Notes on Xerolycosa miniata

Xerolycosa Copyright: Stuart Maxwell
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Mentioned in Single Palp Usage During Copulation in Spiders by Paul Yoward and Geoff Oxford

The Newsletter No. 77 November 1996
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Part of From My Notebook by Chris Felton
Xerolycosa miniata (C. L. Koch) in an Unusual Habitat

From The Newsletter No. 73 July 1995

As far as I know, in Britain Xerolycosa miniata is strictly associated with coastal sand dunes, so it came as a surprise to find good numbers of this species inhabiting short, sparse grass and bare soil in glades amongst Birch scrub at Flint, Clwyd (SJ 244739) on 21st July 1993. This habitat recalls that described for the related X. nemoralis (Westring) in southern England: 'on the edge of woods and in clearings and on chalk' (Locket & Millidge, 1951). Situated on the edge of the River Dee, the Flint site is well vegetated but is manmade. It consists mainly of a chalk-like deposit up to 10 m thick which was tipped there from a formerly adjacent textile factory. The nearest populations of X. miniata are on the dune systems situated at the mouth of the Dee Estuary at Talacre, Clwyd and at West Kirby/Hoylake on the Wirral.
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Part of Some Questions and Observations by Michael Hogg

From The Newsletter No. 60 March 1991

I took a single female Xerolycosa miniata in June 1990 from the Lake District at over 1,000 ft a.s.l. This species is supposed to be uncommon on coastal sand dunes: Can anyone throw light on this?
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