Notes on Robertus arundineti

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From Miscellaneous Notes on Spiders in the Doncaster Museum Arachnid Collections (1) by C.A. Howes
Robertus arundineti (0. P.-Camb) new V.C. 62 record

From The Newsletter No. 9 April 1974

A male sieved along with dozens of Hypomma bituberculatum (Wid) from the tussocks of marram grass on the sand-dune system at Coatham, Teesmouth 27/5/1973 by C.A.H. A coastal habitat would, however, seem out of character, other Yorkshire records coming from inland moor, bog or marsh habitats e.g. Askham Bog (Smith, C.J, 1971 Naturalist 18-23), Malham (Duffey, E. 1963 Field Studies l._5 65-87) and Cautley Spout near Sedbergh 8/7/1959 (Mackie, D.W. Pers. Comm).
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