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Thu 14th September 2017 18:44 by Peter Harvey
This is Zygiella x-notata, a common orb web spider of buildings, walls, fences, gardens etc, completely harmless to humans.
Thu 14th September 2017 16:58 by Matt Hunt
Can you identify?

Photo taken on 14/09/2017. HP13 6BQ

Thank you.

Wed 13th September 2017 10:51 by Peter Harvey
Re: L rotundum
All spider and harvestman records received by the SRS and HRS in easily usable form are shown on the maps. Many thanks for the record details.
Wed 13th September 2017 10:48 by Peter Harvey
Yes, this is Nuctenea umbratica, see Walnut Orb-Weaver Spider and summary page
Tue 12th September 2017 23:38 by Richard Whitson
What spider is this please
Found this small spider today maybe 6mm long head + body

Looks brownish/cream in the photos but looked more blackish/cream in real life.

No sign of web: found on wooden facings of a nature hide. hopefully details are attached to the photo.

Only one I could find close was a False Widow spider but this was a small chap.

Didn't have my macro lens with me so pics not as good as they might have been: hopefully still enough to aid ID.

Thanks in anticipation !

UPDATE: 13/9/17 actually I think one of my friends ID's it as a Walnut Orbweb Spider (Nuctenea umbratica)

Tue 12th September 2017 19:23 by Lee Johnson
L rotundum
L rotundum Copyright: Lee Johnson I found several L rotundum including this male today(12/09/2017) in Stromness, Orkney HY259098. I can't find any local records for it. Does the harvestman recording scheme have Orkney records for this species? Many thanks Lee Johnson
Thu 7th September 2017 15:33 by Chris Rule
what spider is this please?

I found this spider in my bag of shopping with all my fruit, is this as foreign spider or is it quite safe? not sure what to do with it really.

many thanks.

spider found in shopping Copyright: Chris Rule

Wed 6th September 2017 20:01 by Andy Roberts
spider indentification
Apologies for the not great quality photos. This spider was in my garage around a month ago. It had a funnel shaped web. We now have two smaller spiders on either side of our conservatory which have exactly the same markings on their backs. Is anyone able to identify? It has a shiny circular body with yellow markings.

Unknown Spider ID North Wales1 Copyright: Andy Roberts Unknown Spider ID North Wales Copyright: Andy Roberts

We had our garage roof replaced around a year ago and the two guys replacing it said they had found and caught a false widow. How much they knew about spiders I cannot comment. I didn't see it so cannot confirm what it looked like. I live in North Wales, LL19 post code which looks to be quite far north for this type of spider.

any help would be appreciated.


Tue 5th September 2017 18:34 by Peter Harvey
This looks like Steatoda nobilis, the so-called 'noble false widow', the spider which the media make such an unjustified fuss about. It has been frequent in the southern coastal counties of England for a great many years, and is nowadays frequent and abundant in many areas of southern England, including the south coast, south-west, south-east, London area and East Anglia, and increasingly much further north. The media frenzy caused by this spider is unwarranted. Steatoda nobilis spiders are unobtrusive, have no interest in attacking humans and would only bite if they were put into a position where they do so as a defensive reaction. Honey bees and social wasps pose a far greater risk. There are a number of other 'false widows' in Britain, some which are native or have been in the country for centuries, so there is a lot of misinformation about these spiders.
Sun 3rd September 2017 23:32 by Keith Edkins
False Widow
Hi, I believe this is a False Widow Steatoda sp., is it possible to tell the species from the photo? Found inside the lid of a green (composting) wheelie bin, Cambridge TL462583, 2 September 2017.

Steatoda sp. Copyright: Keith Edkins


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