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Mon 27th August 2018 12:21 by Peter Harvey
This is the harvestman Dicranopalpus ramosus agg. This is now recognised as two distinct species occurring in Britain, D. caudatus and D. ramosus which need microscopical examination to separate.
Mon 27th August 2018 12:17 by Malcolm Mackenzie
Is this a Huntsman?

Huntsman Copyright: Malcolm Mackenzie

Fri 24th August 2018 10:53 by Peter Harvey
Re: jumping spider
There is a whole family which make up jumping spiders and a lot of species. Some are common, some less so or even rare. It all depends which species. The zebra spider for example is very common in houses and gardens and a couple of other widespread species are associated with houses and gardens. Your jumping spider could be anything, but without even a photo, I am afraid there is not much else which can be said.
Fri 24th August 2018 09:44 by Graeme Rogers
jumping spider
Hi just joined even though always been a spider catcher not killer as amazed at them and their amazingness. pretty sure just caught (for a scared female colleague haha) & handled a jumping spider near joes pond, durham wildlife trust. put it this way it was half size of my little finger nail, sandy browny 2 tone & as i went to catch jumped over my hand to try escape. front legs looked large & it tended to curve front 4 of them around in front of it tried to id which it was & then saw reports might be rare sighting so thought i'd let you know. any ideas which it was? wished i'd took photo but as my hands were wrapped around it to stop escape as i put in someone more spider safe i could not get to camera. sorry. PS. I have seen jumping spiders in my life in the past when younger so didn't think it was a 'rare' sighting.
Tue 14th August 2018 17:15 by Peter Harvey
This is a garden spider Araneus diadematus. These become adult in late summer and early autumn, and then their presence on their large orb webs is often more obvious in gardens. It is also a very variable spider in terms of colour and depth of markings. They are harmless to humans.
Sun 12th August 2018 21:59 by Christian Richards
Can anyone identify this fierce looking spider?
Hi. Can anyone help identify this fierce looking spider? Found underneath the lip of my wheelie bin which sits next to a fence with Leylandii behind it.

Fierce looking unknown spider Copyright: Christian Richards


Fri 3rd August 2018 09:48 by Charlotte Higgins
Spider found in Greater Manchester Copyright: Charlotte Higgins

Can anyone identify this spider?

Fri 3rd August 2018 07:47 by Natalie Hull
Identify TN40EZ
Hello is this an opilio canestrini? I don’t know how to upload here?

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