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Wed 6th July 2022 15:54 by Zo Clark
I found this Spider in the Garden in Kingsway, Gloucestershire , GL2 2BF on giant willow herb that grew by itself in My Pot.  Do you know what type of Spider this is?

Very Patterned Spider Copyright: Zo Clark

Sun 3rd July 2022 22:35 by Craig McEwan
Identification help please.
I was searching for small spiders in an area of long grass and wild flowers, in Glasgow Necropolis cemetery on 30th June 2022. Grid reference is NS605657.

Found a spider which I hadn't seen before and sent the best photos to the UK Spiders group on Facebook. The popular feeling was it is Parasteatoda simulans, which matches the habitat and abdomen shape. A secondary option of Cryptachaea blattea was suggested, but the spider I found dropped when disturbed, and Britain's Spiders says Cryptachaea doesn't do this.

Either or, it looks like a good find for Scotland (judging by the maps in Britain's Spiders).

If anyone is able to help ID, even just to genus level, it would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind regards Craig McEwan.

Parasteatoda simulans or Cryptachaea blattea Copyright: Craig McEwanParasteatoda simulans - Cryptachaea blattea 3 Copyright: Craig McEwanParasteatoda simulans - Cryptachaea blattea 2 Copyright: Craig McEwanParasteatoda simulans - Cryptachaea blattea 4 Copyright: Craig McEwan

Fri 1st July 2022 16:49 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Zo, yes, definitely that species. I'll add the record to the national database. The distribution of Mangora is interesting. It is mostly in the south east and on the south coast but with a curious extension up into Gloucestershire.  Many thanks for the record. Geoff
Fri 1st July 2022 16:44 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Irene, your spider isn't a Noble False Widow Spider. This specimen clearly has silver guanine deposited beneath the skin. Silver, as opposed to matt white, guanine deposits are uncommon in British spiders, which helps to narrow this one down. I'm sure this is Zygiella atrica, one of the Missing-sector orbweb spiders, which often has reddish patches on the 'shoulders' although in your photograph they look almost black. I hope this helps. For a factsheet on these spiders see: and look for Factsheet No. 6. Geoff

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