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Sat 31st July 2021 13:10 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Kevin, this is the ovata colour form of the Candy-striped spider Enoplognatha ovata. This species, and the closely related E. latimana have three genetically-determined colour forms, plain yellow/cream, yellow with two red stripes and the handsome form you have photographed. If it was trailing its egg-sac it was probably moving it to a new location after being disturbed. Geoff
Fri 30th July 2021 18:22 by Kevin Irish
Spider ID Please
Can anyone ID this spider please? It was carrying the blue egg sac. Spider ID Please Copyright:
Thu 29th July 2021 11:55 by Geoff Oxford
Terry, this is one of the cucumber spiders Araniella species. The commonest species are A. curcurbitina and A. opisthographica but they need microscopic examination to tell them apart. They are delightful spiders which often spin their tiny orb webs within the curl of a single leaf. This time of year they might also be associated with one or more slightly greenish/brown, wiry silk-covered egg-sac. Geoff
Wed 28th July 2021 19:10 by Terry Coult
Can anyone ID this spider for me?Cucumber spider Copyright: Terry Coult
Wed 28th July 2021 17:12 by Matt Chitty
I saw this harvestman on 24/7/2021 at SE25 4HL.  Please can you let me know what you are looking for in pictures to aid ID?  I guess I should have taken an image from the side too?

Harvestman6854 Copyright: Matt Chitty

Tue 27th July 2021 14:42 by Peter Harvey
Definitely an adult Araniella male, all species require microscopical examination of adult male palp or female epigyne for id to species.
Tue 27th July 2021 12:17 by Geoff Oxford
Steve, I'm not sure this is Nigma walckenaeri. Nigma has green legs and only the mature male has a brown carapace. I do agree though that the abdomen does look rather Nigma-like. Another possibility is one of the Araniella species, which do have brown carapaces and legs. However, the abdomen doesn't look quite the right shape. So, in short, I'm not sure. Maybe others can help? Geoff
Mon 26th July 2021 15:52 by Stephen Dungey
Species confirmation

I came across this colourful spider in early June. I think it is Nigma walckenaeri. Can this be confirmed please?



Sun 25th July 2021 15:11 by Nigel Clubb
Is this the web of an Segestria Florentina? The location is in Brecon, Powys, (LD3 7NP), 20 miles from the nearest recorded site at Abergavenny.
Wed 21st July 2021 16:02 by Charles James Finister
Green fanged tube web in Plymouth, July 2021
Green fanged tube web in Plymouth 2021 Copyright: Charles James FinisterPlymouth green fanged tube web PL4 7BW
Mon 19th July 2021 18:19 by Andrew Cundell
Badumna longinqua in Devon?
A Mexican Standoff! Fangs Vs sting! Copyright: Andrew Cundell

I found this Badumna Longinqua (identified by British Spider Identification Group on Facebook) in a Mexican standoff with a bee a few hours ago AND its still there! It's under some guttering on an outdoor structure and has only moved a few mm's in 2 hours.

Located Plymouth PL6 5QP !


Andy Cundell

Thu 15th July 2021 12:42 by Geoff Oxford
Matt, yes, an Ero species. I think I can make out two pairs of tubercles on its dorsal abdomen, which means either E. tuberculata or E. aphana. Both are virtually confined to the south east of England with the latter slightly more widespread. The other two Ero species in Britain have just one pair of dorsal tubercles. Geoff
Wed 14th July 2021 20:10 by Matt Chitty
?Mimetidae - could it be Ero sp?

I saw this spider on 11th July 2021 in South London, SE25 4HL and wondered if it was maybe Ero sp.

Ero6671 Copyright: Matt Chitty Ero6678 Copyright: Matt Chitty Ero6681 Copyright: Matt Chitty Ero6684 Copyright: Matt Chitty



Wed 14th July 2021 20:02 by Matt Chitty
Many thanks Geoff, that observation of the potential female Pseudoeuophrys lanigera was on 9th July 2021 and location south London, SE25 4HL.
Mon 12th July 2021 17:30 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Matt, I suspect this is a female Pseudoeuophrys lanigera but would welcome a second opinion from Peter Harvey. This species has certainly been recorded before from central North Yorkshire. Geoff
Mon 12th July 2021 17:21 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Mike, many thanks for the A. angulatus record. Spider Recording Scheme records are normally submitted via SRS vice-county Area Organisers to maintain quality control. Records of some species we consider as 'easily recognized' can be submitted via the SRS website if accompanied with a photo. There are a few other species we could/should add to that list. Anyway, I'll forward your record to the SRS - many thanks for alerting me to it. Geoff
Sat 10th July 2021 10:06 by Matt Chitty
Salticidae6589 Copyright: Matt Chitty Salticidae Copyright: Matt Chitty

I saw this 4mm ish spider in my garden, and caught it to take photos.  It jumps so I suspect Salticidae, but I can't get any further than that.  Could it be Pseudeuophrys?  I need to work on my focussing ;-)


Fri 9th July 2021 22:24 by Mike Hetherington
Araneus angulatus Slepe Heath, Dorset
Hi there. It seems surprisingly difficult to submit a record through this website, so I'm hoping that doing it via the Forum will suffice.  Apologies if I've missed something obvious. Species: Araneus angulatus Date: 8.7.2021 Location: Slepe Heath, Dorset SY 9589 8560 Recorders: Mike Hetherington, Paul Butter, Jack Oughton Araneus angulatus 5 Copyright: Mike Hetherington
Fri 9th July 2021 18:04 by Geoff Oxford
Matt, yes, the redimita form of an Enoplognatha spp. Enoplognatha ovata matures slightly earlier in the year than E. latimana and the the red stripes are usually wider. So this is most likely E. ovata but, as ever, a microscope is needed to be absolutely sure. Geoff
Thu 8th July 2021 16:24 by Matt Chitty
I think this is Enoplognatha sp with the redimita form?  Can any one confirm?

Enoplognatha Copyright: Matt Chitty

Mon 5th July 2021 19:02 by Paul Davis
Thank you Geoff , i thought as much .
Mon 5th July 2021 11:52 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Paul, certainly a mature male of a Philodromus species and obviously not P. dispar. Beyond that a microscope is needed. Sorry. Geoff
Mon 5th July 2021 11:48 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Paul, yes, probably a Pardosa species but narrowing down which requires microscopical examination. Even then, some can be tricky in my experience. Geoff
Mon 5th July 2021 11:46 by Geoff Oxford
Dear C Davies, this has to be one of the large house spiders Eratigena spp. and in south Wales its highly likely to be E. saeva. Geoff
Mon 5th July 2021 11:36 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Antony, it certainly resembles a sac spider and looks suitably hairy. The body shape isn't typical but it could be a gravid female. Geoff
Sun 4th July 2021 10:11 by Paul Davis
Philodromus sp for ID help
I saw this Running Crab spider at my local nature reserve in Maple Cross , Hertfordshire WD3 9SN.I have never come across this species before and i am having trouble finding an ID .Could it be a male P.collinus or something else , any help much appreciated.Mystery Philodromus Copyright: Paul Davis
Sun 4th July 2021 10:08 by Paul Davis
Wolf spider for ID help please.
I spotted this wolf spider at my local nature reserve in Maple Cross , Hertfordshire WD3 9SN.i think it is Pardosa sp , but can that be narrowed down to actual species ? Any help appreciated .Pardosa for ID please Copyright: Paul Davis
Sun 4th July 2021 09:10 by C Davies
Can anyone identify this spider?
Can anyone identify this spider? It is much larger than anything we have previously seen in our garden!  My husband found lots of them under our of shed as he dismantled it. Hopefully they have rehomed under its replacement. CDavies258743610 Copyright: C Davies
Fri 2nd July 2021 10:42 by Antony Brown
Is this a Sac Spider?
Hi All,

I found this spider in my cabin at the bottom of the garden any ideas what it is?

I live in Chelmsford Essex for reference (CM1 2NJ)

Found in Cabin Copyright: Antony Brown

Put a piece of paper under it and release it outside the cabin but took this second picture.

Cabin Spider 3 Copyright: Antony Brown

It was fine it ran away under the decking.


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