Distribution of Mecopisthes peusi (Araneae)

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The regions used here are Watsonian vice-counties, subdivisions used in biological recording based on the historic counties of Britain. These remain unchanged by subsequent local government reorganisations, allowing historical and modern data to be more accurately compared. Scheme records will be shown if they occur within the region regardless of vice-county

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Please note that an absence of records for a VC does not necessarily mean a record is new to a VC:- it may mean previous records have not been submitted to the recording scheme. The maps in Locket, Millidge & Merrett Vol. III (1974) and subsequent NCR updates published in the BAS bulletin need to be consulted.

Adult Season in Cornwall

no detailed adult season data available

Habitats in Cornwall

no detailed habitat data available

Structural Habitat Data in Cornwall

no detailed structural habitat data available

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