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Tue 31st December 2019 10:41 by Peter Harvey
Thank you Christopher and Laszlo for the details, records added to recording scheme.
Mon 30th December 2019 10:24 by Laszlo Sipos
Hi, I found some of these spiders in my garden in the litter. I identified this as Cryptachaea blattea and it was confirmed by the British Spider Identification Group (Facebook group). The location is Plymouth PL5 1AE on December 28, 2019. Cryptachaea blattea1 Copyright: Laszlo Sipos Cryptachaea blattea4 Copyright: Laszlo Sipos Cryptachaea blattea5 Copyright: Laszlo Sipos
Sun 29th December 2019 19:23 by Christopher Workman
Water Spider from Wigan Flashes
I was sent this photo of a spider by Jeff Gorse - a member of the North Lancashire Wildlife Group last July. I gave the ID as adult male Argyroneta aquatica as you can see the pointed pedipalp and air bubble on the abdomenWater spider at Wigan Flashes Copyright: Christopher Workman.  I put it onto the forum last July and Richard Gallon agreed with the ID.  It needs to be added to the SRS records as I understand that recent records are rare. Date for record: approx 25 June 2019 Location: SD 5863 0333 Wigan Flashes Habitat: " hiding in shallow water " - mixture of grubbing and sweep netting in edges of ponds on marshland. Hope this is sufficient detail.
Sat 21st December 2019 17:12 by Aj Cann
Many thanks Peter. For the record I have two specimens, both beaten from Oak, from SP549979 on 28.06.19. I'll put them on my spreadsheet when I send you my 2019 records. Would you like me to send you the specimens for confirmation?
Sat 21st December 2019 16:44 by Peter Harvey
I would say yes, but it is difficult to appreciate the 3-dimensional internal spermathecal organ from your photo. Dondale, 1972 and Segers, 1989, both in BAS bulletins, show the differences, but these can be difficult to appreciate in some individuals. P. albidus is a species which has certainly undergone a big increase in frequency and distribution in the last 30-40 years. Please provide a GRID REFERENCE AND specific DATE of the record.
Fri 20th December 2019 15:27 by Aj Cann
Philodromus albidus
I would be grateful if this could be confirmed as Philodromus albidus - beaten from Oak, June 2019. If so, this is only the second record for VC55 (previous 1994 from the other side of the County). Philodromus albidus female Copyright: AJ Cann Philodromus albidus epigyne Copyright: AJ Cann
Fri 20th December 2019 11:34 by Peter Harvey
Yes, this is Salticus scenicus, the zebra spider, almost certainly juvenile at this date.
Thu 19th December 2019 20:32 by Steve Marshall
Salticus sp.?
Hi Peter,

This is a record from 27/08/2019 from SU 93306 50217 on our front door in Normandy, Surrey, GU3 2HA.

They're fairly awful phone photos but am I right in saying this is a Salticus sp.?

With thanks,


Salticus sp. Copyright: Steve Marshall


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