeks ago, brand new paint and carpets so very clean.  the bed is beside the window which makes me think they may be coming in at night. Alternatively the radiator is full of dust and also at the end of the bed which may be where they are hiding. What can I do, what should I look for?  I want to be assured this is very very unlikely to happen again and at present am not confident it won't.

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