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Thu 30th June 2022 22:40 by Zo Clark
Cricket bat Orbweaver
Cricket bat orbweaver Copyright: Zo Clark I saw a Cricket bat Orbweaver in the garden in Holbeach Drive, kingsway, Quedgeley Gloucestershire, UK GL2 2BF on 20th June. It has a distinctive appearance and should be recognised in the field.  I have more photos of it that might be useful and I took it from different angles. I think this cricket bat orbweaver I saw in Gloucestershire might be a useful record and I think it might be worth recording?
Thu 30th June 2022 14:38 by Irene Zaina
Steatoda sp. IZ Copyright: Irene Zaina


Sorry about the blurry pic, spider was in a crack in the tree and couldn't get a better one. Is it possible to establish if this is a Steatoda sp. from the pic? NZ248651 Irene

Sat 25th June 2022 15:27 by Geoff Oxford
Dear John, This is a female Green-fanged Tubeweb Spider Segestria florentina. It's a species that has been expanding its range for the last couple of decades. For more information go to: and look for Factsheet 9. Geoff
Sat 25th June 2022 15:15 by Geoff Oxford
Dear Aaron, If you send photographs to me at together with the date and map reference of where they were taken I'll see what I think. Geoff
Fri 24th June 2022 16:35 by John Kennedy

Found this beauty of a spider lurking near a tube shaped web down a crack behind a wall mounted postbox. Tube web spider maybe 2 Copyright: John Kennedy Tube web spider maybe 1 Copyright: John Kennedy

Am curious what it is. It was completely black .

Cheers, ~John

Wed 22nd June 2022 21:36 by Aaron Garrett
Found Arctosa Cinerea
Hi, I think I saw a few Arctosa Cinerea while on the river Spey, I don't know if these spiders are of interest? I have pictures and don't know if it's something that's worth recording.


Wed 8th June 2022 16:57 by Geoff Oxford
Hi Zoe, this is certainly a Meta species although it is not possible, reliably, to tell the two British species apart. However, Meta bourneti tends to be a southern species and so this is likely to be Meta menardi. Geoff

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