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British Arachnological Society
Anyone with an interest in recording spiders in Britain is encouraged to become involved with the Spider Recording Scheme and the British Arachnological Society. Membership of the British Arachnological Society link is strongly recommended. This will help introduce you to other people interested in spiders and help you develop and improve your recording and identification skills.

Membership privileges include:

  • The Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society
  • The Newsletter of the British Arachnological Society
The above are published three times a years and free to members and subscribers.
  • Access to the Society's extensive reprint library and slide library
  • Access to Spider Recording Scheme data for non-commercial purposes (see terms of use)
  • Access to the members' section of the BAS web-site which is gradually developing into an online resource for arachnologists
  • An e-mail discussion group - the ideal place for advice, help or just a chat!
  • Many field meetings arranged by members throughout the country

There are no membership fees or subscriptions needed to be involved in the Spider Recording Scheme, but generally the cost of returning spiders sent for verification should to be met by enclosing stamps to the appropriate value.

Everyone can help record a number of 'easily recognisable' spiders through our website or post pictures to ask for help in identification, but many of the 650+ species of British spider cannot be identified from images, requiring examination of adults under a low power microscope, reference to books which deal with the identification of British spiders and access to reliably identified voucher specimens or specialist help and guidance. You can keep up-to-date with British recording with the Spider Recording Scheme News and also provide articles for inclusion by submitting text and pictures to the National Organiser contact.