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Tue 14th December 2021 16:50 by Meg Skinner
Opilio canestrinii
Hi Sarah, Yes this is Opilio canestrinii and a juvenile as you suspected. They do become brighter orange with age, particularly on the trochanters in contrast to dark legs. As juveniles, the main features to look out for are: pale silvery ocularium without any spikes and a series of paired streaks along the body (dorsal), these are white and often outlined by slightly darker edges. Thanks for posting and please do show us any more sightings.
Tue 14th December 2021 12:41 by Aslaug Foreman
Please help ID small spider found indoor
Hi, my husband found this little thing hiding inside the hinge of the washing machine door yesterday. Attleborough Norfolk, NR17 1QT. It’s approx 1cm long body, legs and all. Sorry photo is blurry as taken through a lid. We wondered if it could be identified by someone? We released it outside so hope it will be okUnknown spider 13-12-2021 Copyright: Aslaug Thank you in advance
Mon 13th December 2021 16:08 by Sarah Loving
Is this Opilio canestrinii?
Seen in my Oxford garden at OX4 4JH on 13th July. It looks like O. canestrinii (and there are plenty of those in the garden) but without the expected orange colouring (although the second photo taken with flash looks a bit more orange). I wondered if it might be a juvenile?Possible Opilio canestrinii juvenile Copyright: Sarah LovingPossible Opilio canestrinii juvenile 2 Copyright: Sarah Loving
Fri 10th December 2021 14:51 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Tobias, Many thanks for alerting us to the Pistius record, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I will ensure this record gets onto the SRS database.  Geoff
Sat 4th December 2021 10:00 by Tobias Bauer
2021 record of Pistius truncatus (Kent) on Inaturalist
Hello together,

during my research on the distribution of Pistius truncatus (Thomisidae) in Central/Western Europe I found a recent record of the species from or next to Thornden Wood (Kent) on iNaturalist. It is probably very close to the other localities known there, however, since this a recent record I thought this might be interesting for the community (the recording scheme writes the last record is 20 years old). If I understand the terms of use correctly, I'm allowed to post off-site links, so here it is:

As iNaturalist-records are taken over to GBIF (which is often problematic, but this is another topic) and the site supports this process, I think it is no problem to include it into the record scheme, if of interest.

With kind regards from Karlsruhe, Tobias


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