Northumberland Spiders


The following page is continuously updated as I will include information on spider recording in Northumberland.  Please check back to see what I have updated.

I am the SRS Area Organiser for VCs 67 [South Northumberland] and 68 [North Northumberland].  I am also the VC recorder for most of the Yorkshire VCs (see the Yorkshire Spiders page on this website).

I would welcome all records from the two Northumberland vice-counties; preferred receipt of data is via Mapmate (identifier is 'ab1'). 


Recording in Northumberland has been sporadic over the years, probably owing to a lack of BAS members living in the VCs as well as large parts of both VCs occupying remote areas of England.  There is therefore plenty of scope for adding new and interesting records.

Based on the SRS database that I hold for the VCs, as of 1st December 2014, VC 67 has had 325 species recorded and VC 68, 263 species.

It will be my intention to write an article for the SRS News summarising in more detail the status of recording in Watsonian Northumberland.

Richard Wilson

Last Updated: 4th December 2014