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Sun 23rd August 2015 22:14 by Zak Leavold
Steadota nobillis in the East of England - NR33 8TT
There had been a black spider living in the corner of my kitchen for the past 2 weeks, but it was mostly obscured by a tubular web and since I actually quite like spiders, I didn't think much of it. However my wife most certainly does NOT like spiders and so if a spider ever wanders from it's designated corner then husbandly duties must come before my love of arachnids. Tonight we arrived home to find this spider wandering on the ceiling (see below). To my astonishment I saw that it was a false widow spider (I have now identified this as Steatoda nobillis, particularly with the tubular web hiding place). Sadly it had broken the rules and so I had to dispose of it on this occasion. Out of curiosity, and since it was dark outside, I thought I'd have a look in the garden to see what was about. Well! To my surprise (horror? - my wife definitely thinks so) there were DOZENS of rather large Steatoda nobillis spiders all over my garden fence! There were definite breeding females with smaller, younger spiders around. No harm has come to us (other then my wife wanting to move house!!), but I thought I would record them on here, since I haven't seen any recorded in these parts yet, and there are LOTS of them in my garden at least.

Steatoda nobillis in East of England Copyright: Zak Leavold

Steatoda nobillis in East of England 2 Copyright: Zak Leavold


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