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Thu 31st March 2022 21:18 by Sarah Loving
Unknown Lycosidae - Alopecosa?
This spider was in my garden (OX4 4JH) on 28th March amongst a very large number of small Pardosa spiders, and initially I assumed it was also a Pardosa - but then I wondered if it might be a male Alopecosa? (If so I know they can't be identified to species from photos alone.) About 6-7mm.

Possible Alopecosa Copyright: Sarah Loving

Wed 30th March 2022 16:52 by Sarah Loving
Thanks so much Peter, that's really helpful. I was aware that they needed microscopic examination to take to species, but not that juveniles often showed the red colouring.
Tue 29th March 2022 16:47 by Peter Harvey
Yes, a juvenile Araniella, but this would only be early for adults. The species in this genus can only be identifed to species by microscopical examination of the adult male palp or female epigyne. As well as the variable greenish and yellowish colorationm of most adul Araniella, juvenile Araniellla often have a reddish coloration that can resemble Araniella displicata.
Sat 26th March 2022 20:15 by Sarah Loving
Early Araniella?
I found this small orb-weaver in my garden today (OX4 4JH). It was about 5-6mm long, sitting at eye height in a honeysuckle bush in a scruffy but recognisable orb web about 15cm across. I think it's an Araniella species, but from what I've read it seems quite early - or is that now normal?

Araniella OX4 4JH Copyright: Sarah Loving

Wed 16th March 2022 15:32 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Alex, I am sorry you have had problems getting in touch. I receive messages via the 'Contact' form on the front page of the BAS website but do not recall one about Sardinidion blackwalli. Did you leave an email address for a response?

Anyway, if you could send a photograph and date/location details to, I'll see what I can do.


Mon 7th March 2022 23:18 by Alex Jane
Adding a sighting recording
I've tried contacting area organiser. Tried contacting the website via contact us. But there's really no information on submitting a recording of various species.

I want to submit a Sardinidion blackwalli to Northamptonshire recording area.

This site is incredibly difficult to navigate and I just keep getting dead ends when trying to contact someone.


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