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I have found H.candida a few times at Cogden Beach, a National Trust property in West Dorset, where Rowland Snazell first found it in 1977 and again in 2005. He found it in the edges of grass tussocks at the back of the beach, among the grass roots. I took two females among the decomposing leaves of sea kale in September 2008. I then had pitfalls under the beach among a mosaic of grass, herbs and bare shingle and took a few more adults in October and November 2011. Sharing this subterranean habitat were Hahnia pusilla, Porrhomma pygmaeum, Zelotes apricorum, and Erigone arctica. Here, H.candida was to be found under a patch of bare shingle, as well as in a trap dug in at the edge of a vegetated area bordering on shingle. The shingle here is about pea-sized. The beach as a whole has a wonderful mosaic of vegetation and is well worth many visits! I have sought this species a few times on much larger shingle on the east side of Portland, with no success, although a female Neon robustus did present herself among the grass and boulders on one occasion. Thanks are due to the National Trust for permitting me to record at this site, and Rowland Snazell for checking my I.D. of the Hahnias. Robert Cumming
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