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  • Thank you Pete   Thank you Peter, I think I will leave it where it is and be happy to know I h.....
  • If it is adult   If it is adult it would probably be possible to identify it alive. If not yet ad.....
  • Thank you. Wou   Thank you. Would it be harmed by trying to identify it - does it have to be dead.....
  • You are welcom   You are welcome to post the larger one which may be adult to me at 32 Lodge Lane.....
  • How exciting!    How exciting! Thank you for the information. How do I go about finding someone i.....

Species scheme records
Segestria florentina record added or edited 24/05/2017
Nuctenea umbratica record added or edited 17/05/2017
Pholcus phalangioides record added or edited 10/05/2017
Misumena vatia record added or edited 07/05/2017

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