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Tue 11th August 2015 13:04 by Mary Blee
False widow bedtime bite unsettling surprise.
I really want to share my experience of being bitten by a spider because I think it'll be useful to many. First may I say that I am very fond of spiders and I love them being in my home. I only ever remove webs when they look tatty and unused and I greatly appreciate the service they provide. But this experience has shacken me a little probably more so because of my lack of knowledge about spiders, needless to say I did momenterally kinda freak out. At about 4 am I was woken by what felt like a sting on my arm. I kept feeling it and decided there must be a part dead wasp or bee in my bed so rather than getting repeatedly stung I thought I better get up and look for it. So I got up switched the lighting on and started shacking my bedding out, to my surprise I couldn't find a bee or a wasp but I kept looking ,then to my shock and horror I saw this great big fat (for GB houses) spider running across my bed, I grabbed a cup and scooped it up. (As much as I'm fond of spiders I won't be letting he or she go). My immediate thought was bananas and dangerous foreigners and were there any UK spiders that could bite , I wasn't 100% sure. Slightly panicked I woke my son up, first I needed a torch to find the syringe like suction tool that I have for sucking out venom\stings from bees etc mainly , which I got from a pharmacy years ago, secondly I asked him to Google the spider to see if I needed to go to hospital or anything, before long he thought it was a false widow. My first thought why would anyone give a relatively harmless spider a name which is in anyway close to black widow, not a great phycological effect. Anyway I was still too shocked at that point and just told him I only wanted to know if I was in any danger and needed to do anything. At that point I didn't much feel like going back to bed but I was very tired and felt reassured by the online info he had communicated to me. I haven't told my other two girls because I know it would worry them and they wouldn't be happy to go to bed tonight. A bit later I felt calmer and started googling spiders, interesting reading. I'm lying on a bed right now and I don't feel as comfortable as I did yesterday, my arm still hurts and I'm wondering how many are creeping around my bed room. The thing is I wouldn't feel happy to have a wasps nest in my bedroom, would you?, how can I feel happy to have stinging spiders that might crawl into my bed and disturb my sleep. And who knows who's going to get an allergic reaction or infection,I know that's going a bit extreme. Of course I view spiders slightly differently now, I'm not afraid, as I'm not afraid of bees or wasps but I will be checking my bed and bedroom and I will be more careful, more cautious around spiders as I am around things I already know sting. Noone wants to be stung by anything, and I can understand the thought of a stinging spider creeping and reproducing around your home would be unsettling to most people, but its just another thing to deal with appropriately and not worry about. I hope this is helpful/useful. And yes I do still have the spider and it is still alive and my son has just asked if he could keep it as a pet....apparently it would be cool to have the most venomous UK spider as a pet.......we'll c ! Its definitely prison or death.

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