The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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D G Brown
D Jewsbury
D L Cheyne
D McNeill
D Vallance
d'Ayala, R.
d'Ayala, R.L.
d'Oyly, M.J. and Holland, S.
D. Blest
D. Carr
D. Clark
D. Clayton
D. Fruin
D. Gibbs
D. Henderson
D. J. Stratford
D. Jarema
D. Murphy
D. Sheila
D. Smith
D. T. Richardson
D.J.R.H. (Gloucs)
D.K. Clements
D.W. Baldock
D.W. Mackie
Dacey, Peter
Daffyd, R.
Dafydd Lewis
Dafydd, Mr R.
Dakin, Michael
Dalby, P.
Dalby, Pam
Dale, Alan H
Dale, D.
Dale, Hannah
Dale, Jason
Dalgleish, Ian
Dalingwater, J.E.
Dallas, J.E.S.
Dalley, Genevieve
Dallison, I.K.
Dan Clay
Dancey, Sue
Daniel Chidgey
Daniel Cottam
Daniel Malster
Daniel, D.
Daniel, D. and Daniel, M.
Daniels, Doug
Daniels, R.
Dann, James
Danni Borrett
Darius, Marius
Dark, S.
Darren Fry
Darren Mann
Darren Underwood
Dauntsey School
Dave Allan
Dave Allen
Dave Beaumont
Dave Bentley, Robin Grayson & Linda Gregory
Dave Flumm
Dave Furmage
Dave Higginson-Tranter
Dave Holloway
Dave Hubble
Dave Hubble & David Hurst
Dave Payne
Dave Rice & Tracy Fance
Dave Waterhouse
Davenport, Deborah
Davey, S.
Davey, Thomas
David & Madge Goodall
David Anderson
David at
David Atty
David Benham
David Benham;Wendy Nelson
David Blackledge
David Carr
David Chandler
David Clarke
David Curtis & H.G.Stewart
David Fisher
David Gibbs
David Goodall
David Green, Will Watson
David Haigh
David Horsfield
David Hubble
David J Curtis
David J Jewsbury
David Jackman
David Jewsbury
David Lambert
David McAllistair
David McAllister
David Mitchell
David Nellist
David Ogle
David Olley
David Powell
David Pryce
David Pryce & Daisy Shepperd
David R. Nash
David Scott
David Spencer
David Walker
David, C.
David, Sarah
Davidson and Geddes
Davidson M.B., Kennedy, P., Roberts, M.J.
Davidson Richard
Davidson, Geddes and Roberts
Davidson, John H.
Davidson, M. B.
Davidson, M., Kennedy, P., Roberts, D.J. and Robert, M.J.
Davidson, M.B.
Davidson, M.B. and Roberts, M.J.
Davidson, M.B., Kennedy, P. and Stewart, J.A.
Davidson, M.B., Roberts, D.J. and roberts, M.J.
Davidson, Mike., Roberts, Debbie., and Roberts, Mike.
Davidson, Richard
Davidson, W.M.
Davies, Alex
Davies, Anthony
Davies, Brad
Davies, C.
Davies, C.S.
Davies, Carl
Davies, Charlotte
Davies, Glyn
Davies, Harold
Davies, Ian & Joe
Davies, J.
Davies, K
Davies, Kate
Davies, L.
Davies, L. and Richardson, J.
Davies, Lee
Davies, Mr C.
Davies, Rachael
Davies, Rachel
Davies, Simon
Davies, Sue
Davis, B.N.K.
Davis, Brian
Davis, Chris
Davis, G.
Davis, Gill
Davis, J.E.
Davis, Mr J.E.
Davis, S.G.
Davis, Susan
Davison, John
Davy, Andrew
Dawes, Alan
Dawes, Allan
Dawes, Allen
Dawes, J., Stanney, J. and Stewart, J.
Dawn Sharrples
Daws, A.
Daws, J.
Daws, J.T.
Daws, Jon
Daws, Mr J.
Dawson, I
Dawson, I.
Dawson, Ian
Dawson, J.E.
Dawson, J.G.
Dawson, Mr I.
Dawson, N.
Dawson, Rachel
Dawson, Robert
Day, Andrew
Day, Andy
Day, F.A.
Day, F.H.
Day, H and Day, E.
Day, J.J.
Day, Mr F.H.
Day, Nick
Day, Peter
Day, Tony
DC Boyce
de Faye, F.K.
de Vere, C.
Deal, Rebecca
Dean, Barry
Deans, A.
Dear, Keith
Dearden, K.
Deas, Paul
Debenham, E.
Deborah Pomroy
Deborah Procter
Deborah Rylands
Debra Dawson
Debs + Kevin Ryland
Deed, Ben
Deed, Benjamin William
Deeley, G.P.
Deissler, Ana
Delaney, M.J.
Delderfield, Geoff
Delgaudio, Carlo
Dellow, Cathy
Demkow, Lukasz
Dempsey, M
Dempsey, Tara
Denise Bingham
Denise Pilcher
Denison, J.
Denison, Jean
Denman, D.
Dennis Brown
Dennis Trunecka
Dennis, P.
Dennison, Clive
Dent, John
Denton, Dr J.S.
Denton, Dr.J.
Denton, Dr.J.S.
Denton, Dr.Jonty
Denton, J
Denton, J.
Denton, J.S.
Denton, M L
Denton, M.
Denton, Mike
Denton, Ruby
Depledge, Nigel
Derek Crawley
Derek Lewies
Derek Niemann
Dernie, James
Derrick Knowlton
Derryck Morton
Devine-Turner, Sam
Devon Spider Group
Devon WT warden
Diana Cockerill
Diana Mueller
Diane & Paul Playford Playford, Diane & Paul
Diane James
Diane Miller
Dick Jones
Dick Lockston
Dick Loxton
Dickenson, Ellie
Dicker, G.
Dicker, Keith
Dickinson, Ellie: Binding A. E.
Digby, L.
Dillane, Matt
Dillon, S.M.
Dillon, Sarah and Rowlands, Jonjo
Dingwall, John
Dinny, Kay
Disberry, Kate
Disney, R.H.L.
Dixon and Sweetman
Dixon, A.J.
Dixon, Derek
Dixon, Emma
Dixon, Graham
Dixon, Mark
Dixon, T.
Dobbing, Chris
Dobromylski, Peter
Dobson et al
Dobson, C.J.
Dobson, John
Dobson, M.K.
Dobson, Mr S.
Dobson, S.
Dobson, S. and Fulton, M.J.
Dobson, S. and Stanney, J.
Dobson, S., Roberts, D.J. and Roberts, M.J.
Dobson, S., Roberts, D.J., Roberts, M.J. and Rowntree, F.
Dobson, Stan
Dobson,S., Hooper,J., Kent,R., Roberts,D., Roberts,M.,West,H.
Dodd, Fiona
Dodd, Mike E.
Dodd, Mr S.G.
Dodd, Mr S.G. & Baldock, Mr D.W.
Dodd, Mr S.G. & Davis, Mr A.M.
Dodd, Mr S.G. & Denton, Dr J.S.
Dodd, Mr S.G. & O'Hara, Dr R.S.
Dodd, S.G.
Dodd, Scotty
Dodd, Wallace, Collins & Stanworth
Dodds, P.M.
Doe, Andrew
Dolbear, Ken
Dolling, Mrs M.H.
Domay, Stuart
Dominic Coath
Dominic J Funnell
Dominic S. Harvey
Dominique Cragg
Domitruk, Paul
Don Hunford
Don Tagg
Donaldson, Scott
Donisthorpe, H.StJ.K.
Donisthorpe, Mr
Donkin, Mrs
Donkin, Mrs S.
Donna Harris
Donna Salter;Matt-James Turner;Matthew Cook
Donnolly, Robin
Donoghue, Steven
Donohoe, Dawn
Donovan, J.
Dony, J.G.
Dony, Mrs C.
Dony, Mrs C.M.
Dony, T.
Doody, Joan
Doogue, D.
Dooley, Ms C.
Doreen Wells
Dorman, A.
Dorset CC Wardens
Dosser, D.
Douch, Ian
Doug Marriott
Dougall, Tim
Doughty-Stapleton, June
Douglas, Allan,. Lupton, Paul
Doust, P.
Dove, Jonathan
Dowell, E. and Dowell, K.
Dowm, D.
Down, D.
Downes, Peter J.
Downie, Dr. I.S.
Doyle, Beth
Doyle, John
Doyle, M.J.
Dr David Sheppard
Dr B.S.Nau
Dr Britta Kumpers
Dr Colin Mumford
Dr D A Sheppard
Dr D Hackett
Dr David Leech
Dr Eric Duffey
Dr G.Oxford
Dr Geoff Oxford (York University)
Dr Jessica Frame & Lawrence Bee
Dr Keith N.A. Alexander
Dr Paul D Prince
Dr R S Key
Dr Tony Russell-Smith
Dr. A.G. Irwin Dr. A.G. Irwin
Dr. George
Dr. Roy Hilton
Dr.Jonty Denton
Drake, C.M.
Drake, Dr C.M.
Drake, Dr M
Drake, M.
Drake, Mr C.M.
Drane, Tony
Draper, John
Draper, T.H.
Draycott, Ian
Drayson, David
drinkwater, diane
Driver, Jack
Driver, Stuart
Dryden, G.
Dryden, Mr.G.
Drysdale, Charlie
Duckels, Carl
Duddington, J.
Duddington, J. and Kent, R.
Duddington, Mr J. H. & Jeffs, Mr G.A.T.
Duddington, Mr J.H.
Duddington, Mr JH
Dudhill, Gary
Duff, A.
Duff, A.G.
Duffey & Merrett
Duffey, Dr E.
Duffey, Dr E.A.
Duffey, E and Harding, P.T.
Duffey, E.
Duffey, E. et al.
Duffey, E.A.
Duffey, E.A. (=Duffey, E. no. 18)
Duffey, E.A. and Merrett, P.
Duffey, E.A. and Millidge, A.F.
Duffey, E.A. et al
Duffey, Eric A.
Duffey, Locket and Millidge
Duffey, R.
Duffy, Alan
Duffy, Paula
Duke, Colin
Dumican, S.
Dumican, Stan
Duncan Allen
Duncan Ferguson
Duncan Gray
Duncan Sivell
Duncan Williams
Duncan Williams: Forest Research
Duncan, Chloe
Duncan, I.
Duncan, Joan
Duncan, M.
Dundee Museum
Dundee Museum and Art Gallery
Dunham, Janet
Dunlop, G.A.
Dunlop, G.A. and Falconer, W.
Dunn, Andrew
Dunn, R.
Dunphy, Janice
Dupplaw, Mr D.
Durber, Paul
Durgan, M.
Durrant, K.
Durrant, Robert
Durrell, Larry
Dutton, Claire
Dyer, Laura
Dyer, Nikki
Dykes, Phil
Dyzart, Janet