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Thu 27th September 2018 16:20 by Peter Harvey
It is certainly Dysdera or Dysderidae, but what little detail is visible in your photo of the adult male palp does not especially look like either of the two Dysdera species. Dysdera crocata (the normal synanthropic Dysdera of gardens and human influenced habitats) and D. erythrina are two of the difficult species which require very careful microscopical examination of the adult palp or female epigyne and leg spines (see the Difficult Species page. D. erythrina in particular is often misidentified and any Dysdera from gardens is very unlikely to be erythina. If one includes mainland Europe, there are a very large number of very similar species as well.
Tue 25th September 2018 21:50 by Kate Tucker
Dysdera crocata?

Is this a Dysdera crocata and is it generally possible to identify it in the field or from a photo? Found under leaf litter in the garden. I'm just starting with spiders and not sure where is the best place to get help before submitting a record! Thanks :)

Spider found under leaf litter Copyright: Kate Tucker

Wed 19th September 2018 12:15 by Peter Harvey
Yes, this is probably a poorly marked Steatoda nobilis.
Wed 19th September 2018 12:06 by Daniel Blyton
False widow?
Spider in garden 08.09.18 Copyright: Daniel Blyton Hi Peter, Can you help ID this one please. Looks like it may be one of the false widow spiders? Daniel
Sun 16th September 2018 14:43 by Peter Harvey
If you want help with identification please provide a FULL postocde or map grid reference, as stated on the forum page, also a date for the spiders.
Sat 15th September 2018 22:39 by Harry Holmes
West Yorkshire Bathroom Spiders
A couple of spiders from the bathroom. Does anyone know what they are?

HX7 Hebden Bridge

spider1 Copyright: Harry Holmes spider2 Copyright: Harry Holmes

Fri 14th September 2018 13:35 by Peter Harvey
Yes, a spider long found in the south-east, London and south Essex area but now much more widely spread, see summary page
Fri 14th September 2018 06:16 by Daniel Blyton
Green spiders
Green spider on pear tree 12.09.18 Copyright: Daniel Blyton Green spider in web on twisted hazel tree 12.09.18 Copyright: Daniel Blyton A late evening excursion into my garden resulted in seeing two green spiders, though one wasn't keen to be photographed! Is this Nigma walckenaeri?
Sat 8th September 2018 11:04 by Daniel Blyton
Many thanks for this, Peter. I shall check out the link but have submitted a record for this one here.
Sat 8th September 2018 08:32 by Peter Harvey
Hi Daniel, this is the crab spider Misumena vatia. It will be juvenile at this time of year. This comes in a number of colour forms, see Crab spider Misumena vatia and Misumena vatia. In Essex you can see more information on the Essex Field Club website about spiders and other taxonomic groups, e.g. Misumena page on EFC website link
Fri 7th September 2018 19:43 by Daniel Blyton
Different crab spider?
Crab Spider on sunflower eating hoverfly 05.09.18 Copyright: Daniel Blyton Thanks, Peter. I thought this may be the case. Happy to pin them down to a Genus. Since a second sunflower has opened a new crab spider has arrived. Photo doesn't show colours that well but it looks pale cream colour with green colouring to cephalothorax. Is this a different species or a younger Xysticus before colours develop?
Thu 6th September 2018 19:34 by Peter Harvey
Xysticus cristatus is an extremely variable spider and cannot be separated from other Xysticus species without microscopical examination of adults. At this time of year, your Xysticus are almost certainly juvenile. Xysticus cristatus is by far the most likely species, but this is not an identification I'm afraid.
Wed 5th September 2018 19:35 by Daniel Blyton
Another Xysticus cristatus?
Crab Spider eating flying ant 21.08.18 Copyright: Daniel Blyton And this one, seen on a different day.
Wed 5th September 2018 19:33 by Daniel Blyton
Xysticus cristatus?
Crab Spider on a sunflower 31.08.18 Copyright: Daniel Blyton Hi Peter, just recently found this excellent and informative website. Have been out photographing small beasties these last three weeks or so and a lot of my subjects have been spiders. Is it possibly to tell what species this crab spider is from the photo?

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