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Tue 24th May 2022 19:33 by Zoe Whittle
Unknown spider
Can anyone identify this spider not sure if it's a cave spider. There where loads in an empty house and garages with White tear drop shaped egg sacks in Bolton BL66RE UKUnknown spider Bolton uk Copyright: Zoe Whittle Unknown spider Bolton uk 2 Copyright: Zoe Whittle 24th may 2022.
Tue 24th May 2022 15:23 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Stuart, this looks more like a (possibly juvenile) Labyrinth Spider Agelena labyrinthica. It's a very typical web for this species. They almost certainly dispersed in from the edge of the field.  Geoff
Mon 23rd May 2022 19:50 by Stuart MacDonald
Possible Antistea elegans VC38
Crossed a large finely ploughed farm field with the rows of crops just showing through. In between the rows were numerous ground webs with a central opening. Sometimes a spider was located below the web but managed to capture one on the top surface as shown in the attached photograph. Grid ref SP11446 55006. The best match I can find for the Spider is Antistea elegans Marsh Combtail Spider. However habitat was completely dry and not damp and no signs of any water nearby other than ditches at the field perimeter. Would appreciate any thoughts from the forum to clarify my initial ID. Possible Antistea elegans Copyright: Stuart MacDonald
Mon 23rd May 2022 16:13 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Andy, your photograph shows a Nurseryweb Spider Pisaura mirabilis. They come in many colour/pattern forms, as shown on the factsheet available at: This also outlines their fascinating life history.


Sun 22nd May 2022 14:03 by Andy Dowse
Spider id help needed!
Hi. I am struggling to identify this spider (among others!). I am trying to identify as many species as possible on our recently planted community woodland. I have scoured Wildguides Britain's Spiders without definite success. The abdomen seemed too full for a Tibellus spp. and I think it was too big for a Zora spp. I appreciate any help. I have others that I need help with too! Thank you.

Photo taken 21 May 2022. Comrie, Mid-Perthshire. Grid Ref: NN 76570 19318


Spider spp.Community Woodland Copyright: Andy Dowse

Wed 18th May 2022 10:31 by Peter Harvey
Now with a photo showing the dorsal pattern clearly, it does look to be Salticus cingulatus.
Wed 18th May 2022 06:54 by Clive Jones
Scenicus query
I recently posted images of a spider found on a gate at Hockenhull Platts, Cheshire SJ476656 and asked whether it might be Salticus cingulatus, but was assured that it was S. scenicus. Having looked at numerous images I'm still unclear as to how to distinguish the two species, if this one is indeed S. scenicus. Apologies from a newcomer to the world of spiders, but any guidance would be helpful.

I have included a better dorsal view of the spider.

Tue 17th May 2022 13:50 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Robin,

I was unsure whether this was C. phragmitis or C. pallidula. However, Richard Gallon and Matt Prince, who have infinitely more experience than me, both confirm your diagnosis, C. phragmitis. I'll add your valuable record to the SRS database.


Mon 16th May 2022 18:49 by Peter Harvey
Salticus scenicus I am afraid.
Mon 16th May 2022 13:25 by Clive Jones
Query salticus cingulatus
This spider found on a wooden gate at Cheshire Wildlife trust Hockenhull Platts reserve (SJ476656) looks to me as though it may be S. cingulatus; the right hand image, sadly of lesser clarity, shows black triangles with whitish chevrons as per illustrations i've found. Confirmation or correction would be very welcome. Query salticus cingulatus Copyright: Clive Jones
Sun 15th May 2022 15:24 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Mike, yes, definitely a Noble False Widow Spider Steatoda nobilis. For more information, see the BAS factsheet at (factsheet No. 5).  Geoff
Sun 15th May 2022 15:10 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Hannah,

Yes, this is either Heliophanus cupreus or Heliophanes flavipes, both reasonably common in Kent. Microscopical examination is necessary to confidently tell them apart.


Sun 15th May 2022 15:01 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Stuart, yes, definitely Philodromus dispar. I'll add the record to the SRS database. Geoff
Sun 15th May 2022 14:07 by Mike Walker
Think I found a false widow in Telford
Potential False Widow Copyright: Mike Walker Doing some gardening and found this guy sat on the housebrick.  Can anyone confirm it is a false widow?
Sat 14th May 2022 07:04 by Robin Sutton
Clubiona phragmitis sighting
This was found on South Uist, Outer Hebrides, at NF 82502 44433 on 12th May 2022. It, and a number of others, were found in loose stonework on the building shown. It would seem to be an odd habitat for this species? There is no standing freshwater nearby but numerous damp peaty areas and it is a short distance from a sea-loch. Identification was initially via another website. Clubiona phragmitis 12th May 2022 Copyright: Robin SuttonClubiona phragmitis epigyne Copyright: Robin SuttonClubonia phragmitis habitat 12th May 2022 Copyright: Robin Sutton
Thu 12th May 2022 09:36 by Hannah Jackson
Hello, I have found a tiny spider in my garden. I joined a group to help identify it and have been told it is a sunshine jumping spider and was told to record it here. This is in Dover in Kent. Sunshine jumping spider Copyright: Hannah Jackson Sun jumping spider Copyright: Hannah Jackson Sun- jumping spider Copyright: Hannah Jackson
Tue 10th May 2022 16:25 by Stuart Palmer

My son just spotted a male Philodromus dispar on the outside of our house window.

Our location is RH19 1SF and it was seen today (10 may).

Unknown species 1 Copyright: Stuart Palmer Unknown species 2 Copyright: Stuart Palmer

Mon 9th May 2022 13:58 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Matthew, difficult to say from your photograph. It could even be an immature. Sorry. Geoff
Mon 9th May 2022 13:57 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Jaimie, from your photographs I would hesitate to be sure this is Psilochorus simoni. It is certainly possible but I have also seen some round-ish Pholcus as well. Records of this species from Cornwall are scarce and this would be a notable if verified. If you are able to send me a specimen I'd be happy to take a look. If you email me at: I can provide an address. Geoff
Tue 3rd May 2022 14:49 by Matthew Watts
Unknown jumping spider
Tue 3rd May 2022 14:10 by Matthew Watts
Unknown jumping spider
Unknown jumping spider Copyright: Matthew Watts

Hi guys Any idea what this jumping spider is? Doesn't look like a zebra jumping spider to me but I know next to nothing about spiders, I have seen zebra jumpers in the same area before though.

Regards Matt

Mon 2nd May 2022 23:19 by Jaimie Barnes
Psilochorus simoni and record uploads
Psilochorus simoni ventral view Copyright: Jaimie Barnes

Psilochorus simoni Lateral View Copyright: Jaimie Barnes

Hi, would like to verify if this is a male Psilochorus simoni found in my flat in Penryn, Cornwall. Grid reference: SW 77482 33828 found on March 24th. Also, if it is verified, is automatically added to the records? Because a fishing otter spider was found the other day and I wanted to add that to the records but after logging in I can't seem to find a good way to upload the record on here. Not sure exactly what the protocol is, do I send them to the county recorder directly?



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