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De Nederlandse hooiwagens English Translation by Hay Wijnhoven & Peter Nicholson. This is a corrected revision of the version released in May 2015.

This translation is intended to act as a supplement to the Dutch publication, to which reference should be made for photographs and figures.  Page numbering is specific to the English version. To speed access to species descriptions, these are included in the index pages 3 & 4 (see page 117 in the Dutch Version).

Members of the Harvestman Recording Scheme (HRS) were so impressed with the quality of Hay Wijnhoven's De Nederlandse hooiwagens (Opiliones) that it was felt an English translation was highly desirable.  This would greatly enhance the available literature for identifying these most interesting creatures in Britain and also aid the detection of future introductions from the continent.

The Dutch publication can be purchased in the UK from Pemberley Books for the cost of £15.00 plus P&P (approx. £2) See :Pemberley Books - De Nederlandse hooiwagens (Opiliones) link For further information and to purchase directly see:Naturalis Biodiversity Centre - Entomologische Tabellen link

___________________________________________________________________________________________ Guide to Harvestmen of the British Isles by Paul Richards.

This is also a fold out chart published by the FSC. It includes over 60 photographs illustrating the 27 species found in the British Isles. A table lists characteristics of each species and the photographs show key features where possible. This is a very useful guide for identification in the field. This is available to purchase from the BAS website: https://britishspiders.org.uk/sales link


Field Studies Council interactive guide to British and Irish harvestmen.

https://harvestmen.fscbiodiversity.uk/ link

This resource provides species accounts with photographs, identification features, distribution and ecology. The site also includes a key with a feature that enables users to compare selected species, highlighting the differences between them and identification features to look for.

Resource created by Paul Richards and Richard Burkmar for the Field Studies Council, 2017.


Harvestmen: Keys and Notes for the Identification of British Species by P. D. Hillyard.

https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Harvestmen.html?id=Z_VMAAAAYAAJ&redir_esc=y link This book gives a well-rounded overview into harvestmen ecology and includes detailed species accounts with distribution maps.
This book is currently out of print, HRS are trying to obtain remaining copies (all editions), please contact hrs@britishspiders.org.uk for more information.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Harvestman Atlas 1988 by John Sankey. link

Links to the publisher's (Biological Records Centre: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) website.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Newsletter of the Opiliones Recording Scheme.

Editor: Paul Hillyard

This is for those individuals who wish to browse the four original news letters produced by Paul in the years 1998 to 2001.

Ocularium No. 1, 1998 link

Occularium No.2, 1999 link

Occularium No.3, 2000 link

Occularium No.4, 2001 link

Occularium No.5, 2004 link