The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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A & A E Binding
A A D la Touche
A Binding
A E Binding
A E Cooper
A Emmerson
A J Draper
A Jordan and D E H Wells
A Knowles
A. Bantick
A. Barnett
A. Boyle
A. Cunningham
A. Glaze
A. Hawes
A. Mynott
A. Pickering
A. Rowlands
A. Russell-Smith
A. Stockley
A. Thornhill
A. Tye
A.D. Blest
A.E. Ellis
A.E. Le Gros
A.E. Stubbs
A.G. Duff
A.H.G. Alston
A.M.Lidgett A.M.Lidgett A.M.Lidgett
A.N. Keay
A.R. Jackson
A.W. Jones
Abbot, R.D.
Abbot, R.H.R.
Abbott, A.M.
Abbott, Dave
Abbott, Dr A.
Abel, Mr
Abernethy, D.C.
Abley, Jay
Aburrow, Ewan
Acer Ecology
Ackland, Michael
Acton-Campbell, S.
Adair, D.
Adair, Ms F.
Adam Bassett
Adam Britt
Adam Fjaeren
Adam Gretton
Adam Mantell
Adam, Martin
Adams, D.
Adams, Elly
Adams, J.
Adams, Jim
Adams, Ken
Ade Mills
Adkins, Alan
Adler, Mrs M.
Adrain, Lorcan
Adrian Chalkley
Adrian Fowles
Adrian Harvey
Adrian Knowles
Adrian Norris & Roger Key
Adrian Sumner
Adrian Winnington
AES correspondent
Ager, A.W.
AGM meeting
Agnes Walker
Ahmed, Saleha
Ahmet, A.
Airy Shaw, H.K. and Townsend, C.C. (Gloucs)
Airyshaw, N.
Aitken, Sarah
Akehurst, Mrs
Akehurst, Mrs R.
Akehurst, Mrs R.M.
Akehurst, R.M. Mrs
Akery, Lindsay
Al Pashby
Alan Gray
Alan Parker
Alan R Outen
Alan Roberts
Alan Styles
Alan Thornhill
Alan Watson Featherstone
Alastair Lavery
Albertini, M.
Albertini, Martin
Albin, E.
Alcock, I. and Warsop, P.
Alcock, Mr & Mrs V.H.
Alder, Dave
Alderman, P.J.
Aldhous, A. and Childs, J.
Aldred, T & Jedamzik, K
Aldwinckle, Lisa
Alex Prendergast
Alexander Dr K.N.A.
Alexander KNA
Alexander, K.
Alexander, K. & Clements, D.
Alexander, K. and Clements, D.
Alexander, K., Twissell, C. and Twissell, Ingrid
Alexander, K.N.A.
Alexander, K.N.A. and Bathe, G.
Alexander, K.N.A. and Grove, S.J.
Alexander, Kayleigh
Alexander, Keith
Alexander, Keith N.A.
Alexander, Mr K.N.
Alexandra, Layla
Alford, Adrian
Alford, D.
Ali Shuttleworth
Alice Holt Forest Research
Alice James
Alison Flawith
Alison Gray
Alison Pyne
Alistair Crowle
Alistair Stevenson
Allain, David
Allan, Debbie
Allan, L.
Allan, Mr B.
Allaway, Dawn
Alle, Caroline
Allen, D.
Allen, David
Allen, J.
Allen, Mark
Allen, Mr J.
Allen, Pat, Mrs
Allen, Paul
Allen, Peter
Allen, Richard
Allen, Ron
Allen, Sarah
Allen, T.
Allen, Trevor
Allenby, Mr K.G.
Allison, Mr F.R.
Allison, Rod
Allmark, D.G.
Allmark, W.
Allott, A.
Allott, A.J.
Allott, Andrew
Allott, Mr A.J.
Allsebrook, Kim
Allsopp, Jordan
Allum, Steve
Allwood, J. and Vlismas, T.
Alman, Lisa
Alsop, K. and Fowles, J.
AM Lidgett
Amanda Brown
Amanda Cogan Barber
Amanda Gurney
Amanda Shaw
Amphlett, M.
Amy Hall
Anais Formstone
Anderson, Chris
Anderson, Emma
Anderson, J.G.
Anderson, Jane
anderson, luke
Anderson, M.
Anderson, N.
Anderson, P.
Anderson, Paul
Anderson, R.
Andrew Branson
Andrew Crowle
Andrew Crowle;D Procter
Andrew Cunningham
Andrew Duff
Andrew Foote
Andrew from Ramsey
Andrew Frost
Andrew Grayson
Andrew Green
Andrew Lamb
Andrew Leng
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Ross
Andrew Salisbury
Andrew Stanbury
Andrew Watchorn
Andrews, Ian
Andrews, Liam
Andy & Cres
Andy Amphlett
Andy Beaumont
Andy Bloomfield
Andy Brown
Andy Collins
Andy Dennis
Andy Donegan
Andy Key
Andy Musgrove
Andy Pay
Andy Phillips
Andy Schofield
Andy Tring
Angrave, R
Ann Kitchen
Anna and David Stewart
Anna Jemmett
Anna Webb
Anne Crotty
Anne Edwards
Annette Binding
Annette Faulkner
Annette Parsons
Annika Loll
Anon @ CNHSCarlisle Nat.Hist.;Geoff Naylor
Anon @ CNHSCarlisle Nat.Hist.;John Strutt
Anon @ Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Anon @ English Nature
Anon @ Forest Enterprise
Anon @ Lancashire WT
Anon @ N.C.C.
Anon at CEP Survey
Anon at WBRC
Anon at WNCT
Anon from TWNC
Ansari, Salman
Antony Hall [Field Station]
Anwar, Faheem
Appleton, Liz
Appleton, Mr D.M.
Aquilina, Robert
Arcaro, Alanna
Archie Simpson
Ardant, Dan
Ardon, P.
Argent, Jason
Argyle, Helen
Arlow, Steve
Armes, Nick
Armstrong, G. and Young, M.R.
Arnfield, John
Arnold, C.
Arnold, G.A.
Arnold, G.A. and Atkins, W.J.
Arnold, G.A. and Mackie, D.W.
Arnold, I.
Arnold, J.
Arnold, Jennifer & Geller, Caroline
Arnold, M.A. and Arnold, G.A.
Arnold, Mr G. A.
Arnold, Mrs V.
Arnold, V.
Arnold, V.W.
Arthur Walters
Arthur, Baldwin, Davidson and Geddes
Arthur, Baldwin, Davidson, Geddes and Stewart
Arthur, Davidson and Geddes
Arthur, Davidson, Geddes and Kennedy
Arthur, Davidson, Geddes and Stewart
Arthur, Davidson, Geddes, Roberts, D. and Roberts, M.
Arthur, R., Davidson, M.B. and Stewart, J.A.
Arthur, R., Davidson, M.B., Roberts, D.J. and Roberts, M.J.
Arthur, R.J.G.
Arthur, Reg
Ashby, J.
Ashby, M.
Ashby, Marcel
Ashley Murray
Ashmole, N.P.
Ashmole, P.
Ashmore, B.
Ashton, Anthony
Ashton, D.
Ashton, David
Ashton, Frederick
Ashton, P.
Askew, Mark
Askew, R.R.
Askey, Phil
Askins, M
Askins, M.
Askins, m. and Dobson, S.
Askins, M., Baldwin, I.,Dobson, S., Merrett, P., Stewart, J.
Askins, M., Harvey, P., Murphy, F. and Murphy, J.
Askins, M., Merrett, P., Murphy, F. and Murphy, J.
Askins, M.C.
Askins, M.C., Murphy, F. and Murphy, J.
Askins, M.C., Murphy, F.M.
Askins, Martin
Askins, Mr M.
Assis Fonseca, E.C.M.
Atkins, Sara
Atkins, Will
Atkinson, R.
Atkinson, Steven
Attwell, P.
Atty, D.B.
Aubrook, E.W.
Avery, Brenda
Avril Wilkinson
Ayling, Stephen
Ayres, Joe
Ayres, Suzanne