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Wed 29th September 2021 15:32 by Kathleen Hodgson
Harvestman in the house Copyright: Kathleen HodgsonThanks Geoff! Sorry for the spider/harvestman faux pas - I am gratefully educated. There is a bit more visible on this picture (sorry, the best my phone can do) from the day before, perhaps that might be 'the mask of Zorro' of Dicranopalpus ramosus. Can't find the critter today to confirm, will put outside if I do, and next time I meet a harvestman will be in the lookout/ try for a photo of those amazing "gun turret" eyes!
Wed 29th September 2021 14:56 by Mark Willis
Is this a Meta Menardi? CH7 4QW Spotted on 19th April 2019 spider in manhole Copyright: Mark Willis
Wed 29th September 2021 14:47 by Mark Willis
Is this a Meta Menardi?spider in manhole Copyright: Mark Willis
Wed 29th September 2021 12:19 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Kathleen, not a spider but a harvestman. It is one of the Dicranopalpus species but difficult/impossible to tell which from a photograph. The way they hold their legs is an adaptation to sitting on the thin branches of shrubs. Geoff
Wed 29th September 2021 12:16 by Geoff Oxford
Charlie & Nick, I can't see any photographs. Difficult yo progress without them. Geoff
Tue 28th September 2021 18:46 by Kathleen Hodgson
Not seen one like this before?
Hello, I am quite a fan of spiders, so have a happy houseful, but I've not seen one like this before. Saw it first yesterday, and then by this morning in another spot about 6m away, again, about 2m from the floor. What is it? Are they more common than I think? Location is PE28 9QT. Date 28-29th Sept 21 Leg-span 12cm

Thank you! Stag spider Copyright: Kathleen Hodgson

Sun 26th September 2021 20:53 by Nick Beale
Enoplognatha ovata or E.latimana? TL354 401 N.Herts 26/9/21http
Candy striped spider Copyright: Nick Beale Hi, first post so sorry if pictures aren't here, I have been recording the invertebrates in our garden in Royston Herts. This specimen has been guarding eggs/spiderlings in a rose bush for the past few days, it has the back spots often found on E. ovata but the black band does not seem to be on Tibia 1 and it seems late in the season so should I assume it is E.latimana? Thank you
Sun 26th September 2021 19:25 by Charlie Langton
Is this a false widow spider?
Please can someone help me identify if this is a false widow spider. I live in Wiltshire SN13 0NZ (date 26/09/21)
Sat 25th September 2021 17:30 by Oliver Merchant
Identification please
Flower crab spider in action Copyright: Oliver Merchant

Hi there,

I was working on my allotment earlier and spotted this odd scene. At first I thought a bee had died after gorging on nectar, before I realised a spider was attached. A quick google leads me to believe it’s a Flower Crab Spider. Is this correct? I saw this today 25 Sept 2021.

For those wondering about the flower, it’s a Xerochrysum bracteatum ‘pomegranate’.

Sat 25th September 2021 12:16 by Meg Skinner
Dear Sarah, This could well be O. saxatilis but from this photograph, looks like it could also be Paroligolophus agrestis. P. agrestis have a smooth silvery ocularium (area between/around the eyes) and show a wide variety of colours and patterns, including the line of paler markings as seen in O. saxatilis. See the SRS page for more information:

Thanks for sharing. BAS Harvestmen Recording Scheme

Tue 21st September 2021 19:30 by Sarah Loving
Is this Opilio saxatilis?
Not the best photo - it got away too quickly. Quite a small harvestman, not more than 5mm. I wondered if there was enough here for a positive ID? Seen in my garden at OX4 4JH on 20th Sept. Possible Opilio saxatilis Copyright: Sarah Loving
Sun 19th September 2021 19:15 by Geoff Oxford
Dear James, this is a Noble False Widow Spider Steatoda nobilis. For more information see our factsheet at: Geoff
Sun 19th September 2021 19:13 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Emily, this looks to me like a dead, male Eratigena species (Large house spider). The abdomen does appear very pointed for this genus but the extremely long legs are indicative. It looks as if it has been eaten by another spider, possibly a Daddy Long-legs Spider Pholcus phalangioides. For factsheets on both see: AND Geoff
Sat 18th September 2021 23:45 by James Norden
Found this one in the trampoline- is it dangerous?!
Found this spider in the kids trampoline today- keen to know what it is, and if it’s dangerous!
Sat 18th September 2021 10:52 by Mark Costin
Not sure what this is... found in RM163GY area Southwest Essex
MC1 Copyright: Mark Costin
Fri 17th September 2021 18:59 by Emily Lomas
Spider Id
EL4 Copyright: Emily Lomas Length 2 inches (including legs). Id please
Thu 9th September 2021 10:37 by Peter Harvey
This is a garden spider Araneus diadematus. These become adult in late summer and early autumn, and then their presence on their large orb webs is often more obvious in gardens. It is also a very variable spider in terms of colour and depth of markings. They are harmless to humans.
Wed 8th September 2021 19:39 by Carolyn Wheatley
Is this a four spot orb weaver please?
Found in the garden Copyright: Carolyn Wheatley We found this in our garden. We think it's a four spot orb weaver but not sure! Fascinating to watch! Found PO12 1PZ
Wed 8th September 2021 14:37 by Peter Harvey
This is Zygiella x-notata, the 'missing sector orb spider' and completely harmless, see , not known to be able to pierce human skin with its jaws. It is common and abundant on the outside of houses and gardens living around window frames, fences and shrubs, often sometimes coming indoors.
Wed 8th September 2021 13:46 by Jonathan Milburn
what is this? KY11 Dunfermline
spider Dunfermline Copyright: Jonathan Milburn I was given a nasty bite by this a couple of weeks ago. still it the noble false widow? Many thanks
Mon 6th September 2021 16:09 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Guy, your spider is one of the five, ant-mimicking, Micaria species, most probably Micaria pulicaria, which is by far the most widespread and the only one so far recorded from Somerset. The abdominal white lines on an iridescent dark background, and the black femora of the front pair of legs are indicative. Geoff
Sun 5th September 2021 14:10 by Guy Lee-Potter
ID if possible. Location TA100RA
Hello, my first use of this site, so bear with me! Found this fast moving spider in the house running up a window. At first I thought it was an ant. About 5mm, fast moving, with 2 distinctive white markings on the abdomen, and darker heavier sections of the legs near the body.Spider in Somerset Copyright: Guy Lee-Potter Any advice or an ID appreciated:) Used my phone hence not a brilliant photo!
Fri 3rd September 2021 17:45 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Az, yes, almost certainly a female Noble False Widow spider Steatoda nobilis. There are relatively few records from the York area and it would be good to confirm identification by examining the specimen (if you are willing to part with it!). I live in York and so if you email me at: we can make further arrangements. Geoff.
Fri 3rd September 2021 00:54 by Az Smith
possible Steatoda nobilis
Figure you’re all bored of “omg is this a noble false widow???” so apologies in advance.

Location: York, indoor window frame. Sat in a lovely multi-storey web that spans the width of the window. The web is like veils of finest muslin draped horizontally over the air.

Photo has lost resolution and been rotated on upload. Some features that may be hard to pick out are the glossiness of the abdomen and the paired dimples - top two are clearest, in the beige area either side of the small dark brown spot in the centre top of the abdomen. The abdominal markings are very clear, symmetrical and crisp - a large dark brown splotch with 2-3 lighter browns (including sandy beige) within it making a sort of rorschach test pattern. Legs are reddish and seem translucent (maybe just very shiny)

Spider sits in the corner of the web all day, mostly tucked against the wall. At night they come a little further out but stay close to the corner.

Noble false widow?

Az Kitchen Window Spider 2 Copyright: Az Smith Az Kitchen Window Spider 1 Copyright: Az Smith

Wed 1st September 2021 10:06 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Lotus, your spider is Drapetisca socialis, one of the money spiders (Linyphiidae). It's habitat is exactly as you described, on mature tree trunks, usually (in my experience) beech. They spin threads of silk on the trunk and presumably prey on tiny insects landing there. Geoff

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