Shropshire Spider Group

Programme of Activities 2016

Anyone with an interest in spiders, other arachnids or other invertebrate groups who may be in the area is welcome to join us if they contact Nigel Cane-Honeysett beforehand.

February 17 Quarterly survey at Lea Quarry, Wenlock Edge. Disused quarry being allowed to regenerate naturally
March 05 Invertebrate Science Fair - Stafford University Science Centre
March 10 Research Day at Liverpool Museum
March 20 Fieldwork at Severn Valley Country Park (with Shropshire Invertebrate Group (SIG))
April 06 Learn to Love Spiders Course - FSC Preston Montford
April 24 Fieldwork at Shawbury Heath (with SIG)
May 04 Basic Spider ID Course - FSC Preston Montford
May 18 Quarterly survey at Lea Quarry
May 21 Bioblitz at Fordhall Farm
May 22 Fieldwork at Roman Bank & Marked Ash Meadows (with SIG)
June 14 Spider ID with microscopes Course at MMU, The Gateway, Shrewsbury
June 17-19 BAS AGM at Kingcombe, Dorset
June 19 Fieldwork at Underton (with SIG)
July 10 Fieldwork at Aston Lock (with SIG)
August 14 Fieldwork at Huglith Wood (with SIG)
August 17 Quarterly survey at Lea Quarry
August 19-21 Birdfair - Rutland Water
August 28 Fieldwork at Venus Pool - target species Argiope breunnichi
August 31 Basic Spider ID Course - FSC Preston Montford
September 11 Fieldwork at Brown Moss (with SIG)
September 17 Merefest - Ellesmere
October 02 Lab day - FSC Preston Montford
October 09 Fieldwork at Clunton Coppice (with SIG)
November tba Fieldwork at Pontesbury Crag - target species Atypus affinis
November 24 SSG end of Year General Meeting. Riverside Inn, Cressage
December tba Shropshire Entomology Day. FSC Preston Montford
December 21 Quarterly survey at Lea Quarry