The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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P Boardman
P F Baker
P Kirby
P, Dan
P. Collyer
P. Fisher
P. Kinnear
P. Marsh
P. Stephenson
P.N. & K. Lawrence
P.R.Harvey & course participants
Pack-Beresford, D.R.
Packer, Mrs Julie
Page, David
Page, Lloyd
Page, Simon
Paice, Michael
Pain, Mr J.
Pain, T.J.
Paine, Annie
Paine, Vic
Pais, Pedro
Pajak, Mark
Palmer, A.
Palmer, Andy
Palmer, L.
Palmer, M.
Palmer, Paul
Palmer, S.M.
Palmer, Simon
Palmer-Bench, Alexandra
Pam & Peter Wilson
Pamela Kay
Panter, Sandra
Papworth, H.
Papworth, Ruth
Paramonov, A.
Pardoe, C.
Park, F.
Parker, A.
Parker, Alfred
Parker, Angela
Parker, B.
Parker, C.B.
Parker, E.
Parker, J.
Parker, J.R.
Parker, J.R. et al
Parker, John
Parker, John R.
Parker, Julie
Parker, Mr J.R.
Parker, Mr M.
Parker, Mr Mick
Parker, R.(=Bob)
Parker, R.J.
Parker, S.
Parker, Shane
Parker, Victoria
Parker, Wanda
Parkin, J.
Parkins, Matt
Parkinson, Wendy
Parmenter, Nikki
Parmerter, L.
Parr, Matthew
PARSLOW, Rosemary
Parsons, A.J.
Parsons, E.
Parsons, Mr E.
Parsons, Mr E.A.
Parsons, Richard
Parsons, Robert
Parsons, Tracey
Partridge, J
Partridge, John
Partridge, Mr W.J.
Partridge, W.J.
Pash, Steve
Pashby, Alan
Pashley, Chris
Pashley, Tom
Pask, Robert
Paskin, Mr M.W.J.
Passmore Edwards Museum
Passmore Edwards Museum Team
Pat Allen, Mrs
Patel, Faizel
Patel, Nishi
Paterson, Ross
Patterson, D.
Patterson, Kareth
Patterson, Rev. and Mrs. T.
Pattison, H
Paul Bowman
Paul Butter
Paul Ewings
Paul Fisher
Paul Lee
Paul Mileham
Paul Nolan
Paul Richards
Paul Thrush HMWT
Paul Watts
Paul, I.
Paul, W.
Paula Lightfoot
Pauli, Loriana
Pauline Jepson
Pavett, Mr P.M.
Pavett, P.M.
Pawlak, A.
Pay, Andy
Payne, D.
Payne, R
Payne, R.
Payne, R.G.
Payne, R.G. & Harvey, P.R.
Payne, Roger G.
Peachey, Nicole
Peacock, Christopher
Peacock, E. A. W., Cordeaux, J.
Peacock, E. A.W., Peacock, Max
Peacock, E.A.W.
Peacock, Glenda
Peacock, Max
Peacock, Rev. E. A. W.
Peacock, Rev. E. A. W., Peacock, Max, Rev. Thornley, A.
Peacock, Rev. E. A. W., Rev. Thornley, A.
Peacock. Rev. E A. W., Brewster, Rev. H. C.
Peak, Juanita
Peaker, Grant
Pearce, David
Pearce, F.R.
Pearce, S.M.
Pearcey, F.G.
Pearman, Catherine
Pearman, Faye
Pearman, Rob
Pearshouse, Jessica
Pearson, Catie
Pearson, David
Pearson, J.
Pearson, John
Pearson, Naomi
Pearson, Peter
Pearson, R.G.
Pearson, R.G. and White, E.
Peart, David
Pease, Ian
Pedersen, Hannah
Pedersen, Trevor
Pederson, Trevor
Peel, Neil
Peel, R.J.
PEM Survey Team
Pemberton, Roy
Pembroke, Mr I.
Pendleton T & D
Pengally, Cathy
Penhaligon, Lynne
Penney, D
Pennington, Jane
Pennington, Michael
Pennington, R.
Penny, C.W.
Penny, Kimberley
Penny, Mr A.
Penrose, R.
Pepper, Celia
Percival, Chris
Pereira, Shane
Perry Fairman
Perry, Angie
Perry, F.
Pete Gotham
Pete Lambert
Pete Moore
Peter Boardman
Peter Burness
Peter Creed
Peter Gilchrist
Peter Harvey
Peter Hodge
Peter Holden
Peter Kirby
Peter Merrett
Peter Newbery
Peter Nicholson
Peter Russell
Peter Skidmore
Peter Smithers
Peter Vaughan
Peter Vincent
Peter Walker
Peter West
Peter Winter
Peterborough Environmental Records Centre
Peters, Rozi
Petley-Jones, R
Pettigrew, Chris
Petyt, John
Petyt, John & Gaunt, Eddie
PG Smith
Phil A. Budd
Phil Burfield
Phil Carter
Phil Cottier
Phil Pye
Phil Shaw
Phil Ward
Phil Wilkins
Phil Wragg
Philbin, Jasmin
Philip Ashmole
Philip Baldwin
Philip Budd
Phillip Collyer
Phillips, A. L.
Phillips, A.P.
Phillips, Andrew
Phillips, Ian
Phillips, Lindsay
Phillips, Lyn
Phillips, MR A P
Phillips, Mr. R.S.
Phillips, Neil
Phillipson, J.
Philp, B.
Philp, Bruce
Philp, E.G.
Philp, E.G. and Rundle, A.J.
Philp, Eric
Pianta-McGill, Arabella
Pickard-Cambridge, F.O.
Pickard-Cambridge, O
Pickard-Cambridge, O.
Pickering, A.
Pickering, Matthew
Pickering, R
Pickering, R.
Picking, C.
Picking, Mrs C.
Pickthorne, Mrs N.
Pickup, Brenda
Pickwell, Andrew: Fox, Marcus
Pilcher, Daniel
Pilcher, P.
Pilling, E.
Pilling, L.
Pimm, Kevin
Pinchen, B.J.
Pinchen, Brian
Pinchen, Bryan
Pinkerton, W.
PIp Collyer
Piper, Jodie
Pitman, Emmanuel
Pitman, Oliver
Pitt, R.
Pittkin, Mrs
Pittman, M.& S.
Pitts, John
Pitty, Andy
Pizzey, Charles
Plant Gall Group
Plant, Adrian
Plant, C.W.
Plant, C.W. & Ashby, M.
Plant, Colin
Plant, Colin W.
Plant, Stephen
Pockett, Louise
Poland, Jo
Poland, John
Polden, John
Polden, Jon
Pollack, D.
Pollitt, M.S.
Pond Action
Ponsonby, Dr David
Poole, Andrew
Poole, Lawrie
Poole, Mr
Poole, Mr.
Poorman, Larry
Porter, D.
Porter, Keith
Porter, Mr P.
Porter, Mrs M.
Porter, N.W.
Porter, Phil,. Binding A E
Porter, Phil., Binding, A.
Posnett, Mr G.L.A.
Potts, Geoff
Poulter, Ross
Powell, D.F.
Powell, Liz
Powell, Zoe
Powne, Mr J.D.
Powney, James
Poynton-Craig, Clare
Poyser, S.
Poyser, Sue
Practical Ecology Ltd.
Praeger, R.L.
Pratt, Rebecca
Pravia, Ainoa
Precey, P.
Precious, Stuart
Preece, Jonathon
Preedy, J.
Prep School
Pressland, K.O.
Preston, C.D.
Preston, H.
Preston-Mafham, Dr, R.A.
Preston-Mafham, K. and Preston-Mafham, R.A.
Price, A.
Price, J.M.
Price, Margaret
Price, Michelle
Price, R.
Price, Richard
Price, Trevor
Prichard, R.
Priddey, Chris
Priest, Hayley
Priest, Mr J.
Priestley, Alex
Priestley, Steve (home)
Prince, Kelly
Prince, Matthew
Pritchard, Hadley
Procter, D.
Procter, Miss D
Procter, Miss D.A.
Procter, P.
Proctor, Jeremy
Proctor, P.
Prof. Garth N. Foster
Prof. Susan Limbrey
Proklov, Vlad
Protheroe, Simon
Proudfoot, Mr Iain
Prowle, Mark
Pryce, D.
Pugh, Bethany
Pugh, M.N.
Pullicino, Jordan Mrs
Pullin, John
Purbrick, R
Purbrick, R.
Purgle Linham
Purkiss, John
Putman, Sue
Puttick, Katherine
Pye, Detective J
Pye, J.
Pyner, Tim
Pyrah, B.