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Badumna longinqua Copyright: Andrew Cundell
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Badumna longinqua distribution. For the last five months I have been recording the distribution of the non native species, Badumna longinqua. The species originates from Eastern Australia but has been introduced to many countries including the Americas, South Africa, Japan and here in the UK. The earliest record I have found was in Washington in 2019 with the NE of England in my opinion being the first place that B.longinqua established itself outside of garden centres.. Flora is certainly one vector for the introduction of this species in the UK but I have a theory that the huge Nissan factory in Sunderland is the possible vector for the North East of England populations.
Washington, NE England. 13th September 2019 - Martin Cummings - Inside workshop, industrial estate.
Washington, NE England. 22nd October 2020 - Lisa Wanless - Inside conservatory.
Washington, NE England. 28th October 2020 - Jody Pody Enguita - Garden fence.
Smithaleigh, Devon. 18th November 2020 - Dean Stephen Marriott - Timber yard.
Gateshead, NE England. 29th June 2021 - Ernest Feld - On the outside of a garden shed.
Hertfordshire. 15 August 2021 - Gen Popovici - Garden centre.
Eggbuckland, Devon. September 2021 - Andy Cudell - Garden, wooden canopy.
Normanton-on-the-Wolds, Nottinghamshire. October 2021 - Trev Pendleton - Garden centre.
Oxton, Nottinghamshire. October 2021 - Trev Pendleton - Garden centre.
Stapleford, Nottinghamshire. October 2021 - Trev Pendleton - Garden centre.
Neath, SW Wales. 28th January 2022 - Dai Edwards - Industrial estate.
Swansea, Wales. January 2022 - Tarnya Fisher - On the outside window of a house.
Eggbuckland, Devon. June 2022 - Stacey Caroline Sandwell - Found in garden.
Washington, NE England. 10th August 2022 - Jade Louise Anne Mitchell - On garden shed.
Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire. November 2022 - Sian Wilburn. - On flowers imported from the Netherlands.
Washington, NE England. 3rd December 2022 - John Hopper - Inside building.
Durham, NE England. 13th June 2023 - Harrison Rhodes - On the outside wall of a house.
Durham, NE England. 28th June 2023 - John James Taylor - On car wing mirror.
Washington, NE England. 3rd July 2023 - Andrew Proudlock - On car wing mirror.
Gateshead, NE England. 17th September 2023 - Kayleigh Michelle - On car wing mirror.
Milborne Port, Somerset. 26th September 2023 - Mandy Jones - In garden on recycle bins.
Camborne, Cornwall. September 2023 - Laura Fox - On lamp-post.
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, East Midlands. 19th November 2023 - Joey Yates - Garden fence.
Truro, Cornwall. 23rd November 2023 - Stephen Brown - Behind visor in works van.
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