The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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B. Denham
B. Forman
B. Gillam
B. S. Davidson
B. Stewart & S.J. Stewart
B.A.S. Survey Team
B.C. (Gloucs)
B.J. Hancy
Bacchus, M.E.
Bacciu, Nicola
Bacon, Baldwin and Stewart
Bacon, Baldwin, Corbet and Stewart
Bacon, R. and Stewart, J.A.
Bacon, R.A.
Bacon, Rob
Bacon, Robert
Badley, John (RSPB Warden)
Badmin, J.
Badrinath, Usha
Baggett, Liz
Bagnal, R.S. and Turner, W.L.
Bagnall, R.S.
Bagnall, R.S. and Jackson, A.R.
Bagshaw, Sophie
Bailey et al
Bailey, G.W.D.
Bailey, Jarrod
Bailey, John R.
Bailey, Lisa
Bailey, M.
Bailey, M. and Procter, D.
Bailey, M.P.
Bailey, Mr M.P.
Bailey, Mrs
Bailey-dean, Steve
Baillie, Kerianne
Bainbridge, Anthony
Baines, A.
Baines, J.
Baines, Susan
Baird, Katty
Baird, W.
Baker, B.R.
Baker, C.
Baker, Jean
Baker, Jonathan
Baker, Lee
Baker, Louise
Baker, Mr F.T.
Baker, Mr P.F.
Baker, Mr P.F., Baker, Mr F. T.
Baker, Mr W.F.
Bakke, Stephen
Balchin, Chris & Rowland, Jan
Baldock, D.
Baldock, D.W.
Baldock, David
Baldock, Dr Norman
Baldock, Michael
Baldock, N.
Baldwin, I.
Baldwin, I.S. and Merrett, P.
Baldwin, M. (PHSI)
Baldwin, Miss S.I.
Baldwin, Miss S.L.
Baldwin, Nick
Baldwin, Pamela
Baldwin, S.I.
Baldwin, S.I. and Herman, J.
Baldwin, S.I. et al
Baldwin, S.L. and Brown, P.W.
Baldwin, S.L. and Pilling, E.
Baldwin, S.L. and Rotheray, G.
Baldwin, S.L. and Stewart, J.A.
Baldwin, S.L., Clarke, A.S. and Jones, D.
Balfour, A.
Ball, H.N.
Ball, S.G.
Ballard, B.
Balnys, Tadas
Balogh, Sarah
Balsdon, S.
Bambery, Matthew
Bance, Phil
Banfield, Nikki
Bangs, Mr D.
Banks, C.
Banks, Jeffrey
Banks, L.
Banks, Mr
Bannatyne, R.
Bantock, Dr. T.
Bantock, T.
Bantock, Tristan & Massie, Mick
barbara matthews
Barber, A.D and Reeves, A.
Barber, A.D.
Barber, Amanda
Barbour, D.
Barclay, Clare
Barclay, Dr M.V.L.
Barden, David
Barker, Alison
Barker, Andrew
Barker, Cooke and Merrett
Barker, Kerry
Barker, Mr D.
Barker, P.
Barker, R.N.
Barlow, A.C.
Barlow, Brinna
Barlow, David
Barlow, Hannah
Barlow, Stephen
Barnard, David
Barnard, Lisa
Barnes, Charlie
Barnes, Charlie A.
Barnes, S.M.
Barnes, Scott
Barnett, Alex
Barnett, R.J.
Barnett, Sid
Barnish, Ms D. and Lewis, J.
Barralet, P.
Barratt, L.
Barratt, P.J.
Barrett, A.
Barrett, Kathleen
Barrett, Paul
Barrett, Russell
Barrett, Zoe
Barrie, Enid
Barrie, Susan
Barron, M.
Barron, Paul
Barrow, W.H.
Barrs, Regina
Barry Dickerson
Barry Kneller
Barry Ruggles
Barry Stewart
Barry Turtle
Barter, M.
Bartindale, G.C.
Bartlett, V.
Bartlett, Vanna
Barton, Dr Paul
BAS AGM meeting 2000
BAS Field Meeting
BAS Galloway Party
BAS members
BAS visit
BAS Workshop Team
Basden, N.
Bashir, Alesha
Bason, Neil
Batchelor, Paul
Bateman, Martin
Bates, Colin
Bates, J.
Bates, Mark
Bates, Mr J.
Bates, Mr J., Stanney, Mr J.D.
Bates, Mr J., Stanney, Mr J.D., Rixom, Mr W.G.
Bates, Rob
Bateson, Mr D.
Bath, A.E.
Bathe, D.G.
Bathe, G.
Batten, J.
Battersby, Stuart
Batty, B.D.
Baxter, Amy
Baxter, Bryony
Baxter, Lucy
Baycock, Y.
Bayliss, Sarah
BBC Wildlife
Beale, Chris
Beale, Kimberley
Beard, M.
Beard, Mr
Beard, Mr.
Beardwell. Tom
Beaton, J.
Beaufoy, Sarah
Beaumont, D. and Stewart, J.A.
Beaumont, D.J.
Beaumont, J.
Beaumont, Stacey
Beaumont, V.
Beaver, Catherine
Beavis, Ian
Bebbington, C.
Bebbington, J.
Beddison, Ian
Bedford, H.
Bedford, J.
Bee, E.L.
Bee, E.L., Hambler, C., Spilling, C. and West, S.
Bee, E.L., Roberts, D.J. and Roberts, M.J.
Bee, Lawrence
Beech, Jaki
Beech, Jane
Beer, Mrs A.
Beesley, Craig
Beesley, Nicholas
Beeson, M.
Begg, M.
Bell, A
Bell, A.
Bell, A. Paul
Bell, A.S.
Bell, C
Bell, C.
Bell, Charlie
Bell, Charlotte
Bell, D.
Bell, D. & Sadler, J.P.
Bell, David
Bell, Emma
Bell, G.A.C.
Bell, J.
Bell, James
Bell, Jan
Bell, M.
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Tony
Bellamy, B.
Belt, I.
Beltramini, Catherine
Ben Deed
Ben Hargreaves
Ben Reeves
Benatt, Ben CEnv MIEEM
Bendle, David
Benham, David
Benham, M.
Benham, Maura
Benjamin Deed
Bennett and Jackson, A.R.
Bennett, Alison
Bennett, Simon
Bennett, Susan
Bennett, W.
Bennett, W.H.
Bennett-Lloyd, Mr P.T.
Bentley, Mrs D.
Bently, C.
Benton, Christopher
Benton, J.
Benton, T
Benton, Ted
Benton, Ted & Dobson, John
Beresford, Peter
Bergdahl, P.B.
Bergdahl, Paul
Bergdahl, Paul B.
Berman and Callow
Berman, H.
Bernard Verdcourt
Bernie Zonfrillo
Berra, Rebecca
Berry, Dylan
Berry, Tylan
Best, Lindsay
Bettison, C.
Betty Crowson
Betty King;David Benham
Bevan, Brian
Beverage, John
Beverley Gibson
Bevington, John
Bibby, Harrison
Bibby, L.
Bibby, Mark
Bibby, Mr J.
Bicker, Rachel
Bickford, Mr P.
Bidwell, Sonia
Bielecki, Jurek
Bierton, N.
Biggs, Alan
Bigmore, M.D.
Bignell, G.C.
Bill Blumsom
Bill Blumson
Bill Neill
Bill Parker
Bill Urwin
Bills, Jonathon
Billups, Dr B.R.
Bilton, David
Binding, A E, Evans, S.
Binding, Annette E.
Binding, Mr A.
Binding, Mrs A.
Binding, Mrs A. E., Faulkner, A.
Binding, Mrs A.E.
Binding, Mrs Annette
Binfield, Adrian
Bingham, Colin
Bingham, Denise
Bingham, John
Binns, Stephen
Binns, W.J.
BioBlitz 2010
Birch, Bob
Birch, K.
Birch, Louise
Birch, Mrs K.
Birch, Peter
Birch, R.
Bird, Adam
Bird, Alan
Bird, Dominic
Bird, S.
Bird, Tim
Birdsey, N.
Birkdale School
Birkett, Thomas
Birkhead, J.
Birkhead, Julian
Biron, E.
Birtles, Simon
BIS Spider Course
Bishop, John
Bishop, Stuart
Black, E.
Black, Ian
Black, O.H.
Blackford, Tina
Blackledge, D
Blackledge, D.
Blackman, Rebecca
Blackstock, T.H., Duigan, C.A., Stevens, D.P. & Yeo, M.J.M.
Blackwall, J.
Blackwall, Mr J.
Blackwall, Mr T.
Blackwell, Miss E.A
Blackwell, N.J.
Blades, John
Blades, L.
Blagg, Sarah
Blagrove, Josephine
Blair-Brown, I.A.
Blake, R.F.
Blake, Roger
Blake, S.
Blakey, Kevin
Blakey, Lorraine
Blamires, Catherine
Bland, D.
Bland, K.P.
Blandford, Stephen
Blatchley, Mrs I.
Blayney, Derek
Blazkowicz, Piotr
Blest, A.D.
Blest, A.D. and Merrett, P.
Blest, A.D., Locket and Millidge
Bliss, Lucy
Block, Celia
Blood, Vincent
Bloom, Mark
Bloomfield, Bobby
Bloomfield, D.
Bloor, K.P.
Bloor, Mr K.P.
Bloxham, M.G.
Blue House Farm volunteer
Blumsom, Bill
Blunt, Godfrey
Blunt, J.P.
Blyton, Daniel
BNHS recorders
Boardman, Pete
Boardman, Peter
Bob Dawson
Bob Farndon
Bob Gomes
Bob Heckford
Bob Hodgson
Bob Proctor
Bob Town
Boddington, Ian
Boden, Mr A.
Body, Timothy
Bolam, G. and Hull, J.E.
Boland, Sara
Bolton, D.E.
Bolton, D.E. and Meloy, B.J.
Bolton, D.E. and Musker, G.
Bolton, Steve
Bolwell, Peter
Bonar, John
Bonas, Ruth
Bond, G.
Bond, I,
Bond, I.
Bond, Ian
Bond, P.
Bond, R.
Bond, R.J.
Bone, David
Boniface, Tony
Booker, Rita
Boosey, E.
Boot, Deryck
Booth, F.
Booth, R.G.
Bootham School
Borderick, David
Borissow, N.
Borne, Mr S.
Borne, S.
Borrows, A.
Borrows, Amanda
Borrows, Ms A.
Botting, J.P.
Bottle, Philip
Boughton, Charlotte
Bourdier, Daniele
Bourne, Craig
Bowdrey, J.
Bowdrey, Jerry
Bowen, G. Mrs
Bowen, Mr I.
Bowen, Mrs G.
Bowen, Suzanne
Bowen-Walter, P.
Bower, A.D.
Bowker, Diane
Bowker, J.
Bowler, John, Ally Lemon & Andy Robinson
Bowler, R.
Bowles, Mr N.
Bowles, N.
Bowman, Jane
Bowman, Mark
Bowyer, D.
Bowyer, Elaine
Bowyer, P.
Box. Terry
Boxall, R.
Boyce, D.C.
Boyce, Dave
Boyce, Mr D.C.
Boyd, Claire
Boyd, J.
Boyd, J.R.
Boyd, Mrs Janet H.
Boydell, Alex
Boyle, Brian
Boyle, David
Boyle, Fiona
Boyles, Chris
Brackenbury, Austin
Bradbury, Paul
Braddock, N.M.
Brade Binks, S.G.
Brade-Burks, S.G.
Bradfield, Deeann
Bradford, Dean
Bradford, E.
Bradford, E.S.
Bradford, Lynda
Bradley, Dawn
Bradley, James
Bradnam, Ms J.
Bradnum, David
Bradshaw, H.
Bragg, Johnny
Braham and Murgatroyd
Braham, A.C.
Braidman, Simon
Bramscombe, Ian
Brandon, A.
Brandreth, Anthony
Branson, Andrew
Branson, R.
Brant, Mrs C.
Brashill, Justine
Brasier, Mr F.
Brass, Judy
Bratton, Dr J.H.
Bratton, J.
Bratton, J. H.
Bratton, J., Weaver, G
Bratton, J.H.
Bratton, J.H. and Parsons, M.S.
Bratton, John
Bratton, Mr J.
Bratton, Mr J.H.
Bray, Cheryl
Brayford, Mr S.
Brayford, S.
Brenchley, Patricia
Brennan, Lisa
Brennan-osment, Callum
Brett Thorn
Brett, Danny
Brett, R.H.
Brettwood, Carl
Brewster, Rev. H.C.
Brian Carlyle
Brian Hugo
Brian Little
Brian Nelson
Brian Spooner
Bridge, Andrew
Bridge, Glyn
Bridget Smith
Brierley, Paul
Briggs, Kevin
Briggs, R.
Briggs, Y.
Brightman, F.H.
Brighton, E.
Brignoli, Gino
Brinkley, Natasha
Brinklow, Henshaw, Marriot, Roberts, Scofield and Stewart
Brinklow, R.
Brister, S.
Bristowe, W.S.
Bristowe, W.S. and Jackson, A.J.
British Spider Study Group
Britten, H.
Britten, H. and Falconer, W.
Britten, H. and Jackson, A.R.
Broadbent, David
Broadbent, E.
Broadbent, Julie
Broadbent, Mary
Brockbank, Andrew
Brodie, Colin
Bromley, J.
Bromley, Mr J.
Bromwich, Mr D.
Bromwich, Mr. D., Johnson, Rex Mr.
Brook, Cis
Brook, J.
Brook, T.
Brooker, R.
Brooker, Stuart
Brookes, Michael
Brookes, Nathan
Brooks, G.
Brooks, Richard
Brooks, Simon
Broome, Sarah
Broomfield, M
Broomfield, M.
Brothers, Paul
Brothwell, Sarah, Newy & Jack
Brough School
Broughton, E.
Broughton, Ursula & Wright, Brian
Brown Mrs.
Brown, A.
Brown, Amanda
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Andy
Brown, C.
Brown, C.R.
Brown, Craig
Brown, D.
Brown, D.G.
Brown, Dennis
Brown, E. and Mosley, O.
Brown, Emma
Brown, Esmond
Brown, Grant R.
Brown, H.
Brown, J.D.H.
Brown, J.M.
Brown, Jo
Brown, Kendal
Brown, Kristine
Brown, Marion
Brown, Martin
Brown, P.
Brown, P.W.
Brown, Robert
Brown, Russell
Brown, Walter
Browne, Darren
Browning, E.
Bruce Philp
Bruce, C. and Davis, P.S. (Sunderland Museum)
Bruce, Lizzie
Bruce, Nik
Brufton, F. and Brufton, M.
Brufton, Frank
Brummage, M.
Brunning, Natasha
Brunton, Oliver
Bryan J. Pinchen
Bryan Price
Bryan, William
Bryant, Tiffany
Bryant-Ellis, Tania
Bryony Thomson
Bryson, J.M.
Buchanan, Mrs J.
Buck, C.
Buckham, A.
Buckinghamshire Bird Club
Buckland, J.
Buckle, Alan
Buckle, Ms S-J
Buckley, J.
Buckley, Lisa
Buckley, Melanie
Buckton, Sam
Bucland, Claire
Budworth, D.
Buell, Stefanie
Buick, Trevor
Bukvic, Peter
Bulavaite, Elvyra
Bull, A.
Bullen, Brian
Bullen, Bryan
Bullen, Mr Brian
Bullman, Trevor
Bullwer, B.J.
Bunce, Michael
Bunn, D. S.
Burchett, Ian
Burchill, Dean
Burdge, Graham
Burgess, Richard
Burgess, Stuart
Burke, Laurence
Burke, S.
Burke, Sally
Burke, Terry
Burkmar, Rich
Burkmar, Richard
Burn, A.
Burn, Will
Burnal, Ali
Burnett, B.
Burnett, Don
Burnett, Peter
Burnham, P.M.
Burns, C.
Burns, L. and Kennedy, C.
Burns, W.
Burrell, Deirdre
Burroughs, Craig
Burston, N.
Burston, N.W.J.
Burston, Nigel
Burton, A.
Burton, Alexy
Burton, Miles
Burton, P
Burton, P.J.
Burton, Victoria
Busby, P.
Butler, Adrian
Butler, C.G.
Butler, D & C
Butler, Jonathan
Butler, Leslie
Butler, P.M.
Butler, Phil
Butt, K.
Butterfield, J.
Butterfield, J. and Coulson, J.C.
Butterfield, J.E.L.
Butterfield, J.E.L. and Coulson, J.C.
Butterfield, R.
Butterfield-Reffin, Victoria
Butterfly, June
Butterworth, Mike
Buttle, T.
Button, Mornee
Button, Nick
Buttonwood, Dean and Louise
Byers, M.
Byng, Nick
Byrne, Denise