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Wed 12th May 2021 12:05 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Janet, yes, definitely a False Wolf Spider - lovely beasts! Geoff
Wed 12th May 2021 12:04 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Michelle, yes this is a Noble False Widow spider. IF you can catch her, it is perfectly OK to take her outside, where they live in holes in fences, railings, brickwork etc. Geoff
Wed 12th May 2021 12:01 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Leigh-Ann, definitely a Spitting Spider. If you could send me your postcode ( I can add your record to the national database. Thanks, Geoff
Fri 7th May 2021 19:10 by Janet Hales
False Wolf Spider Egham
This spider found when I moved a tarpaulin covering a pile of timber in our garden in Egham, Surrey TW20 9BT on 25 April 2021.  Body is a good 25 mm long.  I guess this is the False Wolf Spider Zoropsis spinimama, I would be grateful for your confirmation.False Wolf Spider Egham close-up Copyright: Janet Hales
Fri 7th May 2021 11:42 by Michelle Gray
Is she a False Widow?
False Widow lodger Copyright: Michelle Gray

This lovely little lady has been living in the corner vent of my bathroom window for quite some time now. She only comes out at night. The only problem is that she gave birth last year to hundreds of spiderlings, they were all over the bathroom! I don't mind her sharing our bathroom but my children are very concerned that we will have another spiderling incident.. Can I relocate her safely in any way? She is very difficult to catch because as soon as I go near her, she retreats into the vent. I don't want to harm her in any way. This is in Bedfordshire, UK, MK428QU. 07/05/21

Fri 7th May 2021 10:15 by Leigh-Ann Jones
Spitting Spider?
Spitting Spider - Scytodes thoracica - Cottage loft 07052021 Copyright: Leigh-Ann Jones

Found in my loft - used Google Lens to find out what it was, just here to get confirmation from you knowledgeable people, but can't add it to any of the species groups as minimal spider knowledge.

Thanks. LJ


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