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Please note that this is a working list of species, not a published checklist. It is used to provide information on species established in Britain and with records in the recording scheme databases.

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Agelenidae  Amaurobiidae  Anyphaenidae  Araneidae  Atypidae  Cheiracanthiidae  Clubionidae  Cybaeidae  Desidae  Dictynidae  Dysderidae  Eresidae  Gnaphosidae  Hahniidae  incertae sedis  Linyphiidae  Liocranidae  Lycosidae  Mimetidae  Mysmenidae  Nemastomatidae  Nesticidae  Oecobiidae  Oonopidae  Oxyopidae  Phalangiidae  Phalangodidae  Philodromidae  Pholcidae  Phrurolithidae  Pisauridae  Sabaconidae  Salticidae  Sclerosomatidae  Scytodidae  Segestriidae  Sparassidae  Tetragnathidae  Theridiidae  Theridiosomatidae  Thomisidae  Trogulidae  Uloboridae  Zodariidae  Zoridae  Zoropsidae    show all

Araneae Callilepis nocturna
Araneae Calositticus caricis
Araneae Calositticus floricola
Araneae Calositticus inexpectus
Araneae Carorita limnaea
Araneae Caviphantes saxetorum
Araneae Centromerita bicolor
Araneae Centromerita concinna
Araneae Centromerus albidus
Araneae Centromerus arcanus
Araneae Centromerus brevipalpus
Araneae Centromerus capucinus
Araneae Centromerus cavernarum
Araneae Centromerus dilutus
Araneae Centromerus incilium
Araneae Centromerus levitarsis
Araneae Centromerus minutissimus
Araneae Centromerus persimilis
Araneae Centromerus prudens
Araneae Centromerus semiater
Araneae Centromerus serratus
Araneae Centromerus sylvaticus
Araneae Ceratinella brevipes
Araneae Ceratinella brevis
Araneae Ceratinella scabrosa
Araneae Cercidia prominens
Araneae Cheiracanthium erraticum
Araneae Cheiracanthium pennyi
Araneae Cheiracanthium virescens
Araneae Cicurina cicur
Araneae Civizelotes civicus
Araneae Clubiona brevipes
Araneae Clubiona caerulescens
Araneae Clubiona comta
Araneae Clubiona corticalis
Araneae Clubiona diversa
Araneae Clubiona frisia
Araneae Clubiona juvenis
Araneae Clubiona lutescens
Araneae Clubiona neglecta sens. str.
Araneae Clubiona norvegica
Araneae Clubiona pallidula
Araneae Clubiona phragmitis
Araneae Clubiona pseudoneglecta
Araneae Clubiona reclusa
Araneae Clubiona rosserae
Araneae Clubiona stagnatilis
Araneae Clubiona subsultans
Araneae Clubiona subtilis
Araneae Clubiona terrestris
Araneae Clubiona trivialis
Araneae Cnephalocotes obscurus
Araneae Coelotes atropos
Araneae Coelotes terrestris
Araneae Coleosoma floridanum
Araneae Collinsia distincta
Araneae Collinsia holmgreni
Araneae Collinsia inerrans
Araneae Cozyptila blackwalli
Araneae Crustulina guttata
Araneae Crustulina sticta
Araneae Cryphoeca silvicola
Araneae Cryptachaea blattea
Araneae Cryptachaea riparia
Araneae Cryptachaea veruculata
Araneae Cyclosa conica

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