The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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Mr. Larder
(leg.) McCarthy, M.
A & A E Binding
A A D la Touche
A Binding
A E Binding
A E Cooper
A Emmerson
A J Draper
A Jordan and D E H Wells
A Knowles
A. Bantick
A. Barnett
A. Boyle
A. Cunningham
A. Glaze
A. Hawes
A. Mynott
A. Pickering
A. Rowlands
A. Russell-Smith
A. Stockley
A. Thornhill
A. Tye
A.D. Blest
A.E. Ellis
A.E. Le Gros
A.E. Stubbs
A.G. Duff
A.H.G. Alston
A.M.Lidgett A.M.Lidgett A.M.Lidgett
A.N. Keay
A.R. Jackson
A.W. Jones
Abbot, R.D.
Abbot, R.H.R.
Abbott, A.M.
Abbott, Dave
Abbott, Dr A.
Abel, Mr
Abernethy, D.C.
Abley, Jay
Aburrow, Ewan
Acer Ecology
Ackland, Michael
Acton-Campbell, S.
Adair, D.
Adair, Ms F.
Adam Bassett
Adam Britt
Adam Fjaeren
Adam Gretton
Adam Mantell
Adam, Martin
Adams, D.
Adams, Elly
Adams, J.
Adams, Jim
Adams, Ken
Ade Mills
Adkins, Alan
Adler, Mrs M.
Adrain, Lorcan
Adrian Chalkley
Adrian Fowles
Adrian Harvey
Adrian Knowles
Adrian Norris & Roger Key
Adrian Sumner
Adrian Winnington
AES correspondent
Ager, A.W.
AGM meeting
Agnes Walker
Ahmed, Saleha
Ahmet, A.
Airy Shaw, H.K. and Townsend, C.C. (Gloucs)
Airyshaw, N.
Aitken, Sarah
Akehurst, Mrs
Akehurst, Mrs R.
Akehurst, Mrs R.M.
Akehurst, R.M. Mrs
Akery, Lindsay
Al Pashby
Alan Gray
Alan Parker
Alan R Outen
Alan Roberts
Alan Styles
Alan Thornhill
Alan Watson Featherstone
Alastair Lavery
Albertini, M.
Albertini, Martin
Albin, E.
Alcock, I. and Warsop, P.
Alcock, Mr & Mrs V.H.
Alder, Dave
Alderman, P.J.
Aldhous, A. and Childs, J.
Aldred, T & Jedamzik, K
Aldwinckle, Lisa
Alex Prendergast
Alexander Dr K.N.A.
Alexander KNA
Alexander, K.
Alexander, K. & Clements, D.
Alexander, K. and Clements, D.
Alexander, K., Twissell, C. and Twissell, Ingrid
Alexander, K.N.A.
Alexander, K.N.A. and Bathe, G.
Alexander, K.N.A. and Grove, S.J.
Alexander, Kayleigh
Alexander, Keith
Alexander, Keith N.A.
Alexander, Mr K.N.
Alexandra, Layla
Alford, Adrian
Alford, D.
Ali Shuttleworth
Alice Holt Forest Research
Alice James
Alison Flawith
Alison Gray
Alison Pyne
Alistair Crowle
Alistair Stevenson
Allain, David
Allan, Debbie
Allan, L.
Allan, Mr B.
Allaway, Dawn
Alle, Caroline
Allen, D.
Allen, David
Allen, J.
Allen, Mark
Allen, Mr J.
Allen, Pat, Mrs
Allen, Paul
Allen, Peter
Allen, Richard
Allen, Ron
Allen, Sarah
Allen, T.
Allen, Trevor
Allenby, Mr K.G.
Allison, Mr F.R.
Allison, Rod
Allmark, D.G.
Allmark, W.
Allott, A.
Allott, A.J.
Allott, Andrew
Allott, Mr A.J.
Allsebrook, Kim
Allsopp, Jordan
Allum, Steve
Allwood, J. and Vlismas, T.
Alman, Lisa
Alsop, K. and Fowles, J.
AM Lidgett
Amanda Brown
Amanda Cogan Barber
Amanda Gurney
Amanda Shaw
Amphlett, M.
Amy Hall
Anais Formstone
Anderson, Chris
Anderson, Emma
Anderson, J.G.
Anderson, Jane
anderson, luke
Anderson, M.
Anderson, N.
Anderson, P.
Anderson, Paul
Anderson, R.
Andrew Branson
Andrew Crowle
Andrew Crowle;D Procter
Andrew Cunningham
Andrew Duff
Andrew Foote
Andrew from Ramsey
Andrew Frost
Andrew Grayson
Andrew Green
Andrew Lamb
Andrew Leng
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Ross
Andrew Salisbury
Andrew Stanbury
Andrew Watchorn
Andrews, Ian
Andrews, Liam
Andy & Cres
Andy Amphlett
Andy Beaumont
Andy Bloomfield
Andy Brown
Andy Collins
Andy Dennis
Andy Donegan
Andy Key
Andy Musgrove
Andy Pay
Andy Phillips
Andy Schofield
Andy Tring
Angrave, R
Ann Kitchen
Anna and David Stewart
Anna Jemmett
Anna Webb
Anne Crotty
Anne Edwards
Annette Binding
Annette Faulkner
Annette Parsons
Annika Loll
Anon @ CNHSCarlisle Nat.Hist.;Geoff Naylor
Anon @ CNHSCarlisle Nat.Hist.;John Strutt
Anon @ Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Anon @ English Nature
Anon @ Forest Enterprise
Anon @ Lancashire WT
Anon @ N.C.C.
Anon at CEP Survey
Anon at WBRC
Anon at WNCT
Anon from TWNC
Ansari, Salman
Antony Hall [Field Station]
Anwar, Faheem
Appleton, Liz
Appleton, Mr D.M.
Aquilina, Robert
Arcaro, Alanna
Archie Simpson
Ardant, Dan
Ardon, P.
Argent, Jason
Argyle, Helen
Arlow, Steve
Armes, Nick
Armstrong, G. and Young, M.R.
Arnfield, John
Arnold, C.
Arnold, G.A.
Arnold, G.A. and Atkins, W.J.
Arnold, G.A. and Mackie, D.W.
Arnold, I.
Arnold, J.
Arnold, Jennifer & Geller, Caroline
Arnold, M.A. and Arnold, G.A.
Arnold, Mr G. A.
Arnold, Mrs V.
Arnold, V.
Arnold, V.W.
Arthur Walters
Arthur, Baldwin, Davidson and Geddes
Arthur, Baldwin, Davidson, Geddes and Stewart
Arthur, Davidson and Geddes
Arthur, Davidson, Geddes and Kennedy
Arthur, Davidson, Geddes and Stewart
Arthur, Davidson, Geddes, Roberts, D. and Roberts, M.
Arthur, R., Davidson, M.B. and Stewart, J.A.
Arthur, R., Davidson, M.B., Roberts, D.J. and Roberts, M.J.
Arthur, R.J.G.
Arthur, Reg
Ashby, J.
Ashby, M.
Ashby, Marcel
Ashley Murray
Ashmole, N.P.
Ashmole, P.
Ashmore, B.
Ashton, Anthony
Ashton, D.
Ashton, David
Ashton, Frederick
Ashton, P.
Askew, Mark
Askew, R.R.
Askey, Phil
Askins, M
Askins, M.
Askins, m. and Dobson, S.
Askins, M., Baldwin, I.,Dobson, S., Merrett, P., Stewart, J.
Askins, M., Harvey, P., Murphy, F. and Murphy, J.
Askins, M., Merrett, P., Murphy, F. and Murphy, J.
Askins, M.C.
Askins, M.C., Murphy, F. and Murphy, J.
Askins, M.C., Murphy, F.M.
Askins, Martin
Askins, Mr M.
Assis Fonseca, E.C.M.
Atkins, Sara
Atkins, Will
Atkinson, R.
Atkinson, Steven
Attwell, P.
Atty, D.B.
Aubrook, E.W.
Avery, Brenda
Avril Wilkinson
Ayling, Stephen
Ayres, Joe
Ayres, Suzanne
B. Denham
B. Forman
B. Gillam
B. S. Davidson
B. Stewart & S.J. Stewart
B.A.S. Survey Team
B.C. (Gloucs)
B.J. Hancy
Bacchus, M.E.
Bacciu, Nicola
Bacon, Baldwin and Stewart
Bacon, Baldwin, Corbet and Stewart
Bacon, R. and Stewart, J.A.
Bacon, R.A.
Bacon, Rob
Bacon, Robert
Badley, John (RSPB Warden)
Badmin, J.
Badrinath, Usha
Baggett, Liz
Bagnal, R.S. and Turner, W.L.
Bagnall, R.S.
Bagnall, R.S. and Jackson, A.R.
Bagshaw, S.
Bagshaw, Sophie
Bailey et al
Bailey, G.W.D.
Bailey, Jarrod
Bailey, John R.
Bailey, Lisa
Bailey, M.
Bailey, M. and Procter, D.
Bailey, M.P.
Bailey, Mr M.P.
Bailey, Mrs
Bailey-dean, Steve
Baillie, Kerianne
Bainbridge, Anthony
Baines, A.
Baines, J.
Baines, Susan
Baird, Katty
Baird, W.
Baker, B.R.
Baker, C.
Baker, Jean
Baker, Jonathan
Baker, Lee
Baker, Louise
Baker, Mr F.T.
Baker, Mr P.F.
Baker, Mr P.F., Baker, Mr F. T.
Baker, Mr W.F.
Bakke, Stephen
Balchin, Chris & Rowland, Jan
Baldock, D.
Baldock, D.W.
Baldock, David
Baldock, Dr Norman
Baldock, Michael
Baldock, N.
Baldwin, I.
Baldwin, I.S. and Merrett, P.
Baldwin, M. (PHSI)
Baldwin, Miss S.I.
Baldwin, Miss S.L.
Baldwin, Nick
Baldwin, Pamela
Baldwin, S.I.
Baldwin, S.I. and Herman, J.
Baldwin, S.I. et al
Baldwin, S.L. and Brown, P.W.
Baldwin, S.L. and Pilling, E.
Baldwin, S.L. and Rotheray, G.
Baldwin, S.L. and Stewart, J.A.
Baldwin, S.L., Clarke, A.S. and Jones, D.
Balfour, A.
Ball, H.N.
Ball, S.G.
Ballard, B.
Balnys, Tadas
Balogh, Sarah
Balsdon, S.
Bambery, Matthew
Bance, Phil
Banfield, Nikki
Bangs, Mr D.
Banks, C.
Banks, Jeffrey
Banks, L.
Banks, Mr
Bannatyne, R.
Bantock, Dr. T.
Bantock, T.
Bantock, Tristan & Massie, Mick
barbara matthews
Barber, A.D and Reeves, A.
Barber, A.D.
Barber, Amanda
Barbour, D.
Barclay, Clare
Barclay, Dr M.V.L.
Barden, David
Barker, Alison
Barker, Andrew
Barker, Cooke and Merrett
Barker, Kerry
Barker, Mr D.
Barker, P.
Barker, R.N.
Barlow, A.C.
Barlow, Brinna
Barlow, David
Barlow, Hannah
Barlow, Stephen
Barnard, David
Barnard, Lisa
Barnes, Charlie
Barnes, Charlie A.
Barnes, S.M.
Barnes, Scott
Barnett, Alex
Barnett, R.J.
Barnett, Sid
Barnish, Ms D. and Lewis, J.
Barralet, P.
Barratt, L.
Barratt, P.J.
Barrett, A.
Barrett, Kathleen
Barrett, Paul
Barrett, Russell
Barrett, Zoe
Barrie, Enid
Barrie, Susan
Barron, M.
Barron, Paul
Barrow, W.H.
Barrs, Regina
Barry Dickerson
Barry Gorman
Barry Kneller
Barry Ruggles
Barry Stewart
Barry Turtle
Barter, M.
Bartindale, G.C.
Bartlett, V.
Bartlett, Vanna
Barton, Dr Paul
BAS AGM meeting 2000
BAS Field Meeting
BAS Galloway Party
BAS members
BAS visit
BAS Workshop Team
Basden, N.
Bashir, Alesha
Bason, Neil
Batchelor, Paul
Bateman, Martin
Bates, Colin
Bates, J.
Bates, Mark
Bates, Mr J.
Bates, Mr J., Stanney, Mr J.D.
Bates, Mr J., Stanney, Mr J.D., Rixom, Mr W.G.
Bates, Rob
Bateson, Mr D.
Bath, A.E.
Bathe, D.G.
Bathe, G.
Batten, J.
Battersby, Stuart
Batty, B.D.
Baxter, Amy
Baxter, Bryony
Baxter, Lucy
Baycock, Y.
Bayliss, Sarah
BBC Wildlife
Beale, Chris
Beale, Kimberley
Beale, N.
Beard, M.
Beard, Mr
Beard, Mr.
Beardwell. Tom
Beaton, J.
Beaufoy, Sarah
Beaumont, D. and Stewart, J.A.
Beaumont, D.J.
Beaumont, J.
Beaumont, Stacey
Beaumont, V.
Beaver, Catherine
Beavis, Ian
Bebbington, C.
Bebbington, J.
Beddison, Ian
Bedford, H.
Bedford, J.
Bee, E.L.
Bee, E.L., Hambler, C., Spilling, C. and West, S.
Bee, E.L., Roberts, D.J. and Roberts, M.J.
Bee, Lawrence
Beech, Jaki
Beech, Jane
Beer, Mrs A.
Beesley, Craig
Beesley, Nicholas
Beeson, M.
Begg, M.
Bell, A
Bell, A.
Bell, A. Paul
Bell, A.S.
Bell, C
Bell, C.
Bell, Charlie
Bell, Charlotte
Bell, D.
Bell, D. & Sadler, J.P.
Bell, David
Bell, Emma
Bell, G.A.C.
Bell, J.
Bell, James
Bell, Jan
Bell, M.
Bell, Martin
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Tony
Bellamy, B.
Belt, I.
Beltramini, Catherine
Ben Deed
Ben Hargreaves
Ben Reeves
Benatt, Ben CEnv MIEEM
Bendle, David
Benham, David
Benham, M.
Benham, Maura
Benjamin Deed
Bennett and Jackson, A.R.
Bennett, Alison
Bennett, Simon
Bennett, Susan
Bennett, W.
Bennett, W.H.
Bennett-Lloyd, Mr P.T.
Bentley, Mrs D.
Bently, C.
Benton, Christopher
Benton, J.
Benton, T
Benton, Ted
Benton, Ted & Dobson, John
Beresford, Peter
Bergdahl, P.B.
Bergdahl, Paul
Bergdahl, Paul B.
Berman and Callow
Berman, H.
Bernard Verdcourt
Bernie Zonfrillo
Berra, Rebecca
Berry, Dylan
Berry, T.
Berry, Tylan
Best, Lindsay
Bettison, C.
Betty Crowson
Betty King;David Benham
Bevan, Brian
Beverage, John
Beverley Gibson
Bevington, John
Bibby, Harrison
Bibby, L.
Bibby, Mark
Bibby, Mr J.
Bicker, Rachel
Bickford, Mr P.
Bidwell, Sonia
Bielecki, Jurek
Bierton, N.
Biggs, Alan
Bigmore, M.D.
Bignell, G.C.
Bill Blumsom
Bill Blumson
Bill Neill
Bill Parker
Bill Urwin
Bills, Jonathon
Billups, Dr B.R.
Bilton, David
Binding, A E, Evans, S.
Binding, Annette E.
Binding, Mr A.
Binding, Mrs A.
Binding, Mrs A. E., Faulkner, A.
Binding, Mrs A.E.
Binding, Mrs Annette
Binfield, Adrian
Bingham, Colin
Bingham, Denise
Bingham, John
Binns, Stephen
Binns, W.J.
BioBlitz 2010
Birch, Bob
Birch, K.
Birch, Louise
Birch, Mrs K.
Birch, Peter
Birch, R.
Bird, Adam
Bird, Alan
Bird, Dominic
Bird, S.
Bird, Tim
Birdsey, N.
Birkdale School
Birkett, Thomas
Birkhead, J.
Birkhead, Julian
Biron, E.
Birtles, Simon
BIS Spider Course
Bishop, John
Bishop, Stuart
Black, E.
Black, Ian
Black, O.H.
Blackford, Tina
Blackledge, D
Blackledge, D.
Blackman, Rebecca
Blackstock, T.H., Duigan, C.A., Stevens, D.P. & Yeo, M.J.M.
Blackwall, J.
Blackwall, Mr J.
Blackwall, Mr T.
Blackwell, Miss E.A
Blackwell, N.J.
Blades, John
Blades, L.
Blagg, Sarah
Blagrove, Josephine
Blair-Brown, I.A.
Blake, R.F.
Blake, Roger
Blake, S.
Blakey, Kevin
Blakey, Lorraine
Blamires, Catherine
Bland, D.
Bland, K.P.
Blandford, Stephen
Blatchley, Mrs I.
Blayney, Derek
Blazkowicz, Piotr
Blest, A.D.
Blest, A.D. and Merrett, P.
Blest, A.D., Locket and Millidge
Bliss, Lucy
Block, Celia
Blood, Vincent
Bloom, Mark
Bloomfield, Bobby
Bloomfield, D.
Bloomfield, John
Bloor, K.P.
Bloor, Mr K.P.
Bloxham, M.G.
Blue House Farm volunteer
Blumsom, Bill
Blunt, Godfrey
Blunt, J.P.
Blyton, Daniel
BNHS recorders
Boardman, Pete
Boardman, Peter
Bob Dawson
Bob Farndon
Bob Gomes
Bob Heckford
Bob Hodgson
Bob Kemp
Bob Proctor
Bob Town
Boddington, Ian
Boden, Mr A.
Body, Timothy
Bolam, G. and Hull, J.E.
Boland, Sara
Bolton, D.E.
Bolton, D.E. and Meloy, B.J.
Bolton, D.E. and Musker, G.
Bolton, Steve
Bolwell, Peter
Bonar, John
Bonas, Ruth
Bond, G.
Bond, I,
Bond, I.
Bond, Ian
Bond, P.
Bond, R.
Bond, R.J.
Bone, David
Boniface, Tony
Booker, Rita
Boosey, E.
Boot, Deryck
Booth, F.
Booth, R.G.
Bootham School
Borderick, David
Borissow, N.
Borne, Mr S.
Borne, S.
Borrows, A.
Borrows, Amanda
Borrows, Ms A.
Botha, Aidan
Botting, J.P.
Bottle, Philip
Boughton, Charlotte
Bourdier, Daniele
Bourne, Craig
Bowdrey, J.
Bowdrey, Jerry
Bowen, G. Mrs
Bowen, Mr I.
Bowen, Mrs G.
Bowen, Suzanne
Bowen-Walter, P.
Bower, A.D.
Bowker, Diane
Bowker, J.
Bowler, John, Ally Lemon & Andy Robinson
Bowler, R.
Bowles, Mr N.
Bowles, N.
Bowman, Jane
Bowman, Mark
Bowyer, D.
Bowyer, Elaine
Bowyer, P.
Box. Terry
Boxall, R.
Boyce, D.C.
Boyce, Dave
Boyce, Mr D.C.
Boyd, Claire
Boyd, J.
Boyd, J.R.
Boyd, Mrs Janet H.
Boydell, Alex
Boyle, Brian
Boyle, David
Boyle, Fiona
Boyles, Chris
Brackenbury, Austin
Bradbury, Paul
Braddock, N.M.
Brade Binks, S.G.
Brade-Burks, S.G.
Bradfield, Deeann
Bradford, Dean
Bradford, E.
Bradford, E.S.
Bradford, Lynda
Bradley, Dawn
Bradley, James
Bradnam, Ms J.
Bradnum, David
Bradshaw, H.
Bragg, Johnny
Braham and Murgatroyd
Braham, A.C.
Braidman, Simon
Bramscombe, Ian
Brandon, A.
Brandreth, Anthony
Branson, Andrew
Branson, R.
Brant, Mrs C.
Brash, Peter
Brashill, Justine
Brasier, Mr F.
Brass, Judy
Bratton, Dr J.H.
Bratton, J.
Bratton, J. H.
Bratton, J., Weaver, G
Bratton, J.H.
Bratton, J.H. and Parsons, M.S.
Bratton, John
Bratton, Mr J.
Bratton, Mr J.H.
Bray, Cheryl
Brayford, Mr S.
Brayford, S.
Brenchley, Patricia
Brennan, Lisa
Brennan-osment, Callum
Brett Thorn
Brett Westwood
Brett, Danny
Brett, R.H.
Brettwood, Carl
Brewster, Rev. H.C.
Brian Carlyle
Brian Hugo
Brian Little
Brian Nelson
Brian Spooner
Bridge, Andrew
Bridge, Glyn
Bridget Smith
Brierley, Paul
Briggs, Kevin
Briggs, R.
Briggs, Y.
Brightman, F.H.
Brighton, E.
Brignoli, Gino
Brinkley, Natasha
Brinklow, Henshaw, Marriot, Roberts, Scofield and Stewart
Brinklow, R.
Brinton, H.
Brister, S.
Bristowe, W.S.
Bristowe, W.S. and Jackson, A.J.
British Spider Study Group
Britten, H.
Britten, H. and Falconer, W.
Britten, H. and Jackson, A.R.
Broadbent, David
Broadbent, E.
Broadbent, Julie
Broadbent, Mary
Brockbank, Andrew
Brodie, Colin
Bromley, J.
Bromley, Mr J.
Bromwich, Mr D.
Bromwich, Mr. D., Johnson, Rex Mr.
Brook, Cis
Brook, J.
Brook, T.
Brooker, R.
Brooker, Stuart
Brookes, Michael
Brookes, Nathan
Brooks, G.
Brooks, Richard
Brooks, Simon
Broome, Sarah
Broome, T.
Broomfield, M
Broomfield, M.
Brothers, P.
Brothers, Paul
Brothwell, Sarah, Newy & Jack
Brough School
Broughton, E.
Broughton, Ursula & Wright, Brian
Brown Mrs.
Brown, A.
Brown, Amanda
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Andy
Brown, C.
Brown, C.R.
Brown, Craig
Brown, D.
Brown, D.G.
Brown, Dennis
Brown, E. and Mosley, O.
Brown, Emma
Brown, Esmond
Brown, Grant R.
Brown, H.
Brown, J.D.H.
Brown, J.M.
Brown, Jo
Brown, Kendal
Brown, Kristine
Brown, Marion
Brown, Martin
Brown, P.
Brown, P.W.
Brown, Robert
Brown, Russell
Brown, Walter
Browne, Darren
Browning, E.
Brownley, Nicholas
Bruce Philp
Bruce, C. and Davis, P.S. (Sunderland Museum)
Bruce, Lizzie
Bruce, Nik
Brufton, F. and Brufton, M.
Brufton, Frank
Brummage, M.
Brunning, Natasha
Brunton, Oliver
Bryan J. Pinchen
Bryan Price
Bryan, William
Bryant, Tiffany
Bryant-Ellis, Tania
Bryony Thomson
Bryson, J.M.
Buchanan, Mrs J.
Buck, C.
Buckham, A.
Buckinghamshire Bird Club
Buckland, J.
Buckle, Alan
Buckle, Ms S-J
Buckley, J.
Buckley, Lisa
Buckley, Melanie
Buckton, Sam
Bucland, Claire
Budworth, D.
Buell, Stefanie
Buick, Trevor
Bukvic, Peter
Bulavaite, Elvyra
Bull, A.
Bullen, Brian
Bullen, Bryan
Bullen, Mr Brian
Bullman, Trevor
Bullwer, B.J.
Bunce, Michael
Bunn, D. S.
Burchett, Ian
Burchill, Dean
Burdge, Graham
Burgess, Richard
Burgess, Stuart
Burke, Laurence
Burke, S.
Burke, Sally
Burke, Terry
Burkmar, Rich
Burkmar, Richard
Burn, A.
Burn, Will
Burnal, Ali
Burnett, B.
Burnett, Don
Burnett, Peter
Burnham, P.M.
Burns, C.
Burns, L. and Kennedy, C.
Burns, W.
Burrell, Deirdre
Burroughs, Craig
Burston, N.
Burston, N.W.J.
Burston, Nigel
Burston, Stephen
Burton, A.
Burton, Alexy
Burton, Miles
Burton, P
Burton, P.J.
Burton, Victoria
Busby, P.
Butler, Adrian
Butler, C.G.
Butler, D & C
Butler, Jonathan
Butler, Leslie
Butler, P.M.
Butler, Phil
Butt, K.
Butterfield, J.
Butterfield, J. and Coulson, J.C.
Butterfield, J.E.L.
Butterfield, J.E.L. and Coulson, J.C.
Butterfield, R.
Butterfield-Reffin, Victoria
Butterfly, June
Butterworth, Mike
Buttle, T.
Button, Mornee
Button, Nick
Buttonwood, Dean and Louise
Byers, M.
Byng, Nick
Byrne, Denise
C. Burridge
C. Felton
C. Keighley
C. M. Scanlan
C. McLeod
C. Rains
C. Rawcliffe
C. Scott
C. Warburton
C. Woolley
C.C. Babington
C.J. Bibby
C.M. (Gloucs)
Caamano, Maggie
CABI Bioscience
Cabot, Steve
Cain, L.
Cain, Rick
Caine, Rachel
Caird, Iain
Caithness Museum
Caitlin Wilson
Calder, Paul
Callow, N.A.
Callum Mullins
Calow, G
Calow, Graham
Calum McLennan
Cambridge, Rev O.P.
Cambridge, Sgt P.
Cameron, Dr A.
Campbell, Drew
Campbell, F.M.
Campbell, J.M.
Campbell, R.
Campbell-Smith, Henry
Cane-Honeysett, Emmeline
Cane-Honeysett, Nigel
Cann, A.
Cann, A.J.
Cann, AJ
Cann, Alan
Cannon, Jill
Cannon, Lesley
Capitel, Dawn
Capon, Keith
Capps, Alan
Cara Cheeseman
Caradine, E.
Carati, I.
Carbonero, Brian
Cardif Museum
Cardus, Shirley
Carl Cornish
Carl Davies
Carl Davies, Stan Dobson & Jennifer Newton
Carlark, K.
Carle, I.
Carle, Ian
Carlisle Natural History Society
Carlisle Nhs
Carly Benefer
Carman, Lol
Carnegie, M.J.
Caroen, Tim
Carole Seaman
Caroline Alle
Caroline Jewell
Caroline Uff
Caroline Wiechmann
Carpenter, G.H.
Carpenter, G.H. and Currie, W.
Carpenter, G.H. and Evans, W.
Carpenter, G.H. and Scharff, R.F.
Carpenter, R M
Carr, D.
Carr, D., Davidson, M. and Hooper, J.
Carr, David
Carr, J.W.
Carr, L. A.
Carr, L.A.
Carr, Lynda
Carr, Mr L.
Carr, Mr L.A.
Carr, Richard
Carrick, A.
Carrick, T.
Carruthers, S.
Carter, C.I.
Carter, C.S.
Carter, Calvin
Carter, H.
Carter, H.H.
Carter, J., Gallon, R., Howe, M. & Sharp, N.
Carter, Paul
Carter, Pearl
Carter, Phil
Carter, Wendy
Carter, William
Cartwright, R A
Caruana, Glynis
Case, Barney
Casey, Theresa
Cassal, R. T.
Catchment Research Group
Cate, E.
Catharina Karlsson
Catherine Barnett
Catherine Bickmore
Catherine Corney
Catherine Gillen
Catherine McEwan
Catherine Thorpe
Catherine, C.
Cathrine, C.
Catley, Dr K.M.
Catley, K and Fowles, A.P.
Catley, K.
Catley, K.M.
Catlin, Millie
Catt, Martin
Cattell, John
Catteral Hall School
Catto, J.
Cavalcanti, Lorena
Cave, B.V.
Cave, Graham
Cavill, Graham
Cawley, M.
Cawthorn, A.
CCW Collection
Ceri Shields
Chadd Richard
Chadderton, Charlotte
Chadwick, H.N.
Chadwick, Mr H.N.
Chalmers, James
Chambers, Hayley
Chambers, Luke
Chambers, V.H.
Champion, Mark
Champkin, W.
Chan, S.
Chandler, J.H.
Chandler, L.
Chandler, Nick
Chandler, P.J.
Chandler, Sally
Channer, A.
Chant, R.
Chantler, Phil
Chapman, B.
Chapman, Barbara
Chapman, Mr D.
Chapman, R.
Chapman, R.A.
Chapman, Tom
Chappell, Debbie
Charalambou, Nicola
Chard, Jacqueline
Charlotte Anderson
Charlton, A.
Charlton, Andrew
Charlton, C.
Charlton, Nancy
Chase, B.J.
Chase, Brian
Chater, A.O.
Chater, Mr A.O.
Chatfield, J.
Chatfield, Matthew
Cheek, Marcel
Cheesman, Oliver
Cheetham, C.
Cheetham, C.A.
Cheke, Prof. R.A.
cherkley survey
Cherrett, Dr. J.M.
Cherrett, Prof. J.M.
Cherrill, Andrew
Cheshire, Della
Chick, Andrew
Chick, Barry
Childs, C.
Childs, J.
Chinery, M.
Chinnery, G.A.
Chinnery, Rebecca
Chittenden, Hilary R.
Chittock, Lee
Chris Bentley
Chris Cathrine
Chris Cathrine / Glenn Norris
Chris Cockburn
Chris Colbert
Chris Court
Chris Felton
Chris Felton & Steve Judd
Chris G.
Chris Gibson
Chris Handol
Chris Higgins
Chris Oliver
Chris Piatkiewicz
Chris Putt
Chris Spilling
Chris Strachan
Chris Workman
Christian Cowan-Sanluis
Christie, I.C.
Christine & James Adams
Christine Bold;Wendy Nelson
Christine Kelly
Christine Storey
Christmas, S.G.
Christopher Stack
Christopher Woolley
Churm, Graham
Cis Brook
City School Boys
Claire at
Claire Geddes
Claire Hurran
Claire Martin
Claire McKeever
Clapham, Annette
Clare Dinham & Dr Sarah Henshall (Buglife)
Clare Parker
Clare, P.
Clark, Andrea
Clark, B.
Clark, Barry
Clark, D.J.
Clark, D.J. and Jerrard, P.C.
Clark, G.
Clark, Gustav
Clark, H.E.
Clark, Helen
Clark, I.
Clark, J.
Clark, John
Clark, Laura
Clark, M.
Clark, Mr M.J.
Clark, Mrs
Clark, Ms H.E.
Clark, N.
Clark, R.
Clark, Ryan
Clark, Sue
Clarke, A.S.
Clarke, Brian
Clarke, D. and Parker, J.R.
Clarke, D.J.
Clarke, David
Clarke, H.N.
Clarke, Ian
Clarke, J.
Clarke, J.C.
Clarke, Joshua
Clarke, Justin
Clarke, Ken
Clarke, P.& J.
Clarke, Sarah
Clarke, Stephanie Lorna
Clarkson, Gary
Claudia Watts
Clausen, I.H.S.
Clay, D.
Clay, Dan
Clay, R.J.
Claydon, John
Clee, C.
Clee, Carl & Mawdsely, T.
Clements, D.
Clements, D.K.
Clements, H.A.B.
Clements, J.
Clements, Martin
Clementson, Ian
Clemons, L.
Clemons, Laurence
Clews, Janella
Cliff Raby
Cliffe, Aidan
Clifton, E.
Clifton, H.
Clinton, Michael
Clive McCarthy
Cloudsley-Thompson, H.
Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L.
Clough, J.
Clough, M.
Clover, Kerri
Clowes, Mrs B.
Clumber Volunteer Group
Clutterbuck, Mr
Clydesdale, Julie
Cobb, P.
Cobb, Paul
Cockrill, G.
Cocks, W.P.
Coghlan, Anne
Cokendolpher, J.C.
Colchester & Essex Museum
Colchester N.H.S.
Colchester N.H.S. (C.N.H.S.)
Cole, Dawn
Cole, Linda
Cole, Rae
Cole, Rod
Cole, Rodney
Coleman, R.B.
Coleman, S.
Coleman, Suzanne
Colenutt, S.
Colenutt, S.R.
Colenutt, Simon
Colenutt, Simon R.
Colin Campbell
Colin Duke
Colin Gooch
Colin Hazlehurst
Colin Howes
Colin J. Hawes
Colin Jacobs
Colin Jones
Colin Jupp
Colin Macey
Colin Mathieson
Colin Plant
Colin Plant Associates
Colin Plant Associates (Edward Milner)
Colin Plant Associates 2xh
Colin Smith
Colin W Plant
Colin Welch
Collen, B.
Collier, M.
Collin Jacobs
Collings, K.
Collins, Angela
Collins, Mr G.A.
Collins, Mrs. Lyn
Collins, Phil
Collins, Tim
Collis, G.
Collis, S. (Mrs)
Collis, Sheilah
Collison, Sue
Collyer, P.
Colston, A.
Colston, Adrian
Colwell, Paul
Colyer, C.N.
Comber, L.P.
Comley, Keith
Commey, David
Comont, Richard
Compton, Steve
Connell, D.
Connolly, J.P.T.
Connop, Stuart
Connor, Charlotte
Conor Jameson
Conroy, Kane
Constable , Philip
Constable, Mrs Coral
Convoy, Judith
Conway, Tony
Conyard, Mr.S.
Conyers, Tina
Cook, A.
Cook, Andrew
Cook, Caroline
Cook, Geoff & Wendy
Cook, J.
Cook, Paul
Cook, Sam
Cooke, D.J.
Cooke, Dr J.A.L.
Cooke, J. & Lampel, E.
Cooke, J.A.L.
Cooke, J.A.L. and Duffey, E.A.
Cooke, J.A.L. and Lampel, G.P.
Cooke, J.A.L. and le Gross, A.E.
Cooke, J.A.L. and Merrett, P.
Cooke, J.A.L. and Outley, E.A.
Cooke, J.A.L. et al
Cooke, P.
Cooke, Susan
Cooksey, Peter & Liz
Coombe, Dave
Coombes, Zoe
Cooney, M.
Cooney, Mr M.
Cooper, A.
Cooper, A.E.
Cooper, A.E. and Cooper, P.F.
Cooper, Cliff (warden)
Cooper, G.
Cooper, Gary C.
Cooper, Gemma
Cooper, J.D.
Cooper, Mark
Cooper, Martin
Cooper, Oliver
Cooper, Richard
Cooper, Simon
Cooper, Toddy
Coote, Bob
Cooter, J.
Cooter, Mr J.
Copestake, K.G.
Copestake, K.G. and P.
Copland, David
Copson, P.J.
Corbet, Dr G.B.
Corbet, G.
Corbet, G.B.
Corbet, N.U.
Corbett, S.
Corcoran, Angela
Corkhill, P
Corkhill, P.
Corner, T.
Cornish, C.
Cornwall Trust
Corrigan, Ms H.
Costello, D
Costello, Patricia
Cotton, Dr M.J.
Cotton, Laura
Cotton, M.J.
Couch, Yvonne
Coull, L.
Coull, R.
Coulson & Butterfield
Coulson and Butterfield
Coulson, J
Coulson, J.
Coult, T.
Countryside Council for Wales
Coupland, B.
Coupland, G.
Coupland, G.& R.
Coupland, R.
Course Students
Court, Chris
Courtney, Mrs
Cousins, Mel
Coutes, D.B.
Coventry, Mark
Coverdale, Janis
Coverly, Mr C.
Coward, T.A.
Cowden, D.
Cowden, D.G.
Cowden, Mr D.R.
Cowdon, D.
Cowen, Nicole
Cowin, W.S.
Cowley, J
Cowley, J.
Cowpe, Andrew
Cowthray, A.
Cox, J.
Cox, Jason
Cox, Kevin
Cox, L.
Cox, Linda
Cox, Mr J.R.
Cox, Nick
Cox, Pat
Cox, Patrick
Cox, T.
Cox, Tim
Coxhead, Peter
Coyne, Jane
Coyne, Mrs Joanne
Coz, W.
Cracker, Hanah
Craft, Jennifer
Cragg, Barry
Craig Macadam
Craig, Angie
Craig, Jennifer
Craig, Lynn
Craine, Gordon
Cram, M.
Cramp, Helen
Crane, N.R.
Crawford, Andy
Crawford, Rebecca
Crawford, T.J.
Crawford, Tony
Creddes, C.
Creer, J.
Creer, S
Creer, Si
Crellin, S.
Cressey, Maurice
Cressey, Maurice - Ashton, Frederick & Charles
Cresswell, James
Cresswell, Jim
Cresswell, Justin
Crick, Barrie
Crisp, Roger
Critchley, Kath
Crociani, Romana
Crocker, J.
Crocker, J. and Parker, J.R.
Crocker, J. et al
Crocker, J. et al.
Crocker, J., Daws, J.
Crocker, J., Horsman, F., Murphy, F. & Wanless, F.
Crocker, J.M Horsman, F., Murphy, F. and Wanless, F.
Crocker, John
Crocker, M.G.
Crocker, Mr J.
Croft, David
Croft, Dob
Crombie, I.L.
Cromer, Kevin
Cronin, Paul
Crookes, Sue
Crooks, Bill
Cropper, R.
Cross, A.
Cross, A. M. & Southgate, J.A.
Cross, David M.
Cross, I.
Cross, I.C.
Cross, Jules
Cross, Lee
Cross, Mr I
Cross, Peter
Cross, Steven
Crossley, Dean
Crossley, Jodie
Crossley, R.
Croton, N.
Croucher, P.
Croucher, S.J.
Crowe, Barbara & Tony
Crowley, Liam
Crowson, E.A. and Merrett, P.
Crowson, Mrs E.A.
Crowson, R.A.
Crowson, R.A., Crowson, M.A.
Croxson, Nick
Croxteth Park Volunteer Group
Croysdale, Emma
Cullum, Louise
Cumberlidge, Tony
Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Cuming, Nigel
Cumming, Ian
Cumming, Rob
Cummings, Cliff
Cummings, Mr R
Cummings, Mr R.
Cummins, Matthew
Cundall, A.
Cunningham, Andrew
Cunningham, Sean
Cure, R.
Curley, Christopher
Curling, Dorothy LucyAnn
Curran, Graham
Currie, Niall
Currie, P.W.E.
Curtis, D. & Flaherty, E.
Curtis, D. & Stinglhammer, H.R.G.
Curtis, D.J.
Curtis, D.J. & A.W.Darby
Curtis, D.J. & Darby, A.W.
Curtis, D.J. & S.Thompson
Curtis, D.J. & Stewart, H.G.
Curtis, D.J. & Stinglhammer, H.R.G.
Curtis, D.J. & Thompson, S.
Curtis, D.J. et al.
Curtis, D.J.& Flaherty, E.
Curtis, E.J.
Curtis, Miss J.
Curtis, Mr J.
Curtis, Paula
Cuthbertson, Mr N.
Cutler, M.
Cutts, D.B.
Cutts, Ian
Czainski, John
D G Brown
D Jewsbury
D L Cheyne
D McNeill
D Vallance
d'Ayala, R.
d'Ayala, R.L.
d'Oyly, M.J. and Holland, S.
D. Blest
D. Carr
D. Clark
D. Clayton
D. Fruin
D. Gibbs
D. Henderson
D. J. Stratford
D. Jarema
D. Murphy
D. Sheila
D. Smith
D. T. Richardson
D.J.R.H. (Gloucs)
D.K. Clements
D.W. Baldock
D.W. Mackie
Dacey, Peter
Daffyd, R.
Dafydd Lewis
Dafydd, Mr R.
Dakin, Michael
Dalby, P.
Dalby, Pam
Dale, Alan H
Dale, D.
Dale, Hannah
Dale, Jason
Dalgleish, Ian
Dalingwater, J.E.
Dallas, J.E.S.
Dalley, Genevieve
Dalley, Genevieve and Tompkins, David
Dallison, I.K.
Dan Clay
Dancey, Sue
Daniel Blyton
Daniel Burt
Daniel Chidgey
Daniel Cottam
Daniel Malster
Daniel Seth Jackson
Daniel, D.
Daniel, D. and Daniel, M.
Daniels, Doug
Daniels, R.
Dann, James
Danni Borrett
Darius, Marius
Dark, S.
Darren Fry
Darren Mann
Darren Underwood
Dauntsey School
Dave Allan
Dave Allen
Dave Beaumont
Dave Bentley, Robin Grayson & Linda Gregory
Dave Flumm
Dave Furmage
Dave Higginson-Tranter
Dave Holloway
Dave Hubble
Dave Hubble & David Hurst
Dave Payne
Dave Rice & Tracy Fance
Dave Waterhouse
Davenport, Deborah
Davey, S.
Davey, Thomas
David & Madge Goodall
David Anderson
David at
David Atty
David Benham
David Benham;Wendy Nelson
David Blackledge
David Carr
David Chandler
David Clarke
David Curtis & H.G.Stewart
David Fisher
David Gibbs
David Goodall
David Green, Will Watson
David Haigh
David Horsfield
David Hubble
David J Curtis
David J Jewsbury
David Jackman
David Jewsbury
David Lambert
David McAllistair
David McAllister
David Mitchell
David Nellist
David Ogle
David Olley
David Powell
David Pryce
David Pryce & Daisy Shepperd
David R. Nash
David Scott
David Spencer
David W. Williams
David Walker
David, C.
David, Sarah
Davidson and Geddes
Davidson M.B., Kennedy, P., Roberts, M.J.
Davidson Richard
Davidson, Geddes and Roberts
Davidson, John H.
Davidson, M.
Davidson, M. B.
Davidson, M., Kennedy, P., Roberts, D.J. and Robert, M.J.
Davidson, M.B.
Davidson, M.B. and Roberts, M.J.
Davidson, M.B., Kennedy, P. and Stewart, J.A.
Davidson, M.B., Roberts, D.J. and roberts, M.J.
Davidson, Mike., Roberts, Debbie., and Roberts, Mike.
Davidson, Richard
Davidson, W.M.
Davies, Alex
Davies, Anthony
Davies, Brad
Davies, C.
Davies, C.S.
Davies, Carl
Davies, Charlotte
Davies, Glyn
Davies, Harold
Davies, Ian & Joe
Davies, J.
Davies, K
Davies, Kate
Davies, L.
Davies, L. and Richardson, J.
Davies, Lee
Davies, Mr C.
Davies, Rachael
Davies, Rachel
Davies, Simon
Davies, Sue
Davies, T.
Davis, B.N.K.
Davis, Brian
Davis, Chris
Davis, G.
Davis, Gill
Davis, Graeme
Davis, J.E.
Davis, Michael
Davis, Mr J.E.
Davis, S.G.
Davis, Susan
Davison, John
Davy, Andrew
Dawes, Alan
Dawes, Allan
Dawes, Allen
Dawes, J., Stanney, J. and Stewart, J.
Dawn Sharrples
Daws, A.
Daws, J.
Daws, J.T.
Daws, Jon
Daws, Mr J.
Dawson, I
Dawson, I.
Dawson, Ian
Dawson, J.E.
Dawson, J.G.
Dawson, Mr I.
Dawson, N.
Dawson, Rachel
Dawson, Robert
Day, Andrew
Day, Andy
Day, F.A.
Day, F.H.
Day, H and Day, E.
Day, J.J.
Day, Mr F.H.
Day, Nick
Day, Peter
Day, Tony
DC Boyce
de Faye, F.K.
de Vere, C.
Deal, Rebecca
Dean, Barry
Deans, A.
Dear, Keith
Dearden, K.
Deas, Paul
Debenham, E.
Deborah Pomroy
Deborah Procter
Deborah Rylands
Debra Dawson
Debs + Kevin Ryland
Deed, Ben
Deed, Benjamin William
Deeley, G.P.
Deissler, Ana
Delaney, M.J.
Delderfield, Geoff
Delgaudio, Carlo
Dellow, Cathy
Demkow, Lukasz
Dempsey, M
Dempsey, Tara
Denise Bingham
Denise Pilcher
Denison, J.
Denison, Jean
Denman, D.
Dennis Brown
Dennis Trunecka
Dennis, P.
Dennison, Clive
Dent, John
Denton, Dr J.S.
Denton, Dr.J.
Denton, Dr.J.S.
Denton, Dr.Jonty
Denton, J
Denton, J.
Denton, J.S.
Denton, M L
Denton, M.
Denton, Mike
Denton, Ruby
Depledge, Nigel
Derek Crawley
Derek Lewies
Derek Niemann
Derek Whiteley
Dernie, James
Derrick Knowlton
Derryck Morton
Devine-Turner, Sam
Devon Spider Group
Devon WT warden
Diana Cockerill
Diana Mueller
Diane & Paul Playford
Diane James
Diane Miller
Dick Jones
Dick Lockston
Dick Loxton
Dickenson, Ellie
Dicker, G.
Dicker, Keith
Dickinson, B.
Dickinson, Ellie: Binding A. E.
Digby, L.
Dillane, Matt
Dillon, S.M.
Dillon, Sarah and Rowlands, Jonjo
Dingwall, John
Dinny, Kay
Disberry, Kate
Disney, R.H.L.
Dixon and Sweetman
Dixon, A.J.
Dixon, Derek
Dixon, Emma
Dixon, Graham
Dixon, Mark
Dixon, T.
Dobbing, Chris
Dobromylski, Peter
Dobson et al
Dobson, A.
Dobson, C.J.
Dobson, John
Dobson, M.K.
Dobson, Mr S.
Dobson, S.
Dobson, S. and Fulton, M.J.
Dobson, S. and Stanney, J.
Dobson, S., Roberts, D.J. and Roberts, M.J.
Dobson, S., Roberts, D.J., Roberts, M.J. and Rowntree, F.
Dobson, Stan
Dobson,S., Hooper,J., Kent,R., Roberts,D., Roberts,M.,West,H.
Dodd, Fiona
Dodd, Mike E.
Dodd, Mr S.G.
Dodd, Mr S.G. & Baldock, Mr D.W.
Dodd, Mr S.G. & Davis, Mr A.M.
Dodd, Mr S.G. & Denton, Dr J.S.
Dodd, Mr S.G. & O'Hara, Dr R.S.
Dodd, S.G.
Dodd, Scotty
Dodd, Wallace, Collins & Stanworth
Dodds, P.M.
Doe, Andrew
Dolbear, Ken
Dolling, Mrs M.H.
Domay, Stuart
Dominic Coath
Dominic J Funnell
Dominic S. Harvey
Dominique Cragg
Domitruk, Paul
Don Hunford
Don Tagg
Donaldson, Scott
Donisthorpe, H.StJ.K.
Donisthorpe, Mr
Donkin, Mrs
Donkin, Mrs S.
Donna Harris
Donna Salter;Matt-James Turner;Matthew Cook
Donnolly, Robin
Donoghue, Steven
Donohoe, Dawn
Donovan, J.
Dony, J.G.
Dony, Mrs C.
Dony, Mrs C.M.
Dony, T.
Doody, Joan
Doogue, D.
Dooley, Ms C.
Doreen Wells
Dorman, A.
Dorset CC Wardens
Dosser, D.
Douch, Ian
Doug Marriott
Dougall, Tim
Doughty-Stapleton, June
Douglas, Allan,. Lupton, Paul
Doust, P.
Dove, Jonathan
Dowell, E. and Dowell, K.
Dowm, D.
Down, D.
Downes, Peter J.
Downie, Dr. I.S.
Doyle, Beth
Doyle, John
Doyle, M.J.
Dr David Sheppard
Dr B.S.Nau
Dr Britta Kumpers
Dr Colin Mumford
Dr D A Sheppard
Dr D Hackett
Dr David Leech
Dr Eric Duffey
Dr G.Oxford
Dr Geoff Oxford (York University)
Dr Jessica Frame & Lawrence Bee
Dr Keith N.A. Alexander
Dr Paul D Prince
Dr R S Key
Dr Tony Russell-Smith
Dr. A.G. Irwin Dr. A.G. Irwin
Dr. George
Dr. Roy Hilton
Dr.Jonty Denton
Drake, C.M.
Drake, Dr C.M.
Drake, Dr M
Drake, M.
Drake, Mr C.M.
Drane, Tony
Draper, John
Draper, T.H.
Draycott, Ian
Drayson, David
drinkwater, diane
Driver, Jack
Driver, Stuart
Dryden, G.
Dryden, Mr.G.
Drysdale, Charlie
Duckels, Carl
Duddington, J.
Duddington, J. and Kent, R.
Duddington, Mr J. H. & Jeffs, Mr G.A.T.
Duddington, Mr J.H.
Duddington, Mr JH
Dudhill, Gary
Duff, A.
Duff, A.G.
Duffey & Merrett
Duffey, Dr E.
Duffey, Dr E.A.
Duffey, E and Harding, P.T.
Duffey, E.
Duffey, E. et al.
Duffey, E.A.
Duffey, E.A. (=Duffey, E. no. 18)
Duffey, E.A. and Merrett, P.
Duffey, E.A. and Millidge, A.F.
Duffey, E.A. et al
Duffey, Eric A.
Duffey, Locket and Millidge
Duffey, R.
Duffy, Alan
Duffy, Paula
Duke, Colin
Dumican, S.
Dumican, Stan
Duncan Allen
Duncan Ferguson
Duncan Gray
Duncan Sivell
Duncan Williams
Duncan Williams: Forest Research
Duncan, Chloe
Duncan, I.
Duncan, Joan
Duncan, M.
Dundee Museum
Dundee Museum and Art Gallery
Dunham, Janet
Dunlop, G.A.
Dunlop, G.A. and Falconer, W.
Dunn, Andrew
Dunn, R.
Dunphy, Janice
Dupplaw, Mr D.
Durber, Paul
Durgan, M.
Durrant, K.
Durrant, Robert
Durrell, Larry
Dutton, A.
Dutton, Claire
Dyer, Laura
Dyer, Nikki
Dykes, Phil
Dyzart, Janet
E H Smith
E. Duffey
E. Pollard
E. Styan
E.A. Butler
E.A. Crowson
E.A. Crowson;R.A. Crowson
E.A. Ellis
E.F. Greenwood & J.M. Newton
E.J. Lovesey
E.W. Groves (see Lond nat
Eardley, C.
Earland-Bennett, P.
Earley, Paul
Early, J.P.
Early, Jeremy
Earp, Kerry
Eason, Shane
East Malling Research
East, Helen
East, J.
East, Judith
Easterbrook, M.
Easton, Mrs P.
Eastwood, R.
Eaton, Aishling
Eaton, Graham
EAU surveyor
ECC Survey
Eccles, T.
Eccles, T.M.
Eccles, Tom
Eckersley, P.
Eco Club
Eddington, M.
Edgar, Audrey and Young, Mark
Edgar, Marion
Edgar, W.
Edgington, M.
Edgley, Robert
Edinburgh University Biological Society
Edith Rom
Edkins, Keith
Edmunds, J.
Edmunds, Stuart
Edward Phillips
Edwards, Billie
Edwards, Christine
Edwards, Colin
Edwards, Dr Helen J.
Edwards, Eloise
Edwards, James
Edwards, K.
Edwards, M.E.
Edwards, M.E. et al.
Edwards, M.E., Hodge, P. & Lee, P.
Edwards, Mike & Hodge, Peter
Edwards, Mr B.
Edwards, Natalie
Edwards, R.
Edwards, Scott
Edwards, Steven
Eeles, A.
Eeles, W.J.
Egglinshaw, H.
Eke, Mr B.
Ekins, G.
Ekins, G.R.
Ekins, Graham
Elbourn, C.A. and Paviour-Smith, K.
Eldridge, Lee
Eleen, M.
Elford, Toby
Elina Doss
Elinor Low
Elise O'Donnell and Steve O’Donnell
Elizabeth Ackerley
Elizabeth Atkinson
Elizabeth Holding
Elizabeth Kay
Elkin, Trevor
Ellen Prince
Ellen, M.
Eller, W.J.
Ellingford, Joy
Elliot, G.A.
Elliot, M.
Elliott, A.
Elliott, C.
Elliott, M.
Elliott, Mr.
Ellis, A.E.
Ellis, D.
Ellis, D. & Myers, G.
Ellis, I.
Ellis, Jo
Ellis, Mr R.J.
Ellis, Peter
Elliston, Glenn
Elmore, Jason
Elphick, J.
Elsdon, David
Else, George R.
Else, Mr
Else, Mr G.R.
Else, Ric
Elton, C.
Ely, Mr W.A.
Ely, W.
Ely, W.A.
Emberson, R.M.
Emblem-English, Chris
Emerson, James
Emerson, Pauline
Emily Taylor
Emirali, A.
Emley, Mr D.W.
Emma Garston
Emma Harber
Emmett, Ben
Emmett, E
Emmett, E.E.
Emsley, Mr D. W.
English Nature
English Nature (Colchester)
English Nature Survey Team
English, Tim
Enock, F.
Enticknap, T.
Enticknap, Tony
Entwistle, P.F.
Environment Agency
Epping C.C.
Epping F.C.C
Epping F.C.C.
Epping Forest Con. Centre
Epping Forest Conservation Centre
Eric Janke
Eric Parsons
Eric Patrick
Eric Philp & Peter Harvey
Erland-Bennet, P.
Erskine, P.
Esmond Brown
Essex Spider Group
Essex, Niel
Ethelreda, Sister
Etheridge, S.J.
Ettema, Nico
Eunice, M.
Evan Jones
Evans, A.H.
Evans, Alan
Evans, Emily
Evans, F.
Evans, I.M.
Evans, L.L.
Evans, Liz
Evans, Lloyd
Evans, M.
Evans, Michelle
Evans, Mr
Evans, Mrs
Evans, Mrs D.M.
Evans, Neil
Evans, P.A.
Evans, Phil
Evans, Philip
Evans, R.
Evans, Rebecca
Evans, Sian
Evans, T.G.
Evans, Tony
Evans, Tricia
Evans, W.E.
Evans, William
Eve, H.C.
Everett, Hugh
Everset, Helen
Eversham, B.
Eversham, B.C.
Eversham, Brian
Eversham, Mr B.C.
Everson, Katy
Ewan Munro
Ewan Parry
Extence, Chris
Eyre, Dr M.D.
Eyre, M.D.
Ezard, A.
F Farr-Cox
F. Garcia
F. Hall
F. Hinton
F.O. Pickard Cambridge
F.R. Woodward
Fairclough, J
Fairclough, J.
Fairclough, K.
Fairfield, Steve
Fairhall, Dan
Fairhead, H.
Falconer, Mr W.
Falconer, W.
Falconer, W. and Jackson, A.R.
Falconer, W. and Stainforth, T.
Falconer, W. and Winter, W.P.
Falk, S.
Falk, Steven
Fallon, Mike
Fallon, Peter
Faloon, Ann
Fanshawe, S.
Farage, Laura
Farino, T.
Farley, Dean
Farmer, Gary
Farnfield, Rebecca
Farr-Cox, F.
Farr-Cox, F. (Gloucs)
Farr-Cox, Francis
Farr-Cox, T.
Farrell, L.
Farrimond, Rachael
Farrington, Rowena
Faulds, T.
Faulds, T. and Williams, A.H.
Faulds, Tom
Faulkner, Annette
Fawcett, A.
Fawcett, Karen
Fayers, Lesley
Fearn, Mrs I.
Feest, A.
Feest, Dr.A.
Feinaugle, Matthias
Fekete, Krisztina
Fells, A.
Felstead, Bradley
Felstead, Caroline
Felstead, Stewart
Felton, C
Felton, C. Felton, C.
Felton, C.
Felton, C. & Hunter, A.B.
Felton, C. & Jones, K.
Felton, C. & Newns, R.
Felton, Chris
Felton, J.C.
Felton, Mr C.
Felton, S.
Felton, Scott
Fenner, Ann
Fenton, Mr C.
Fenwick, Mr J.D.
Fergus, Tony
Ferguson, A
Ferguson, I.D.
Fern, Adrian
Fern, Jon
Ferneyhough, Katie
Ferrer, Lucy
Ferris, Holly
Ferris, Paul
Fewe, Tracy
Fiedler, C.
Field Studies Council Students
Field, J.
Field, J.P.
Field, Mr J.P.
Field, Ms J.
Field, Sharon
Fielder, C.
Fieldhouse, D.S.
Fieldhouse, J.
Fife Nature spider ID course
Finbar Ward, James
Finch, A.
Finch, G.L. and Finch, N.A.
Finch, GL
Fincher, F.
Findlay, Anthony
Finley Hutchinson
Finn Gilham
Finn, Jaye
Finnegan, G.
Finnegan, P.
Finnemore, Patricia
Finnemore, T.
Fiona Aungier
Fiona Barclay
Fiona Beveridge
Fiona Milne
Firth, E.
Fiserova, Hana
Fish, Luke
Fisher, Julian
Fisher, Mark
Fisher, Paul
Fisk, J.J.
Fisk, Sally
Fitter, A.
Fitter, D.
Fitter, R.S.R.
Fitzpatrick-Ellis, James
Flanagan, J.
Flanders, Alison
Flatt, Anthony
Fleetwood, B.
Fleming, J.
Fleming, Jon
Fleming, Nicola
Fleming, Richard
Flemming, Mike
Fletcher, A.
Fletcher, E.
Fletcher, Emma
Fletcher, J.
Fletcher, Jo
Fletcher, Matthew
Fletcher, Miss M.J.
Flett, James
Flett, R.I.
Flint, Martin
Flint, P.
Flockhart, Ian
Foale, Geoffrey
Fogan, Mrs M.J.
Fogan, Mrs M.J. and Rands, Mrs E.B.
Fogg, Barnaby
Foley, Leah
Folkes, M.F.
Follett, Peter
Foran, Jean
Ford, A.
Ford, C.
Ford, Gb
Ford, Ian
Ford, Richard
Fordyce, Mark
Forestry Commission
Forgham, D.B.
Forman, B.
Formstone, B.
Formstone, Bryan
Formstone, J.B.
Forrest, Chris
Forrest, Larry
Forster, J.
Forsyth, Alastair
Foster, A.
Foster, Andy
Foster, Colin
Foster, G.N.
Foster, Gillian
Foster, Jenny
Foster, Karen
Foster, Kerryanne
Foster, Mr A.P.
Foster, N.H.
Foster, Richard
Foster, Stuart
Fountain, M.
Fowler, Cannon W. W.
Fowler, Deborah
Fowler, Elaine
Fowler, J.
Fowler, Jackie
Fowler, K
Fowler, Katherine
Fowler, Keith
Fowler, Martin
Fowler, Silvia
Fowles, A.P.
Fowles, Mr A.P.
Fox, Chelsey
Fox, D.G.
Fox, D.G. and Fox, H.L.
Fox, D.L.
Fox, Derek
Fox, Laura
Foxwell, D.J.
Frame, Ian
Frances Farr-Cox
Frances Kelly
Frances Murphy
Francesca Sconce
Francis Farrow
Francis Murphy
Francis Rowney
Francis, Caroline
Francis, J.
Francis, Ken
Francis, Louise
Francis, P.
Francis, P.M.A.
Francis, S.D.
Francois Chazel
Frank Hendre
Frankum, M.
Fraser, A.
Fraser, D.N.
Fraser, M.
Fred Fincher
Freeman and Halbert, J.N.
Freeman, A.
Freeman, J.
Freeman, Kris
Freeman, M.M.
Freeman, Paul
Freer, O.
Freke, C.D.
Freman, Guy
Fremlin, Maria
French, D.
French, Stephen
Freston, H.W.
Friday, Julie
Friday, Neil
Friedrich, Karl
Froud, Maggie
Fry, Adrian
Fry, Stephen
Fryatt, Chris
Fullick, Tony
Fulton, M.J.
Funnell, M.
Funnell, Michael
Furmage, D.B.
Furnival, D.
Furnival, Miss A.D.
Furze, Peter
Fussey, G.
Fussey, G.D.
Fyfe, A.
Fyfe, Deborah
G and V Wallace
G C Bartindale
G Lyons;A Stewart;M Edwards;P Hodge;T Davis;C Bentley
G Lyons;B Rogers;B Larcombe;M Edwards;J Willmott
G Lyons;C Bentley;J Orchard;M Blencowe;R Mitchell
G Lyons;D Green;S Cullen;P Green;V Benstead-Hume
G Lyons;J Orchard;M Edwards;C Bentley;P Hodge
G Lyons;J Power;J Orchard;M Edwards;P Hodge;C Bentley
G Lyons;K Lugg;K Clements;N Clements;S Gregory
G Lyons;L Jackson;R Bicker;A Phillips;E Jones
G, Grieco
G. B. Corbet
G. Calow
G. Corbet
G. H. Green
G. H. Green & J. W. Meiklejohn
G. Hitchcock
G.H. Locket
G.O. Evans
Gabbutt, P.D. and Merrett, P.
Gadd, Mr
Gadsby, Amanda
Gaffney, K.M.A.
Gage, Philip
Galbraith, H. and Murray, S.
Galbraith, Rebecca
Gale, Lee
Gale, Richard
Gallant, Mark
Gallimore, Mr & Mrs
Gallon (parents)
Gallon, A.
Gallon, A. C.
Gallon, Anthony
Gallon, Dr A.C.
Gallon, Mr R.C.
Gallon, R.
Gallon, R. & Andrew, S.
Gallon, R. & Bevan, J.
Gallon, R. & Howe, M.
Gallon, R. & Lehane, M.
Gallon, R. Data
Gallon, R., Howe, M. & May, R.
Gallon, R.. Howe, M. & Daffyd, R.
Gallon, R.C.
Gallon, Richard
Galloway, Diane
Galloway, Katie
Gamble, I.B.
Gamble, P.H.
Game, Jeff
Gander, Kathryn
Gant, J.
Gardiner, Shane
Gardiner, Tim
Gardner, Debbie
Gardner, K.A.
Gardner, Liz
Gardner, Mr.& Mrs R.W.
Gardner, Ross
Gareth McKnight
Garfield, David
Garland, Steve
Garner, Jude
Garner, P.
Garner, P.G.
Garner, R.
Garnham, Nicola
Garrad, L.S.
Garrad. L.
Garret Maguire
Garside, A.
Garside, Stephen
Garth Foster
Garton, Jason
Gartside, Geoff
Gartside, Mr G.
Gary A. Farmer
Gary Farmer & John Meiklejohn & Patrick Taylor
Gary Hedges
Gary Lowe
Gary Mortimer
Gary Rogers
Gaskell, M.
Gaskell, S.
Gaskin, Louise
Gaster, Christian
Gaten, Ted
Gates, Gemma
Gates, L.
Gates, Michael
Gates, Mr L.F.
Gattie, David
Gaughan, S.
Gauld, Sydney
Gaunt, E.
Gaunt, Mr W.E.
Gaunt, R.
Gaunt, Roger
Gaunt, William Edward
Gaunt, William, Eddie
Gauntlett, Gary
Gavanghan, Mr
Gavanghan, Mr.
Gavin Bell
Gaynor, A.
Ge Lyons;M Prince;N Sanderson;T Davis;N Bacciu
Geddes, C.
Geddes, Clare
Geddes, Mrs C.
Geddes, Roberts and Stewart
Gedge, Dusty
Gee, Howard
Gee, J.H.R.
Geldenhuys, Lienelle
Gemmell, Michelle
Gemmell, Ross
Gentry, Katie
Geoff Hancock
Geoff Heathcote
Geoff Naylor
Geoff Naylor;John Read;Stephen Hewitt
Geoff Naylor;Stephen Hewitt
Geoff Oxford
Geoff Saunders
Geoff Simpson
Geoffery Nobes
George, Anthony
George, Billy
George, Dr.
George, Jane
George, M.W.
George, Martin
George, Mr M.W.
George, R.S.
George, Sally
George, Will
Gerrard, P.C.
Geyer, T.A.
Geyman, Matthew
Gibbins, Andy
Gibbons, E.J.
Gibbons, Mike
Gibbs, D.
Gibbs, Mr D.
Gibbs, R.G.
Gibson, Chris
Gibson, Dr Chris
Gibson, G.
Gibson, J.A.
Gibson, Miss
Gibson, Seth J.D.
Gibson, Stephen
Giggal, Dennis
Giggleswick School
Gilbert, C.
Gilbert, D.
Gilbert, Laura
Gilbert, O.L.
Gilbert, Oliver
Gilderoy, Jonathan
Gill Weymar
Gill, Tom
Gillam, B.
Gillam, Beatrice
Gillespie, E.
Gillespie, J.
Gillett, Roger
Gillham, Mr A.G.
Gillham, Mrs M.E.
Gillian Gilbert
Gillieron, Tom
Gilling Castle School
Gilson, Vicky
Ginnie Copsey
Gittens, K.
Gittins, K.
Gladstone, D.J. and Holland, S.
Glancy, M.
Glen Barnes
Glen Roots
Glendon, Brian
Glenn Norris
Glenn Norris/ Chris Cathrine
Glenn Norris/Adam Garside
Glenn Norris/Chris Cathrine
Glennon, Kerry
Glew, Janice
Glew, Rebecca
Glover, G.
Glover, Mr T.
Glyn Bridge
Glyndwr University Students
Goddard, C.
Goddard, D.G.
Goddard, Don
Godfread, Miss F.
Godfrey, A.
Godfrey, Andy
Godfrey, C. OR Bowles, N. and Hopkins, I.J.
Godfrey, J.
Godfrey, R.
Godfrey, Sq Ldr M F
Goldie-Smith, E.K.
Goldsmith, J.
Goldsmith, Robert
Goldstein, A.S.
Goldston, Emily
Gomez, A.
Gomm, F.P.
Goodall, A.
Goodall, M.A. and Goodall, D.W.
Goodier, J.
Goodier, Mr R.
Goodier, R.
Goodley, C.
Goodwin, J.
Googe, Allen
Goom, Miss N.
Gooseman, Mr M.P.
Gordon Corbet
Gordon lavender
Gordon McReaddie
Gordon Shears
Gordon Simpson
Gordon Spears
Gordon, Anne
Gordon, Mr J.A.
Gordon, Tom
Goring, Mrs V.F.
Goring, V, and Smithers, P.
Goring, V./V.F.
Goring, Valerie
Gorse, Jeff
Gorton, E.
gosling, anthony
Goss, Martin
Gossage, Daniel
Gould, Stewart
Goulding, R. W.
Govan, Mrs R.
Gower, Suzanne
Goy, Mr R.
Grace Yoxon
Graeme Baxter
Graeme Lyons
Graeme Lyons et al.
Graeme Lyons,Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Adrian Holloway
Graeme Lyons;Adrian Holloway;Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Adrian Holloway;Chris Bentley;Alice Parfitt
Graeme Lyons;Adrian Holloway;Dave Green;Penny Green
Graeme Lyons;Adrian Holloway;Mike Edwards
Graeme Lyons;Adrian Holloway;Mike Edwards;Jane Willmott
Graeme Lyons;Adrian Holloway;Steve Tillman
Graeme Lyons;Alan Stewart;Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Alex Collins
Graeme Lyons;Alice Parfitt
Graeme Lyons;Alice Parfitt;Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Alice Parfitt;Dave Green;Penny Green
Graeme Lyons;Alice Parfitt;Guthrie Allen
Graeme Lyons;Alice Parfitt;Nick Walford
Graeme Lyons;Alice Parfitt;Sam Buckland;Shaun Pryor
Graeme Lyons;Alice Parfitt;Shaun Pryor
Graeme Lyons;Alice Parfitt;Steve Tillman
Graeme Lyons;Andy Musgrove
Graeme Lyons;Andy Phillips
Graeme Lyons;Andy Phillips;Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Andy Phillips;Chris Bentley;Evan Jones
Graeme Lyons;Andy Phillips;Chris Bentley;Evan Jones;Sarah Patton
Graeme Lyons;Andy Phillips;Dave Green;Simon Cullen;Penny Green
Graeme Lyons;Angela Brennan
Graeme Lyons;Ann Griffiths;Mark Monk-Terry
Graeme Lyons;Barry Yates;Alice Parfitt;Chris Bentley;James Power
Graeme Lyons;Barry Yates;Chris Bentley;James Power;Mike Edwards
Graeme Lyons;Ben Spink;Charlie Burrell;Ted Green
Graeme Lyons;Bill Urwin;Danny Cooper;Seth Gibson
Graeme Lyons;Bob Foreman
Graeme Lyons;Brian Eversham
Graeme Lyons;Bryony October
Graeme Lyons;Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Chris Bentley;Alice Parfitt
Graeme Lyons;Chris Bentley;Evan Jones;Oliver Froom
Graeme Lyons;Chris Bentley;Guthrie Allen
Graeme Lyons;Chris Bentley;Mat Davidson;Michael Blencowe
Graeme Lyons;Chris Bentley;Mike Edwards;Peter Hodge;Tony Davis
Graeme Lyons;Chris Bentley;Shaun Pryor
Graeme Lyons;Chris Bentley;Steve Tillman
Graeme Lyons;Chris Bentley;Steven Falk
Graeme Lyons;Christian Owen;Tony Davis
Graeme Lyons;Daniel Watkins
Graeme Lyons;Danny Cooper;Seth Gibson
Graeme Lyons;Dave Green
Graeme Lyons;Dave Green;Derek Lee;Tony Davis;Penny Green
Graeme Lyons;Dave Green;Penny Green
Graeme Lyons;Dave Green;Tony Davis;Penny Green
Graeme Lyons;Dick Alder
Graeme Lyons;Guthrie Allen
Graeme Lyons;Guthrie Allen;Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Howard Matcham
Graeme Lyons;Ivan Lang
Graeme Lyons;Jake Everitt;Paul Marten
Graeme Lyons;Jake Everitt;Tony Davis
Graeme Lyons;James Power
Graeme Lyons;James Power;Jane Willmott
Graeme Lyons;James Power;Mike Edwards
Graeme Lyons;James Power;Mike Edwards;Steve Tillman
Graeme Lyons;Jane Willmott
Graeme Lyons;Jody Orchard
Graeme Lyons;John Burnham
Graeme Lyons;John Burnham;Oliver Froom
Graeme Lyons;Katie Parker
Graeme Lyons;Katie Parker;Laurie Jackson
Graeme Lyons;Lee Walther
Graeme Lyons;Libby Morris
Graeme Lyons;Libby Morris;Kyle Jennings
Graeme Lyons;Mark Gurney;Frances Abraham
Graeme Lyons;Mark Monk-Terry
Graeme Lyons;Mark Monk-Terry;Sam Buckland
Graeme Lyons;Mark Monk-Terry;Sam Buckland;Shaun Pryor
Graeme Lyons;Mark Telfer
Graeme Lyons;Mark Telfer;Dave Green;Penny Green
Graeme Lyons;Mark Telfer;Neil Fletcher;Seth Gibson
Graeme Lyons;Mark Telfer;Steve Teale
Graeme Lyons;Mat Davidson;Michael Blencowe;Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Matt Prince;Neil Sanderson;Tony Davis
Graeme Lyons;Michael Blencowe
Graeme Lyons;Michael Taylor
Graeme Lyons;Mike Edwards
Graeme Lyons;Mike Edwards;Chris Bentley;Steve Tillman
Graeme Lyons;Mike Edwards;Jane Willmott
Graeme Lyons;Mike Edwards;Ollie Sayers
Graeme Lyons;Mike Edwards;Ollie Sayers;Sam Walker
Graeme Lyons;Mike Edwards;Peter Hodge;Tony Davis;Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Mike Edwards;Ryan Mitchell
Graeme Lyons;Mike Edwards;Tony Davis
Graeme Lyons;Mike Tristram
Graeme Lyons;Neil Sanderson;Tony Davis
Graeme Lyons;Niall Basquille
Graeme Lyons;Oliver Froom
Graeme Lyons;Ollie Sayers
Graeme Lyons;Penny Green
Graeme Lyons;Peter Marren
Graeme Lyons;Phil Cribb
Graeme Lyons;Rachael Dover
Graeme Lyons;Rachael Dover;Dave Gibbs;Shaun Pryor;Tony Davis
Graeme Lyons;Rachael Dover;Dave Green;Tony Davis;Penny Green
Graeme Lyons;Rachael Dover;Irene Carlin
Graeme Lyons;Rachel Bicker
Graeme Lyons;Rich Howorth
Graeme Lyons;Ryan Mitchell
Graeme Lyons;Sam Buckland;Shaun Pryor
Graeme Lyons;Seth Gibson
Graeme Lyons;Seth Gibson;Steve Gale;Tony Davis
Graeme Lyons;Seth Gibson;Tony Davis
Graeme Lyons;Shaun Pryor
Graeme Lyons;Shaun Pryor;Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Shaun Pryor;Jane Willmott
Graeme Lyons;Simon Cullen
Graeme Lyons;Simon Hurt
Graeme Lyons;Simon Rayburn;Chris Bentley
Graeme Lyons;Steve Teale;Tony Hutson
Graeme Lyons;Steve Tillman
Graeme Lyons;Sue Harris
Graeme Lyons;Sue Milnthorpe;Seth Gibson
Graeme Lyons;Tom Ottley;Brad Scott
Graeme Lyons;Tom Ottley;Jacqui Hutson
Graeme Lyons;Tom Ottley;Tony Hutson;Sue Harris
Graeme Lyons;Tony Davis
Graeme Lyons;Tristan Bantock;Graham Collins;Scotty Dodd
Graham Bell
Graham Clarkson
Graham Davis
Graham Dennis
Graham Dixon
Graham Harrison-watts
Graham J. Dennis
Graham Manchip
Graham Parris
Graham Reynolds
Graham Thompson
Graham, G.
Graham, K
Graham, K.
Graham, Phil
Grampian Spider Group
Grant, F.L.
Grant, G.
Grant, Marcel
Grant, Neil
Grant, S.
Grass, G.
Graves, Hazel
Gray, Allan
Gray, D.
Gray, Gill
Gray, H. (Helen)
Gray, I.F.
Gray, J.
Gray, J.B.
Gray, John
Gray, Mr T.
Gray, Nick
Gray, Oliver
Gray, Stephen
Gray, T.
Grays, Wendy
Greaves, J.
Green , Barry
Green, A.J.
Green, Andrew
Green, Annalee
Green, C.
Green, D.
Green, David
Green, F.R.
Green, G.H.
Green, Geoff
Green, H.
Green, Harry
Green, J.
Green, Mr S.
Green, Mrs S.
Green, Phil
Green, R.A.
Green, T.
Green, Tim
Greening, L.
Greening, Linnaeus
Greening, Mr L.
Greenleaf, Audrey
Greenway, Christopher
Greenwood, C.
Greenwood, Carole
Greenwood, Darren
Greenwood, E.F.
Greenwood, J.
Greenwood, Kelly
Greenwood, M.
Greer, Mr R.
Greg Hitchcock
Gregory Yeoman
Gregory, Helen,. Rance, Jim
Gregory, Martin J.
Gregory, Mrs L.
Gregory, Neil
Gregory, Paul
Gregory, S.
Gregory, S.J.
Gregory, Steve
Gregory. Tony
Gregson, Justin
Greig, Robert
Grenier, Lesley
Greswell, Philip
Greves, Dominic
Grewcock, D.T.
Grewcock, Mrs
Grey, Martin
Grey, Melvin
Grierson, Dr G.
Grieve, Douglas
Griffin, M. J.
Griffith, Shawn
Griffiths, Andrea
Griffiths, Caroline
Griffiths, Mr D.
Griffiths, P.
Griffiths, Rachael
Grigg, Susan
Gritten, Dr R.H.
Gritten, R.H.
Groom, Andrew
Groome, L.
Groome, R.
Grout, Dave
Grove, S.J.
Grove, Will
Grover, S.
Groves, Kevin
Groves, Matthew & Godson, Martin
Groves, Paul
Grubb, Lisa
Gudgeon, Alf
Gudgion, Alf
Guerra, Katie
Guest, J.
Guiver, A.
Gulliver, J.
Gulliver, Pauline & Dave
Gunn, J.
Gunn, Tracey
Gunton, Tony
Guntrip, D.W.
Guppy, Naomi
Gurr, J.
Gus Jones
Gustav Clark
Gutierrez, Eve
Guy Ackers
Guy Broome
Guyatt, Simon
Gwen Richards
Gwent data
Gwyn Williams
Gymer, Jon
Gymer, Paul
Gyngell, M.
H J Berman
H, C.J.
H. Britten
H. Wiltshire
H.E. Henson
H.K. Airy-Shaw
H.M. Customs
H.P.B. Chubb
H.R. (Gloucs)
H.St.J.K Donisthorpe
H.St.J.K. Donisthorpe
Hackett, D.
Hackett, Dan
Hackett, Molly
Hackett, Shaun
Hacking, Joel
Hackston, Mike
Hadley, Kate
Hadley, Lynden
HAES Chris
Haes, E.C.M.
Haes, Mr E.C.M.
Hagdorn, Magnus
Hagerty, Dean
Haig, D.J.R. and Preston-Mafham, K.
Haigh, D.J.R.
Haigh, D.J.R. and Rixom, W.G
Haigh, D.J.R. and Rixom, W.G.
Haigh, David
Haigh, David & Alexander, Keith
Haigh, David & Harper, John
Haigh, David, Harper, John & Kilner, Mike
Haigh, M.
Haines, David
Hainsworth, P.
Halbert, J.N.
Hale, P.
Hales, J.
Halfpenny, G.
Halfpenny, G. and Steward, D.I.
Halfpenny, G. OR Bloomfield
Halfpenny, Mr G.
Halfpenny, Mr G., Slawson, Mr G.C.
Halfpenny, Mr G., Steward, Mr D.I.
Haliwell, Miss C.
Hall, D.
Hall, Graham
Hall, J.
Hall, Mr C.
Hall, Mr P.
Hall, P.
Hall, Steven
Hall-Jones, Phillippa
Hall-Smith, D.H.
Hallam, Jon
Hallett, K.
Hallett, Mr D
Hallett, Mr D.
Halliday-Greene, D.
Halliwell, G.
Halstead, A.J.
Halstead, K.H.
Hambler, C.
Hambler, Clive
Hamblett, Ray
Hamer, M.
Hamill, David
Hamilton, Alex
Hamilton, Dan
Hamilton, J.E.
Hamilton, K.
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Tom
Hamilton-Dyer, Sheila
Hamlin. Stephen
Hammerton, Paul
Hammerton, Richard
Hammon, Roger
Hammond, M.
Hammond, Mr
Hammond, Mr J.A.
Hammond, N.
Hammond, P.M.
Hammond, P.M. & Harvey, P.R.
Hamond, R.
Hampson, Perry
Hancock, E.G.
Hancock, G.
Hancock, J.
Hancock, John
Hancock, P.
Hancy, B.J.
Hancy, R.
Hancy, R.C.
Hancy, R.C. master database
Hand, Karen & Sarah
Handford, Wendy
Hanford, Nigel
Hankinson, Andrew
Hannam, Chris
Hannon, Kate
Hanratty, John
Hanson, M
Hanson, M.
Hanson, M.W.
Hanson, Noel
Harbott, Anthony
Harding, Christine
Harding, P.T.
Harding, Paul T
Hardwick, L.W.
Hardwick, Mr L.W.
Hardwick, Paul
Hardwicke, Bill
Hardwicke, L.W.
Hardy and Hull
Hardy, J.
Hardy, J.R.
Hardy, Mike
Hardy, T.G.
Hardye's School
Hargreaves, Ben
Hargreaves, Bruce
Harker, Rebecca
Harley, Basil
Harley, Brian
Harley, J.
Harley, Robin
Harman, T.W.
Harold, Mr J.
Harper Adams
Harper, Chelsea
Harper, J.
Harper, John
Harper, John & Haigh, David
Harper, John & Kilner, Mike
Harper, John F
Harper, K.
Harper, M.
Harper, Mr J.
Harris, Adam
Harris, G.J.
Harris, Gerrard
Harris, J.
Harris, J.I.
Harris, Mary
Harris, Mr A.L.
Harris, Pete
Harris, Roger
Harris, T.
Harris, Trevor
Harrison, Andrea
Harrison, Daniel
Harrison, Dave
Harrison, Dawn
Harrison, Dominic
Harrison, F.
Harrison, J.
Harrison, J. W.
Harrison, J.L.
Harrison, J.W.H.
Harrison, J.W.H. and Hull, J.E.
Harrison, Mrs J.
Harrison, W.H.
Harrold, Kathryn
Harrow, Matthew
Harry Eve
Harry Woolner/Chris Cathrine
Hart, Isobel
Hart, Robert
Hartley, M.
Hartman, Mr M.
Harvey, A.D.
Harvey, Charles
Harvey, J.
Harvey, M.
Harvey, Martin
Harvey, Martin C.
Harvey, Mr M.C.
Harvey, N.
Harvey, Neil
Harvey, Nick
Harvey, Nigel
Harvey, P.
Harvey, P. and Philp, E.
Harvey, P.R.
Harvey, P.R. & Plant, C.W.
Harvey, P.R./Plant, C.W.
Harvey, P.R./Smith, D.A.
Harvey, Paul
Harvey, Peter
Harvey, Peter R.
Harvey, R.
Harvey, R. = 1040
Harvey, Rob
Harwood, Mr S.
Harwood, R.
Harwood, S.
Hastings, S.
Hasty, Steve
Hatcher, Jason
Hatfield Forest
Hathway, Ren
Hattenberger, M.
Hatton, J.
Hawgood, Gavin
Hawke, C.
Hawkes, Will
Hawkey, Doug
Hawkins, K.M.
Hawkins, Kate
Hawkins, Laura
Hawkins, Ms K.M.
Hawkins, R.D.
Hawkins, R.D. and Sankey, J.H.P.
Hawkyard, J.
Hawkyard, James
Hawley, R.
Hawthorn, Mr J.
Haxton, V.
Haycock, Mr R.J.
Hayek, Tom
Hayes, Linda
Hayes, Maria
Hayhow,Simon J.
Hayley Wiswell
Haynes, Miss F.
Hayward, Michael
Haywood, J.
Hazell, Chris
Hazell, Gary
Hazelleagle, Chris
Hazelton, M.
Hazlehurst, J.
Heal, N.F.
Healey, Alan
Heard, ian
Hearle, A.
Heath, Darren
Heath, J.
Heath, J.J.
Heath, K.
Heath, Kay
Heather Marshall;Anthony Marshall
Heather Young
Heaton, Andrew
Heaton, Benedict
Heaton, Warren
Heaver, D.
Heaver, D.J.
Heaver, David
Hecker, Barry
Hedges, G.
Hedges, Gary
Hedley, Brian
hedley, russell
Heelas, Tyler
Heenan, Mr
Heeney, Will
Heeney, Will & Lamin, John
Heffron, Lorna on behalf of P.R. Harvey
Heidi Cunningham
Heighton, Luke
Heikenen, Jessica
Helen Jones
Helen Kirk
Helen Penn
Helen Read
Helen Rowe
Helen Smith
Helen Thompson
Helliwell, L.
Hemingway, D.
Hemming, F.
Hemsworth, Clare
Henaghan, P.
Henbane, Janet
Henderson, D.
Henderson, J.
Henderson, Martin
Henderson, Zoe
Hendricks, Jason
Hendry, Deborah
Henry Arnold
Henry J. Trevallion
Henshall, Ms S.
Henshall, S.
Henshaw, D.
Henson, Celia
Heptinstall, Nigel
Herault, Ms S.R.V.
Herault, Sylvie & Alton, Paul
Hercock, Anne
Herd, Mr J.
Herman, J.
Herringshaw, Liam
Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust Survey Team
Herts and Middx Trust For Nature Conservation
Herts Biorec
Herzog, J.O.
Heslop, Anne
Hetherington, M.
Hewdry, Matt
Hewitt, Brian
Hewitt, C.
Hewitt, Nathan
Hewitt, Roger
Hewitt, S
Heywood, Martin
Hiatt, Gwyn
Hibberd, Matt
Hibbert, Mike
Hickley, Tony
Hickling, R.A.O.
Hickman, A.E.D.
Hicks, G.
Hicks, P.N.
Hicks, P.V.
Hicks, Paul
Hider, M.
Hider, R.C.
Higgins, Charlotte
Higgins, R.C.
Higginson, Darin
Higginson, Pam
Higginson-Tranter, Dave
Higgott, Mike
Hignett, Sandra
Hilder, M.
Hill House School
Hill, D
Hill, D.S.
Hill, Dr D.S.
Hill, Elaine
Hill, K.
Hill, Ken
Hill, Laurie
Hill, M.
Hill, Mr J., Cooper, C., Hodgkinson, P.
Hill, R.E.
Hill, Sue
Hill, Tim
Hill-Cottingham, P
Hillier, Stacey
Hillman, P.
Hills, C.C.
Hills, Darren
Hills, Mr C.C.
Hills, R.J.
Hillyard, P.
Hillyard, P.D.
Hillyard, Paul
Himsley, Caryn
Hinchcliffe, G.
Hinchley, Carolyn
Hind, M.
Hine, Jan
Hingley, M.R.
Hinson, Philip
Hinton, Jeff
Hinton, Kevin
Hird, Gary
Hirst, M.
Hislop, Louise
Hislop, Susan Anne
Histed, John
Hitch, Ms P.A.
Hitchcock, Greg
Hitchcock, Mark
Hitchcock, Mrs J.
Hitchinson, Fran
Hoare, Mike
Hoare, Paul
Hobart, J.
Hobbs, R.
Hobbs, R.N.
Hobbs, Stephen
Hobson, Craig
Hobson, James
Hobson, P. and Taylor, M.N.
Hockett, Mr D.
Hodge, P.J.
Hodge, Simon
Hodge, Tim
Hodges, M.
Hodgetts, Rheece
Hodgkins, J.
Hodgkinson, David
Hodgkinson, J.
Hodgkiss, Daniel
Hodgkiss, Kate
Hodgson, J.
Hodgson, Miranda
Hodson, J.
Hoff, Mr WG
Hogarth, P. and Hogarth, S.
Hogarth, Peter J.
Hogg, George
Hogg, Kirsten
Hogg, M.
Hogg, M., Smithers, P. and Stevens, A.
Hogg, M.D. = Kilner, M.D.
Hogg, Mr M.D.
Hoggett, J.
Holden, Ray
Holding D J
Holding, John
Holland, Mr G.N.
Holland, Simon
Holloway, D
Holloway, K.B.
Holloway, Martin
Holloway, Ms B.
Holman, Tricia
Holmes, Alan
Holmes, Allen
Holmes, C.
Holmes, D.
Holmes, P.
Holmes, P.R.
Holroyd, Vicky
Holt, Dan
Holt, David
Holt, Ian
Holt, P.
Holton, N
Home, Lisa
Homewood, Julia
Honey, Martin R.
Honour, K., Lupton, P. & Williams, G.
Hood, Jenni
Hood, Rob
Hooper, J.
Hooper, J., Kent, R., Roberts, D.J. and Roberts, M.J.
Hooper, Margaret
Hooper, Robin
Hoose, Phil
Hooson, Brenda
Hooson, John
Hopewell, Jenny
Hopgood, Mrs
Hopgood, O.
Hopgood, Oscar
Hopkin, S.
Hopkin, S.P.
Hopkin, S.P. and Rockett, Carol
Hopkins, Dr Graham
Hopkins, I. J.
Hopkins, I.J.
Hopkins, I.J. and Slawson, G.C.
Hopkins, I.J. and Sutton, C.A.
Hopkins, I.J. and Weston, M.R.
Hopkins, I.J., Bowles, N. and Walker, J.
Hopkins, Miss B.A.
Hopkins, Mr I.J.
Hopkins, Mr I.J., Weston, Mr M.R.
Hornby, Donna
Hornsby, James
Hornsby, S.
Horrigan, Pat
Horsfall, J.
Horsfall, J.A.
Horsfield, D.
Horsley, Nigel
Horsman, F.
Horsman, F. and Murphy, F.
Horsman, F. and Wanless, F.
Horton, D.
Horton, Steve
Hose, T.A.
Hotten, M.
Hough, A.
Hough, Gillian
Hough, N.J.
Houghton, Allan
Houghton, H.J. & M.B.
Houghton, M. B.
Houghton, Mr H.J.
Houghton, Mr H.J. & Duddington, Mr J.D.
Houghton, Mr M.
Houghton, Peter
Houghton, R.
Howard Williams
Howard, C.
Howard, R.
Howard, Richard
Howe, Dr M.A.
Howe, Isobel
Howe, L.
Howe, M.
Howe, M. & May, R.
Howe, M.A.
Howe, Mike
Howell, Jason
Howell, Mr P.
Howell, P.
Howell, Peter
Howell, Sian
Howells, Charlotte
Howells, Lisa
Howes, C.
Howes, C.A.
Howes, Colin
Howes, David
Howson, Holly
Hoy, Loretta
Hoyland, R.
Hoyle, B
Hoyle, B.
Hubbard, K
Hubble, Dave
Huckfield, Jean & Watkins, Kevin
Hudgell, S.A.
Hudson, Mr I.R.
Hudson, Richard
Hugh Insley
Hugh J Griffiths
Hughes, Adrian
Hughes, C.
Hughes, I
Hughes, I.
Hughes, Ian
Hughes, J.T.
Hughes, K.
Hughes, Kay
Hughes, L.
Hughes, Les
Hughes, Mrs R.
Hughes. K.
Hugo, B
Hull University
Hull, F.E.
Hull, J.E.
Hull, J.E. and Jackson, A.R.
Hull, M.
Hulland, Ben
Hulstone, W.
Hume, Jim
Humpage, Karen
Humphrey, C.
Humphrey, Colin
Humphries, Aaron
Humphries, Colin
Hunford, Don
Hunmanby School
Hunnisett Mr J
Hunnisett, J.
Hunnisett, John
Hunnisett, Mr J
Hunnisett, Mr J.
Hunt, David
Hunt, Liz
Hunt, Matt
Hunt, Sharon
Hunter, A.B.
Hunter, Anthony
Hunter, Anthony B
Hunter, C.
Hunter, G.
Hunter, K.
Hunter, M.
Hunter, R.
Hunter, T.
Hurn, Zoe
Hurst, Chris
Hussain, Amir
Huston, K.R.
Hutchings, Fiona
Hutchinson, F.
Hutchison, Adam
Hutton, Richard
Huxley, T.
Hyatt, K.
Hyde, A.C.
Hyman, P.
Hyman, P./Kirby, P.
Hyman, Paul
I L Crombie
I. Bond
I.N. Healey
I.S. Menzies
Iain Cowe
Iain Hamlin
Iain Lawrie
Iain Wright
Ian Black
Ian Blair-Brown
Ian Boyd
Ian Bullock
Ian Carle
Ian Dawson
Ian Evans
Ian Hawkins
Ian Holt
Ian Killeen
Ian Maddock
Ian Matthews
Ian Morgan
Ian Paradine
Ian Parker
Ian Rapkin
Ian West
Ibbeson, Jade & Mandy
Ibbotson, Andy
Ifan, D. G.
Ikea Staff
Ikin, H.
Iley, Phil
Illsley, Katherine & Rebecca
Imogen Wilde
Inchbald, Nickey
Inger Kristiansen
Ingrouille, Oliver
Ings, Tom
Inkstar, Melanie
Insall-Jones, Charlotte
Institute of Terrestrial Ecology
Inward, David
Iona McDonald
Ireland, A.P.
Ireland, Jill
Ireland, Michelle
Irena Tomankova
Iris Cotgrove
Irvine, Lisa
Irvine, Matt
Irving, Rachel
Irwin, A.
Irwin, A.G.
Irwin, Kelvin
Isaac, Paul
Isaacs, Jen & Tony
Island Survey
Island Survey team
Ismay, J.W. & Schulten, B.
Ison, Jeremy
Ispas, Vali
Ivan R Wright
Ivens, Liz
Ivor White
J B Formstone
J Bingham
J Edwards
J Orgee
J Wright
J. Adams
J. Bowdrey
J. Crees
J. Davidson
J. Denison
J. Forster
J. Goldsmith
J. Heaps
J. Keeliher
J. Last
J. Maltocks
J. Notman
J. O'Sullivan
J. Omer Cooper & G. Bateson
J. Rankin
J. Rault
J. Stevenson
J. W. Meiklejohn
J. Wormell
J. Wright
J.A.L. Cooke
J.B. Jobe
J.L. Mason
J.L.R., Whatmough, G.W.
J.M. Cherrett
J.W. Hancock
Jack Sewell
Jack Thompson
Jack, Nick
Jackson, A R
Jackson, A. Randell
Jackson, A.R.
Jackson, A.R. and Merrett, P.
Jackson, A.R. and Varley-Smith, J.C.
Jackson, B.
Jackson, B. and Jackson, E.
Jackson, Daniel
Jackson, Dr A.R.
Jackson, Graham
Jackson, H.H.
Jackson, Kevin
Jackson, L.
Jackson, Michele
Jackson, Mr A. R.
Jackson, Mr A.R.
Jackson, P.W.
Jackson, S.
Jackson, W.T.
Jacobs, Colin et al.
Jacobs, Glenn
Jaconello, Kate
Jacqueline Ogden;Nicola Evans
James Bell
James Berry
James Cadbury
James Common
James Edwards
James Emerson
James Heal
James Munford
James Ogle
James, B.C.
James, Bob
James, G.
James, H.I.
James, K.
James, Lola
James, Phillip
James, R
James, R.
James, R.G.
James, Ron
James, T.
James, Vincent
James, Zoe
Jamie Boyle
Jamie Brewster
Jamie Wells
Jamie Wright
Jan Beccaloni
Jan Heaney
Jan Sheppard
Jane Brown
Jane Davies
Jane Hewitt
Jane, Sammy
Janes, A
Janes, T.
Janice Robertson
Janice Sutton
Jaques, Robert
Jarema, D.
Jarrold, Gareth
Jarvis, Gordon
Jarvis, M.
Jarvis, Miss A.M.
Jarvis, R.T.
Jasmine Parkinson
Jason Claxton
Jason Dombroskie
Jason Evans
Jason Ratcliffe
Jason Steel
Jaymz Lindsay
JE Hewitt
Jean Godfrey
Jeeves, Steven
Jefcoate-Malam, Pete
Jeff Game
Jeff Wheatley
Jeffers, J.
Jefferson, Alex
Jefferson, Mr G.T.
Jefferson, Sarah
Jefferson, Vicki
Jeffery, Boyce
Jeffery, Charley
Jeffery, Clive
Jeffreis, M.
Jeffries, M.G.
Jeffries, M.J.
Jeffs, Mr G. A. T & Mr Gooseman
Jeffs, Mr G.A.T.
Jenkins, Mr
Jenni Schenke
Jennifer Maddock
Jennifer Newton
Jennings, Elizabeth
Jennings, Matt
Jenny Garne
Jeremy Ison
Jeremy Poole
Jerman, David
Jerrard, P.C.
Jerrard, P.C. and Merrett, P.
Jerry Bowdrey
Jerry Clough
Jerry Dicker
Jervis, K.
Jessica Hatchett
Jessica Marsh
Jessie Mackay
Jethro Reading
Jewell, Daniel
Jeynes, Terry
Jill King
Jill Leheup
Jill Morgan
Jim Cresswell
Jim Earwood
Jim Fairclough
Jim McCleary
Jim Mcleary
Jim Pewtress
Jim Pewtress (Kirkbymoorside)
Jim Stewart
Jim Thomas
Jimmy McKellar
Jo Brown
Jo Humphreys
Joan Burkmar
Joan Childs
Joan Hardingham
Joanna Bould
Joanna Cameron
Jobson, Ian/Squier, Jeremy
Joe Beale
John Badley
John Bingham
John Bratton
John D Stanney
John Day
John Dobson
John Dodgson
John Douglas
John Fenwick
John Furse
John H. Bratton
John Hancock
John Hepburn
John Holding
John Jones
John Michael Walters
John Mortin
John Mounsey
John Murray
John O'Sullivan
John P
John Partridge
John Pitts
John Poland
John Read
John Salmon
John Strutt
John Strutt;Dorothy Strutt
John Taggart
John Tarburn
John Taylor
John Walters
Johnson Mr R., Bromwich Mr D., McGovern Mr A.
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Andy
Johnson, B.
Johnson, C.
Johnson, D.
Johnson, Debbie
Johnson, E.
Johnson, J.F.
Johnson, L.
Johnson, Lee
Johnson, Lee. Charlton, Nancy. Simpson, Bob
Johnson, Lee. Simpson, Bob
Johnson, Lee. Simpson, Bob. Charlton,Nancy
Johnson, Lee.Simpson, Bob
Johnson, Mark
Johnson, Mr E.
Johnson, Mr R.
Johnson, P.
Johnson, Paul
Johnson, Rick
Johnson, Stephen
Johnston, David A.
Johnston, Keith
Johnston, Mr R.J.
Jolliffe, Mrs S.
Jolliffe, Mrs Sandra
Jolliffe, S. Mrs
Jolly, Mike
Jollye, Lorien
Jon Capel
Jon Cooter
Jon Cranfield
Jon Elliott
Jon Jones
Jon Noad
Jon Oakley
Jonas, T.
Jonathan Church
Jonathan Cranfield
Jonathan Goulder
Jonathan Mortin
Jones, A.
Jones, Adrian
Jones, Alan
Jones, Arwel
Jones, B.
Jones, Barrie
Jones, C.
Jones, C. and Roberts, M.J.
Jones, C.Trevor
Jones, Catherine
Jones, Colin
Jones, D.
jones, Dan
Jones, Dean
Jones, Dick
Jones, Dr Martyn
Jones, E.
Jones, E.J.
Jones, Evan
Jones, G .
Jones, G.H.
Jones, G.H./S.C.W.
Jones, Graham
Jones, Gregory H.
Jones, H.E.
Jones, I.
Jones, Iestyn
Jones, J.
Jones, J.E.
Jones, J.M.
Jones, Jamie
Jones, Jon
Jones, L.
Jones, Laura
Jones, Lee
Jones, Lynette
Jones, M.R.T.
Jones, Mike
Jones, Miss J.M.
Jones, Mr D.
Jones, Mr G.
Jones, Mrs I.
Jones, Mrs M.
Jones, Mrs W.
Jones, Naomi
Jones, P E
Jones, P. Hope
Jones, P.E.
Jones, R.
Jones, R. and Parker, J.R.
Jones, R.A.
Jones, R.D.C.
Jones, R.E.
Jones, Richard A.
Jones, Sam
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Stuart
Jones, T.
Jones, Tryfan
Jones, Vince
Jones-Walters, L.M.
Jonsson, L.
Jonsson, L.J.
Jonty Denton
Jonty S. Denton
Jopson, Rita
Jordan, J.C.
Joseph, Mark
Joseph, Tanya
Josh Phangurha
Joshua Evans
Jovita Kaunang
Joy, J.
Joyce, J.
Joyce, Joanne
Joynson, H.
Juan Alberdi
Judd, Dr S.
Judd, S.
Judd, S. and McWilliam, S.
Judd, Steve
Judith Dunford
Judith Robinson;John Mounsey;Nicola Evans;Sarah Harvey
Judith van Horn
Judson, M.
Julia Hancell
Julian Cremona
Julian P. Thompson
Julian Small
Julie @ Sir Plants A Lot
Julie and Chris
Julie Kerans
Juliet Hawkins
June Chatfield
June Chatfield and John H.P. Sankey
June Gittens
June Walker
Jupp, Colin
Justamond, Maria
Justin Walker
K. Crosby
K. Hawkins
K. Henson
K. Thomas
K.M. Rowland
K.N.A. Alexander
Kadas, G./Connop, S.
Kadas, Gyongyver
Kane, Erin
Kaner, John
Kapo, Andrea
Karen McCartney
Karia, Sanjay
Karim, Duaa Jamal
Karl Friedrich
Karl Graham
Kass Santry
Kate Jackson
Kate Rowland
Kate Statham
Kath Burkmar
Kath Clay
Katharine S. Foster
Katherine Cameron
Katherine Kite
Kathleen Martin
Kathleen Rosewarne
Kathryn Graves
Katie Searle
Katty Baird
Katy Swinburne
Kavanagh, N.
Kavanagh, Nick
Kay, C.M.
Kay, Elizabeth
Kay, Terri
Kay, Tracey
Kaye, Tim
Kealing-Rogers, Mrs
Keane, Emmajayne
Keane, Toby
Keay, A
Keay, A.N.
Keay, Andrew
Keay, Andy: Johns, Dick: Daws, John:Gregory, Steve
Keeble, Y.
Keefe, J
Keel, Alex
Keeliher, J.
Keeling, Derek
Keeling, Richard
Keen, Louise
Keeping, Ben
Keetley, Stanley
Keighley, C.
Keith & Joan Fox
Keith Alexander
Keith Blackmore
Keith Bland
Keith C.Lewis
Keith Fowler
Keith Herbert
Keith Hunter
Keith Kerr
Keith Lugg
Keith N.A. Alexander
Keith Plumridge
Keith Watson
Keith Wheeler
Keith Woods
Keith, Robert
Kelham, Audrey
Kellock, Brian
Kelly, C.
Kelly, E.
Kelly, Gareth
Kelly, Jonathan
Kelly, Joy
Kelly, Mrs Claire
Kelly, Pauline
Kelly, Stacey
Kelsey, Simon
Kemp, Bob
Kemp, R
Kemp, R.
Kempster, D.
Kempster, Darryl
Ken Hill
Ken Smith
Kendall, P.
Kenilworth, Binnie
Kennedy, C. and Burns, L.
Kennedy, Malcolm
Kennedy, P., Roberts, D. and Roberts, M.
Kennedy, P.J.
Kennedy, R.J.
Kennerley, D.
Kenny, I.
Kenny, Sarah
Kent, Mr R.
Kent, P.
Kent, R.
Kent, R. and McGovern, A.
Kenwood rangers
Kenworthy, Alan
Kern, Steve
Kernohan, J.
Kerr, Neil
Kerrigan, Scott
Kerry Bailey
Kershaw, Trevor
Ketteringham, I. E.
Kevin Fackrell
Kevin Newey
Kevin Royles
Kevin Rylands
Kew, H.W.
Kew, Mr H.Wallis.
Key, Dr R.S.
Key, Mr R.
Key, R.
Key, R.J.D. and Key, R.S.
Keynes, P.
Kibble, Nigel
Kibby, G.
Kidd, L.
Kidd, L.N.
Kidd, Mr F.L.
Kiddie, Mr R.
Kieran Nixon
Kilby, B.
Kilby, Brian
Killcross, C.
Killeen, I.J.
Killick, Tone
Kilner, M.
Kilner, Michael
Kilner, Mike
Kilner, Mike & Harper, John
Kilner, Mr M.
Kindrogan FC Spider Course (1993)
Kindrogan Spider Course
Kindrogan Spider Course 2010 (M. Davidson)
Kindrogan Spider Course 2012
King, Barrie
King, Gary
King, Geraldine
King, J.
King, Jamie
King, Jill
King, John
King, Ms Geraldine
King, Penny
King, Robert
King, Sara
Kingsbury, Nick
Kinnear, Pete
Kinnersley, Laurence
Kirby, Dr P.
Kirby, P.
Kirby, P. & Benyon, P.R.
Kirby, Peter
Kirk, A.
Kirk, Emma
Kirk, H.R.
Kirk, Helen
Kirk, Lisa
Kirk, Mr F.L.
Kirkpatrick, Betty
Kissane, D.
Kitchen, Samantha
Kitching, R.
Kluge, David
Knaggs, David
Knapp, Mr S.
Knapp, S.
Knapton, G.
Knapton, Hugh
Kneen, Hayley
Knight, Barrie
Knight, Clare
Knight, D.
Knight, G.
Knight, G.T.
Knight, Garry
Knight, Jayne
Knight, Maria
Knight, Mr D.
Knight, Nick
Knight, Nik
Knight, Philip
Knight, R.
Knight, Richard
Knight, Sara
Knight, Sheila
Knight, Starr
Knight, T.D.
Knight, W.
Knight, Wendy
Knill-Jones, R.
knill-jones, Robin
Knock, A.
Knower, Dominic
Knowles, A
Knowles, A.
Knowles, Adrian
Kolodziejska, Joanna
Korwin, P.
Koslicki, Matthew
Kouzapa, Svetlana
Kownacki, Nikki
Krimou, L.
Krischkiw, Peter
Kulczycki, Alessandro
Kuwornoo, Robert
L. Clemons
L. H. Doncaster
L. Jenyns
L. Rawlings
L. Taylor
La Touche, A.A.D.
Labbett, Roger
Lacey, Paul
Lachlan, Katie
Lack, A.
Lacy, John
Laing, M.
Lake, Mark
Laken-Louise Hives
Lalor, Patricia
Lamb, John
Lamb, Nick
Lamb, Paul
Lambdon, P.W.
Lambert, D.G.
Lambert, J.
Lambert, S.J.
Lambert, Sarah J.
Lamin, Mr J.
Lammiman, Mr F.
Lampel, G.P.
Lancashire Wildlife Trust
Lancaster, J.
Lancaster, V.
Lander, Frank
Lane, A.
Lane, Darren
Lane, David
Lane, K.
Lane, Mark
Lane, Ray
Lane, S.A./A.
Lane, T.
Lane, V.
Laney, Brian
Laney, Brian & Shute, Dave
Laney, Bryan
Laney, Paul
Lanfear, Terry
Lang, Christine
Langdon Hills CP
Langley, Brian
Langley, Roy
Langton, A.
Lansley, Amber
Lanyon, Sara
Larder, J.
Large, Lukas
Laskey, Iain
Last, B.
Last, Barbara
Lavelle, Tom
Lavery, A.
Law, Andrew
Law, N.
Law, Nick
Lawlor, Eamonn
Lawman, Dave
Lawrence Bee
Lawrence, Rachel
Lawrie, Iain
Lawson, A.K.
Lawton, Barbara
Layland, M.
Lazenby, A.S.
Lazenby, Mr A.
LDA Design
Le Gassick, J.
Le Gros, A.E.
Le Gros, Mr A.E.
le Gross, A.E.
Le Page. Mrs E.
Le Quesne, W.J.
Le Sueur, A.
Lea, Chris
Leach, H.C.
Leach, Miles
Leah, J.
Leaver, J.L.
Leavold, Zak
Lebrun, Suzanne
Lee Johnson
Lee Shields
Lee, D.
Lee, D.C.
Lee, Dave
Lee, Dawn
Lee, Laura
Lee, M.
Lee, Matthew
Lee, Mr D.C.
Lee, Mr P.
Lee, P.
Lee, Paul
Lee, Phil
Lee, R.
Lee, Tracey
Leech, M.J.
Leech, Michael
Leeds students
Lees, Mr M.
Leftwich, A.P.
Legg, Gerald
Legg, June
Lehane, M.
Leigh, Sarah
Leighton, R.
Leighton, R. and Mackie, D.W.
Leisk, William
lelo, N.
Lemon, Ellie
Lemon, Natalie
Lemon, W.
Lenel, Peter
Lepage, J.M.
Leport, Barbara
Les Hughes
Les Mosco
Lesa Campbell Brown
Lesa Campbell-Brown
Lesley Mills
Letter, J.
Lever, P.D.
Lewington, Mr W.
Lewington, R.
Lewis Curran
Lewis, Elfyn
Lewis, J.W.
Lewis, Jonathan
Lewis, Kai
Lewis, Keith
Lewis, Matt
Lewis, Matthew
Lewis, Ms J.
Lewis, P.
Lewis-Dobson, D.
Liam Andrews
Lickfold, James
Lidbury, T. D.
Lidgett, Angela
Lightowler, D.M.
Liley, Michael
Lim, Lucie
Limb, Mr. W.
Limbert, Martin
Linaker, Kim
Lincolnshire Naturalist Union
Lincolnshire Naturalists Union
Lind, Stephanie
Linda Underwood
Linda Wren,Lynn Jenkins,Chris Bentley
Lindley, John
Lindroth, C.H.
Lindsay Gemmell
Lindsay, Mrs
Linehan, F.
Linehan, R
Linklater, A.
Linley, Jim
Linwood, John
Lisa Flatman
Lisa Trownson
Lister, S.M.
Little, Brian and Stephanie
Little, Miss D.
Little, Paul
Livermore, S.
Liverpool Museum
Liverpool Museum survey team
Livsey, Julian
Liz Andrews
Liz B
Liz Huxley
Liz Rogers
Liz Wright
Lizzy Edson
Lloyd Bore
Lloyd Garvey
Lloyd, Adrienne
Lloyd, D.
Lloyd, D.F.
Lloyd, Julie
Lloyd, L.C. and Savory, T.H.
Lloyd, Marc
Lloyd, Mrs B.
Lloyd, Sarah
Lloyd-Evans, L.
Lloyd-Owen, David
LMS Enquiry
LNHS/BM survey
LNU Junior Member
LNU Member
Loader, Gary
Loader, Isabelle
Local schools
Locke, Roger
Locket & Millidge
Locket, E. et al
Locket, G.H.
Locket, G.H. & Millidge, A.F.
Locket, G.H. and Mackie, D.W.
Locket, G.H. and Millidge, A.F.
Locket, G.H. and Pickard-Cambridge, O.
Locket, G.H. et al
Locket, G.H., Stubbs, A.E. and Williams, S.A.
Locket, Mr G.H.
Lockie, H.
Lockley, R.M.
Lockton, Alex
Lockwood, Sarah
Loder, N.
Lodge, Mike
Lodhi, Dr.
Logan, T.
Logue, Brenda
Logunov, D. & Beccaloni, J.
Logunov, Dmitri
Lomas, Jennifer
London, Thomas
Long, Graham
Long, R.
Longbottom, H.
Longland, Jessica
Longrigg, Sarah
Lonsdale, David
Lorna Cole
Lothian Wildlife Information Centre
Lott, D.A.
Lou, Becky
Louis Lawler
Love, Brian
Love, Nikki
Lovelace, M.
Lovelace, Melody
Lovesey, Dr E.J.
Lovesey, E.J.
Lovett, Adam
Low, D.
Low, Mrs M.
Lowe, Mrs
Lowe, Steve
Lowe, Tom
Lowestoft Field Club member
Lowry, Roy
Loxton and Walker
Loxton, Dick
Loxton, Dr R.G.
Loxton, Dr. R.G.
Loxton, R.
Loxton, R.G.
Loxton, R.G.(and Moore, S J given same number)
Loy, Peter
Lucas, B.R.
Lucas, Jane
Lucas, L.
lucien, I-spot
Lucinda King
Luck, Peter
Lucy Arnold
Luff, Martin
Lugg, Mr K.
Lugman, Sousan
Luke Anderson
Luke Tilley
Luke, Phil
Lund, Tony
Lunn, R.P.
Lunniss, Julia
Lunt, D.
Lunt, Gaynor
Luscombe, Mr
Luscombe, Mr. K.R.
Lush, Colin
Lyall, Ruth
Lyden, John
Lydia Alborn
Lydia Trunecka
Lydiard, Edward
Lydon-Johnston, Jay
Lyel, Tony
Lynch, Ann
Lynch, Tony
Lynes, Mark
Lynette Choppin
Lynn Giddings
Lyon, Brian
Lyons, Graeme
Lyons, Thom
Lyster, I.H.J.
Lyszkowski, R.
Lyszkowski, R.W.J.
M Askins
M C Askins
M Edwards
M. Askins
M. B. Davidson
M. Donelly
M. Fellando
M. Fountain
M. Jeffrey
M. Mann
M. McKircher
M. Perry
M.B. Davidson
M.E. Bacchus
M.E.C.J. OR Hopkins, I.J.
M.H. Smith
Maasdorp, Mrs Lesley
Maass, Mandy
Mabbott, D.E.
Mabbott, P.
Mabbott, P.R.
Mabutt, P.
MacAuley, S.A.
MacDonald, Anthony
MacDonald, M.A.
MacDonald, S.
Mace, Peter
MacGarvin, Malcolm
MacGillivray, Fiona
MacGowan, I.
MacGregor, Andy
MacGregor, K.
Machan, M.J.
Machin, Mr N.C.
Machin, N.C.
Machin, Simon
MacInnes, K.
MacInnes, M.
Mack, F.D.
Mackay, Duncan
MacKay, H.
Mackay, Kiley
MacKay, Mr. And Mrs. J.R.
Mackenzie, David
MacKenzie, G.
MacKenzie, M.
MacKenzie, R.
Mackie, Angela
Mackie, D.W.
Mackie, D.W. and Parker, J.R.
Mackie, D.W. and Wallace, I.D.
Mackie, D.W. and Wild, A.M.
Mackie, D.W. et al
Mackie, D.W. et al.
Mackie, Mr D.W.
MacKinnon, Alastair
Mackwell, Tracey
MacLachlan, Craig
Maclachlan, Ian
MacLennam, R.
MacLennan, A.
MacM., Ian
MacMillan, E.
MacNeaney, Jason
MacRitchie, Evelyn
Madden, Teresa
Maddock, Ian
Maddock, Jennifer
Maddrell, Becky
Madeley, Adam
Madge Goodall
Magnus Sinclair
Maguire, A
Maguire, Chris
Maguire, Garret
Maguire, L.
Maguire, Sarah
Mahieu, N.
Major Bombylius iSpot
Makin, R.
Mal Bennett
Malcolm Ausden
Malcolm Brown
Malcolm Edmunds
Malcolm Lindsay
Malcolm Storey
Malcolm W. Storey
Malham Records
Mallabar, Carianwen
Mallender, James
Mallet, Nick
Mallett, N.
Mallinson, Bethany
Malsis School
Maltby, E.M.
Maltby, Mr GF
Manby, Beau
Manchester University MSc Group
Manchester, M.
Manco, Leon
Mander, P.B.
Maneata, Miss
Mangham, Dave
Mangle, John
Manito, Neil
Manley, John
Manlow, Steve L.
Mann, D.
Mann, D.J. and Veevers, D.
Mann, D.J./J.
Mann, J.
Mann, Karen
Mann, Kerry
Mann, P. (=Peter)
Mann, Phil
Manning, Sue
Mansbridge, W.
Mansfield, Bill
Mansfield, Karen
Manson, C.
Mantell, Adam
Marchant, Norman
Marcus Owen Brown
Marcus, Michelle
Margaret Blackburn
Margaret Rufus
Margaret Sparkes
Margerison, S. OR Margenson, S.
Mariel Lubman
Marine Biological Society Bioblitz
Mariner, R
Mariner, R.
Marion Bryce
Marion Cornforth
Marion Palmann
Mark Anderson
Mark Boyd
Mark G. Telfer
Mark G. Telfer 2xh
Mark Gurney
Mark Hancock
Mark Marshall
Mark Powell
Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard; Julia Simons
Mark Robinson
Mark Simmons
Mark Telfer
Marking, Mr J.
Marley, Kate
Maroni, Sue
Marquis, A.
Marriot, H.
Marriot, Scofield and Stewart
Marriott, Antony
Marriott, D
Marriott, D.
Marriott, D.E.
Marriott, Doug E.
Marriott, Mr D.
Marsden, Geoff
Marsden, Phil
Marsdon, R.
Marsh, R.
Marsh, Rachel
Marsh, RWH
Marsh, Susan
Marshall, Holly: Royston, Adrian
Marshall, Jack
Marshall, Linda
Marshall, R.
Marshall, Steve
Marshall, Victor
Marsland, John
Martell, Claudette
Martin & Mervynian Davies
Martin Albertini, Peter Hall & Erica Lewis
Martin Allison
Martin Askins
Martin C. Harvey
Martin C. Harvey and Dominic S. Harvey
Martin C. Harvey and Laura Fennell
Martin C. Harvey and Mike Dodd
Martin C. Harvey, David Green, James McGill, Paul Chapman
Martin Chadwick
Martin Collier
Martin Drake
Martin Frost
Martin Gorman
Martin Harvey
Martin Horlocks
Martin Luff
Martin Pitcher
Martin Robinson
Martin Slater
Martin Townsend
Martin V. Albertini
Martin V. Albertini 1h6
Martin V. Albertini & Andy McVeigh
Martin V. Albertini & Neil Fletcher
Martin V. Albertini & Peter R. Hall
Martin Wain
Martin, B
Martin, Bev
Martin, Claire
Martin, Gary
Martin, J.
Martin, Jaime
Martin, Jeff
Martin, John
Martin, John P
Martin, Justine
Martin, K.
Martin, Keith
Martin, Margaret
Martin, Mike
Martin, Mrs K.
Martin, N.A.
Martin, Neil
Martin, R.H.
Martin, Robert
Martynka, Joanna
Marwick, F.C.
Mary Atkinson
Mary Biggins
Mary Padfield
Mary Smith
Maslin, Jayne
Mason, Brenda
Mason, J.
Mason, Mike
Mason, Mr James Eardly
Mason, R.
Masood, Samia
Massey, Steven
Massie, M
Massie, Mick
Massingham, Liz
Massocchi, Janine
Masson, G.
Mather, J.
Mathews, Kate
Mathias, J.
Matkin, L.
Matt E.A. Shardlow
Matt Napier
Matt Parkins
Matt Prince
Matt Shardlow
Matt Vernon
Matt Wosdale
Matthew Chatfield
Matthew Lofthouse
Matthew McGlennon
Matthew Vosper
Matthews, Colin
Matthews, Darren
Matthews, Don
Matthews, Emma
Matthews, Jo
Matthews, Jonathan
Matthews, L.
Matthews, M.J.
Matthews, Mr A.
Matthias, David
Maude, D.
Maude, David
Maudsley, M.J.
Maudsley, Martin
Maurice Waterhouse
Maurice Waterhouse (Coombes and Churnet Compts 1 to 38)
Mawdesley, T.
Mawdsley, T.
Mawson, Robert
Maxim, Debbie
Maxwell, S.
May, Linda
May, M.
May, Martin
May, T.
May, T. & Carrick, A.
Mayer, Mr N.
Mayer, N.
Mayers, Mrs J.
Mayes, D.
Maynard, G.
Mayo, Amanda
Mayzes, S.
McAllister, D.W.
McAllister, David
McBride, Kath
McCall, M.
McCambridge and Stewart, J.A.
McCandless, Michelle
McCandlish, K.
McCann, A.
McCann, Anna
McCarthy, Andrew
McCarthy, C.
Mccarthy, Clive
McCartney, Karen
McCauley Inst.
McCleary, J.
McCleary, Jim
McCleary, Martin
McClenaghan, I.
Mcclintock, D.
McClure, Bonnar
McConnell, Stuart
McCoo, Kelsi
McCormack, K.
McCormick, Brian
McCormick, Laura
McDermott, Lisa
McDonald, Bruce
McDonald, R.
McEwan, Elizabeth
McFerran, D.
McFerran, Dr D.
McFerran, Dr D., Cameron, Dr A.
McGarry, Stephen
McGaw, Christopher
McGaw, John
McGee, K.
McGill, J.
McGill, James
McGinty, Marco
McGlennon, Louise
McGough, Philip
McGovern, Mr A.
McGowan, R.Y.M.
McGrath, David
McGrath, Jude
McGuigan, Carol
McGuiness, Hugh
McHardy, Colin
McHugh, Sean
Mcilwraith, Ben
McInnes, G.Y.
McKay, C.
McKeating, Miss
Mckee, Claire
McKellar, J.B.
Mckenna, Mark
McKenna, S.
Mckenzie, Scott
Mckeown, Joe
McKerchar, M.
McKerracher, Ian
Mclaughlin, S.
Mclean, E.
McLean, Rob
McLellan, Ms E.
McLennan, Amy
McLennan, Calum
McLeod, C.
McLeod, Colin R.
McLeod, Jordan
McLeod, N.
McLeod, N.M.
McLevy, T.
McMellon, Richard
McMillan, N.F.
McMullan , Gemma
McNair, Gordon
McNeil, J.N.
McNiff, Evelyn
McNulty, John
McPhail, Glen
McPherson, Caroline
McWilliam S.J.
McWilliam, June
McWilliam, Mr S.J.
Mcwilliam, S.
McWilliam, S.J.
McWilliam, Stephen
Meace, Paul
Mead, A.R.
Mead, Gary
Meade, Paul
Meade, R.H.
Meadows, Jason
Mearns, R.
Mears, Carrie-Ann
Mears, Charlie
Mears, Mrs J.E.
Mee, Samantha
Meecham, Joanne
Meek, Steve
Meg Skinner
Meiklejohn, J.W.
Meilleur, E.
Mellor, Mr A.
Melville, Paul
Melvin, Steve
Member of Public
Members of Brit. Arachnol. Soc.
Mendel, H.
Menear, Emily
Menichino, N.
Mennell, Charles
Menzies, I.S.
Menzies, Joanne
Mercer, Kevin
Meredith, Dr Guy
Merrett, C.
Merrett, C., et. Al.
Merrett, C.A. and Read, H.J.
Merrett, C.M.
Merrett, C.M.(Cardiff Museum)
Merrett, Cynthia
Merrett, Dr P.
Merrett, Ms C.M.
Merrett, P
Merrett, P.
Merrett, P. and Murphy, J.
Merrett, P. and Rowe
Merrett, P. and Snazell, R.
Merrett, P. and Wild, A.M.
Merrett, P./R Snazell
Merrett, Peter
Merridan, T.
Merrifield, Mr Ian
Merritt, Mr R.
Merritt, P.
Merritt, R.
Merritt, R., Pollitt, M.S.
Merritt, Roy
Merryweather, J.
Merseyside Museum Friends
Metcalf, M.
Metcalfe, Andy
Metcalfe, M.
Meyers, G.
Miah, Armin
Michael Bastable
Michael Taylor
Michael Walter
Michael Williams
Michael, Allen
Michal Zrust
Michelle Berry
Mickleburgh, J.
Micu, Charley
Mid-Wales 1995 Survey Team
Middlemarch Environmental Ltd
Middleton, A.
Middleton, Andrew
Middleton, Hugh
Mielcarek, R.
Mike Ball
Mike Davidson
Mike Duffy
Mike E. Dodd
Mike Edwards
Mike Everett
Mike Fallon
Mike G. Rutherford
Mike Goss
Mike Hounsome
Mike Killeby
Mike Killeby 1h6
Mike Pinhorn
Mike Roberts & Peter Merrett
Mike Russell
Mike Rutherford
Mike Williams
mike wise
Miles James
Miles, Jon
Miles, Lee
Miles, P.M.
Miles, S.
Millard, A.
Millard, Gary
Millenium Volunteers (Herefordshire Trust)
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Benedict
Miller, John E.
Miller, K (Keith)
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mr B.
Miller, Russell
Miller, Sebastien
Millidge, A.F.
Millidge, A.F. & Locket, G.H.
Millington, M.
Millingworth, Matt
Millport FSC Spider Course 2016
Mills, Charlie
Mills, G.
Mills, Louise
Mills, Steve
Millward, Helen
Milner, E.
Milner, Edward
Milner, J. Edward
Milner, J.E.D.
Milner, Mick
Milner, S.E.
Milroy, Helen
Milward, Richard
Milway, G.
Miners, T.
Miss J E Binding
Miss S C Stowe
Miss Tench
Mitchell, B.R.
Mitchell, Chris R.
Mitchell, D.
Mitchell, Dr R.
Mitchell, Emilie
Mitchell, Ewan
Mitchell, Jim
Mitchell, M.
Mitchell, Margaret
Mitchell, Mrs
Mitchell, Stephen
Mitu Barmonroy
MKA Ecology
Moates, G.
Mobsby, Piers
Mock, A.
Mock, Andreas
Mohamed, Naim
Mohammed, N.
Moir, Derek
Moira Jenkins
Mold, Terry
Molenkamp, Ted
Molesworth, B.
Monaghan, Rachel
Mondon, Emily
Monk, Dave
Monks Wood
Monson, F.D.
Montane Spider Project,
Moody, Steve
Moon, K.
Moore, Dominic
Moore, G.
Moore, Lauren
Moore, N.
Moore, Penny
Moore, Prof P.G.
Moore, Rebecca
Moore, S.
Moore, S.J.
Moorhen, Neil
Morag Mackinnon
Moran, S
Moran, S.A.
More, Elaine
Morey, F.
Morgan, Amanda
Morgan, Gemma
Morgan, H.I.
Morgan, I.K.
Morgan, I.W.
Morgan, Jenny
Morgan, Julian
Morgan, M
Morgan, M.J.
Morgan, Mr
Morgan, Mr I.K.
Morgan, Mrs Joan
Morgan, Mrs M.J.
Morgan, Pat
Morgan, Spillane
Morley, C.
Morley, John
Morley, Kirsty
Morley, Mark
Morley, Mr C.
Moroz, O.
Morrell, J., G. & A.
Morris, David
Morris, Diana
Morris, Eve
Morris, Garry
Morris, John
Morris, L.T.
Morris, Len
Morris, P.
Morris, Peter
Morris, S.
Morrison, C.
Morrison, Ewen
Morson, Sebastian
Mortensen, Guy
Mortimer, Gary
Morton, Janet
Morua, S.
Mosedale, D.
Moseley, M
Moseley, M.
Mosely, Sir O. and Brown, E.
Moses, Jamie
Moses, R.
Moss, Dave
Moss, Laura
Moss, Pete
Moss, Simon
Mosse, P.
Mothersill, C.
Moule, Malcolm
Mounsey, J.D.
Mountford, S.
Mousley, H.J.
Mousley, J.
Moutrey, Rebekah
Mowles, G.
Moynan, H.J.
Moyse, David
Mr A R Godfrey
Mr A S Lazenby
Mr B Wilkinson
Mr Beaulah
Mr D C Lee
Mr D J Leeming
Mr D Mears
Mr E C Riggall
Mr E J Redshaw
Mr G W Whatmough
Mr J Cordeau
Mr J H Bratton
Mr J H Duddington
Mr Jerry Butler
Mr John Lamin
Mr Johnston
Mr Paul Hillyer
Mr S A Williams
Mr Stephen McWilliam
Mr Steve Green
Mr Steve McWilliam
Mr Steve S. J. McWilliam
Mr Steven Taylor
Mr Zighary
Mr, R. Hartles
Mr. Carter
Mroczynski, James
Mrs Gibson
Mrs Horton
Mrs J E Mears (Miss J E Binding)
Mrs Jones
Mrs Julia Hancell
Mrs M.Sandham
Mrs R.M. Akehurst
Mrs S Stares
Mrs Shirwin
Mrs Tomkin
Mrs. J. Stevenson
Ms A Burrows
Mueller, D.
Mueller, D., Diana
Muldoon, Kelly
Mullineaux, J.F.
Munday, Carol
Munday, Miss K.
Munday, Susan
Munday, T.
Mundell, A.R.G.
Mundell, Lucy
Murchison, H.
Murdo Macdonald
Murgatroyd, H.
Murgatroyd, J H
Murgatroyd, J.H.
Murgatroyd, Mr J.H.
Murphy, Carl
Murphy, D.
Murphy, F., Read, H., Spilling, C. and Thomas, T.
Murphy, F./J.
Murphy, F.M. and Murphy, J.A.
Murphy, F.M. et al
Murphy, J.
Murphy, J.A.
Murphy, John
Murphy, Lorraine
Murphy, M.D.
Murphy, Matthew
Murphy, Mr
Murphy, Mr.
Murphy, Mr.?
Murphy, Mrs F.M.
Murphy, Patrick
Murray, Adrian
Murray, C.
Murray, Frank
Murray, Louise
Murray, Rob
Murray, Simon
Murrell, L.
Muscat, Sophie
Museum Staff
Museum Survey Team
Musgrove, S.D.
Mussell, D.
Mutch, Chris
Myers, A.
Myers, G.
Myers, Joe
Myers, Valerie
Mylotte, Miss V.J.
Mylotte, Mrs V.
Mylotte, V.J.
Myring, Mark
N. Borissow
N. Greatorex-Davies
N. Halpin
N.Bacciu and K.Rylands
N.E.Simpson (Mr)
Nadine Barrell
Nairn, Mr R.G.W.
Nalywajko, Dmytro
Naomi Ewald
Nash, B.
Nash, Caroline
Nash, Gillian
Nash, J.
Nash, Neil
Nathan Holmes
Nathan Thomas
Nathaniel Bell
National Museum of Wales
Nature Conservancy Council
Nau, B.S.
NCC Files
NCC files Lyndhurst
NCC Survey
NCC Survey/Contract
Neal Egerton
Neal, Andrew
Neale, L.
Neale, Roger
Neil and Sonia
Neil Fletcher
Neil Harvey
Neil Lambert
Neil Pike
Neil Rigby
Neil Robinson
Neil Sherman
Neill, Bill
Neill, W
Neilson, Allan
Nelder, Mrs
Neller, David
Nellist, D
Nellist, D.
Nellist, D.R.
Nellist, D.R. et al
Nellist, Mr D.R
Nellist, Mr D.R.
Nelson, J. M.
Nelson, J.M.
Nelson, M.
Nelson, Mr B.
Nelson, Mr B., McFerran, Dr D., Maxwell, Mr P.
Nelson, Mrs K.
Nelson, Raphael
Nelson, Wendy
Ness, Alan
Neville, Caroline
Neville, Clare
Neville, Patrick
Nevinson, E.B.
Newall, Mark
Newbury, Ben
Newcastle Environmental Health
Newcastle Health Department
Newcastle Museum
Newcastle U3A
Newell, Alan
Newham, Graham
Newlands, Gavin
Newman, Brenda
Newman, M.
Newmark, Mr. And Mrs. R.
Newport, Ms B.
Newton, Dan
Newton, Georgette
Newton, J.M.
Newton, Jennifer
Newton, JM
Newton, JM and Blackledge, D
Newton, Lisa
Newton, Mr. F.J.
Newton, Mrs J.M
Newton, Mrs J.M.
Newton, Mrs Tracy
Newton, Roger
Newtown NT Bioblitz
NHM Survey
Niall Currie
Niamh Wilson
Nicholls, David
Nichols, Barry
Nicholson, Gillian
Nicholson, John
Nicholson, P.
Nicholson-Ross, Glyn
Nick Bowles
Nick Crouch
Nick Elsey
Nick Garbutt
Nick Law
Nick Millar
Nick Oliver
Nick Owens
Nick Pratt
Nicki Farmer
Nicola Bacciu
Nicola Crockford
Nicolet, Ms P.
Nicoll, M.
Nicoll, Mr M.
Nigel Albertini
Nigel Cane-Honeysett
Nigel Gilligan
Nigel Sawyer
Nigel Wood
Nigh, Janet
Nik Reynolds Reynolds, Nik
Nimbus, Nik
Nimroozi, Surosh
Nisbet, Elaine
Niven, C.
Nix, Jon
Nixie, Belinda
Nixon, I.
Nixon, W.
Nizinskyj, Paul
Noakes, Joanne
Noakes, William
Noble, David
Noble, F.A.
Noble, Keith
Noble, Martin
Noble, Pauline
Noble, S.J.B.
Noden, Chris
Nolan, M.
Noonan, Shannen
Noons, Rob
Norbury, Gareth
Norcup, D.
Norcup, Mr D.
Norledge, R.
Norman Grist
Norman Hodgson
Norman, Peter
Norman, S
Norris, A.
Norris, A: Rundle, A: Lloyd Evans, L: Lloyd Evans, Mrs: Rands, E
Norris, Alison
Norris, Ben
Norris, F.
Norris, Philip
North, June
Northfield, James
Northfield, Lorraine
Northumberland Border Mires Invertebrate Project
Northumberland Wildlife Trust
Not recorded
not stated
not stated in report
Notman, J.
Notton, David G.
Notton, P.
Nunes, Carlos
Nuthall, Tony
Nutkins, Paul
O'Boyle, J.
O'Brien, Tim
O'Brien, Tony
O'Doherty, Aideen
O'Doherty, Oliver
O'Donnell, Donal
O'Donnell, Stephen
O'Donovan, Sandra
O'Duill, Ruairi
O'Farrell, Patrick
O'Hara, Dr Rachel
O'Hara, Rachel
O'Hare, Simon
O'Kerwin, S.J.
O'Mara, C.
O'Neill, Chris
O'Sullivan, Hayley
O.J & A. Thitchener
Oakden, Jessica
Oakley, D.
Oakley, Ian
Oartridge, J.
Oconnor, Aj
Oddy, C. and Oddy, L.
Odysseas Kontovourkis
Offord, Zoe
Ogden , Peter
Ogden, P.
Ogilvy, S.
Ogle, David
Ogle, J.
Ogle, James
Olaf Booy
Oldfield, Paul
Oldham, C.
Oliver Clark
Oliver, Pauline
Ollerenshaw, C.
Olsher, Christina
Olwen Williams
Opie, Treve
Oppenheim, David
Opris, Andrada
Orford Ness 1997 Survey Team
Organ, D.
Orgee, J.
Orielton FC Spider Course, 1987
Orielton FC Spider Course, 1988
Orielton FC Spider Course, 1989
Orielton FC, BAS week, 2001
Orme, C. and Orme, D.
Orme, J.
Ormerod, Jim
Ormerod, P.
Ormerod, S.H.
Orwin, Leigh
Osadnik, Celeste
Osben, Rachel
Osborn, P.
Osborne, J.E.
Osborne, John
Osborne, N.&l.
Osborne, Nick
Osborne, R.D.
Osbourne, Lee
Osman, J.
Osmond, Matthew
Ostacchini, Rob
Ostler, Mrs J.
Ostoja-Starzewski, J.C.
Oswin, J.C.
Oszczudlowska, Jolanta
Other, Mr A.N.
Ottey, D.A.
Oughton, Jack
Oundle School Reports
Outen, A.
Outtridge, Nick
Ovis, S.
Owen, C.
Owen, D./Cross, I.
Owen, J.
Owen, J. and Williams, A.
Owen, Jenny
Owen, Julie
Owen, R.
Oxford Brookes McGreggor Lab summer school
Oxford, G.
Oxford, G. S.
Oxford, G. S. & Pewtress, J.
Oxford, G.S.
Oxford, G.S. and Warren, J.
Oxford, G.S./Newton, J.
Oxford, Geoff
Oxford, R. H.
Oxford, R.H.
Oxford, Roma
Oxford, Tim
Oxfordshire VCH
P Boardman
P F Baker
P Kirby
P, Dan
P. Collyer
P. Fisher
P. Kinnear
P. Kirby & C. Kirby-Lambert
P. Marsh
P. Meiners
P. Stephenson
P.D. Gabbutt & P.E. Jones
P.N. & K. Lawrence
P.R. Harvey
P.R.Harvey & course participants
P.W. Lambley
Pack-Beresford, D.R.
Packer, Mrs Julie
Page, David
Page, Lloyd
Page, M.
Page, Simon
Paice, Michael
Pain, Mr J.
Pain, T.J.
Paine, Annie
Paine, Vic
Pais, Pedro
Pajak, Mark
Palmer, A.
Palmer, Andy
Palmer, L.
Palmer, M.
Palmer, P.J.
Palmer, Paul
Palmer, S.
Palmer, S.M.
Palmer, Simon
Palmer-Bench, Alexandra
Pam & Peter Wilson
Pamela Kay
Panter, Sandra
Papworth, H.
Papworth, Ruth
Paramonov, A.
Pardoe, C.
Pardoe, Ginette
Park, F.
Parker, A.
Parker, Adam
Parker, Alfred
Parker, Angela
Parker, B.
Parker, C.B.
Parker, E.
Parker, J.
Parker, J.R.
Parker, J.R. et al
Parker, John
Parker, John R.
Parker, Julie
Parker, Lee
Parker, Mr J.R.
Parker, Mr M.
Parker, Mr Mick
Parker, R.(=Bob)
Parker, R.J.
Parker, S.
Parker, Shane
Parker, Victoria
Parker, Wanda
Parkin, J.
Parkins, Matt
Parkinson, H.
Parkinson, Wendy
Parmenter, Nikki
Parmerter, L.
Parr, Ann
Parr, Matthew
Parry, Ewan
PARSLOW, Rosemary
Parsons, A.J.
Parsons, E.
Parsons, Mr E.
Parsons, Mr E.A.
Parsons, Richard
Parsons, Robert
Parsons, Tracey
Partridge, J
Partridge, John
Partridge, Mr W.J.
Partridge, W.J.
Pash, Steve
Pashby, Alan
Pashley, Chris
Pashley, Tom
Pask, Robert
Paskin, Mr M.W.J.
Passey, S.
Passmore Edwards Museum
Passmore Edwards Museum Team
Pat Allen, Mrs
Pat Middleton;Terry Middleton
Patel, Faizel
Patel, Nishi
Paterson, Ross
Patterson, D.
Patterson, Kareth
Patterson, Rev. and Mrs. T.
Pattison, H
Paul Bowman
Paul Bowyer
Paul Butter
Paul Cook
Paul Eele
Paul Ewings
Paul Fisher
Paul Gainey
Paul Kennedy
Paul Lee
Paul Mileham
Paul Nolan
Paul Richards
Paul Thrush HMWT
Paul Watts
Paul, I.
Paul, Nigel
Paul, W.
Paula Lightfoot
Pauli, Loriana
Pauline Jepson
Pauline Popely
Pavett, Mr P.M.
Pavett, P.M.
Pawlak, A.
Pay, Andy
Payne, D.
Payne, R
Payne, R.
Payne, R.G.
Payne, R.G. & Harvey, P.R.
Payne, Roger G.
Peachey, Nicole
Peacock, Christopher
Peacock, E. A. W., Cordeaux, J.
Peacock, E. A.W., Peacock, Max
Peacock, E.A.W.
Peacock, Glenda
Peacock, Max
Peacock, Rev. E. A. W.
Peacock, Rev. E. A. W., Peacock, Max, Rev. Thornley, A.
Peacock, Rev. E. A. W., Rev. Thornley, A.
Peacock. Rev. E A. W., Brewster, Rev. H. C.
Peak, Juanita
Peaker, Grant
Pearce, David
Pearce, F.R.
Pearce, S.M.
Pearcey, F.G.
Pearman, Catherine
Pearman, Faye
Pearman, Rob
Pearshouse, Jessica
Pearson, Catie
Pearson, David
Pearson, J.
Pearson, John
Pearson, Naomi
Pearson, Peter
Pearson, R.G.
Pearson, R.G. and White, E.
Pearson, T.
Peart, David
Pease, Ian
Peat, Katy
Pedersen, Hannah
Pedersen, Trevor
Pederson, Trevor
Peel, Neil
Peel, R.J.
PEM Survey Team
Pemberton, Roy
Pembroke, Mr I.
Pendleton T & D
Pengally, Cathy
Penhaligon, Lynne
Penney, D
Pennington, Jane
Pennington, Michael
Pennington, R.
Penny, C.W.
Penny, Kimberley
Penny, Mr A.
Penrose, R.
Pepper, Celia
Percival, Chris
Pereira, Shane
Perkins, Iain
Perry Fairman
Perry, Angie
Perry, D.
Perry, F.
Pescod, Jonathan
Pete Boardman
Pete Gotham
Pete Lambert
Pete Moore
Peter Boardman
Peter Burness
Peter Burton
Peter Cowley
Peter Crawford & Ana Vav
Peter Creed
Peter Gilchrist
Peter Harvey
Peter Hodge
Peter Holden
Peter Kirby
Peter Mensikov
Peter Merrett
Peter Murray
Peter Newbery
Peter Nicholson
Peter R. Hall 1h6
Peter Russell
Peter S. Erskine
Peter Skidmore
Peter Smithers
Peter Vaughan
Peter Vincent
Peter Walker
Peter West
Peter Winter
Peterborough Environmental Records Centre
Peters, Rozi
Petley-Jones, R
Petley-Jones, Rob
Pettigrew, Chris
Petyt, John
Petyt, John & Gaunt, Eddie
PG Smith
Phil A. Budd
Phil Burfield
Phil Carter
Phil Cottier
Phil Jackson
Phil Pye
Phil Shaw
Phil Smith
Phil Taylor
Phil Ward
Phil Wilkins
Phil Wragg
Philbin, Jasmin
Philip Ashmole
Philip Baldwin
Philip Budd
Phillip Collyer
Phillips, A. L.
Phillips, A.P.
Phillips, Andrew
Phillips, Carole
Phillips, H.
Phillips, Hilary
Phillips, Ian
Phillips, Lindsay
Phillips, Lyn
Phillips, M.
Phillips, MR A P
Phillips, Mr. R.S.
Phillips, Neil
Phillipson, J.
Philp, B.
Philp, Bruce
Philp, E.G.
Philp, E.G. and Rundle, A.J.
Philp, Eric
Pianta-McGill, Arabella
Pickard, M.
Pickard-Cambridge, F.O.
Pickard-Cambridge, O
Pickard-Cambridge, O.
Pickens, D.
Pickering, A.
Pickering, Matthew
Pickering, R
Pickering, R.
Picking, C.
Picking, Mrs C.
Pickthorne, Mrs N.
Pickup, Brenda
Pickwell, Andrew: Fox, Marcus
Pilcher, Daniel
Pilcher, P.
Pilling, E.
Pilling, L.
Pimm, Kevin
Pinchen, B.J.
Pinchen, Brian
Pinchen, Bryan
Pinkerton, W.
PIp Collyer
Piper, Jodie
Pisolkar, Dr E., Watson, Mr W.R.C.
Pitman, Emmanuel
Pitman, Oliver
Pitt, R.
Pittkin, Mrs
Pittman, M.& S.
Pitts, John
Pitty, Andy
Pizzey, Charles
Plant Gall Group
Plant, Adrian
Plant, C.W.
Plant, C.W. & Ashby, M.
Plant, Colin
Plant, Colin W.
Plant, Stephen
Platt, Andrew
Playford, Phil
playford, phillip
Plummer, Stephen
Pochin, Christine
Pockett, Louise
Poland, Cerin
Poland, Jo
Poland, John
Polden, John
Polden, Jon
Polednicek, Adam
Pollack, D.
Pollard, David
Pollitt, M.S.
Polly Taylor
Pond Action
Ponsonby, Dr David
Ponting, John
Poole, Andrew
Poole, Lawrie
Poole, Mr
Poole, Mr.
Poorman, Larry
Popovici, Genti
Popovici, Gentiana
Porter, D.
Porter, Keith
Porter, Mr P.
Porter, Mrs M.
Porter, N.W.
Porter, Phil,. Binding A E
Porter, Phil., Binding, A.
Posnett, Mr G.L.A.
Potts, Geoff
Poulter, Ross
Powell, D.F.
Powell, Liz
Powell, Zoe
Powne, Mr J.D.
Powney, James
Poynton-Craig, Clare
Poyser, S.
Poyser, Sue
Practical Ecology Ltd.
Praeger, R.L.
Pratt, Rebecca
Pravia, Ainoa
Precey, P.
Precious, Stuart
Preece, Jonathon
Preedy, J.
Prep School
Presnell, C.
Pressland, K.O.
Preston, C.D.
Preston, H.
Preston-Mafham, Dr, R.A.
Preston-Mafham, K. and Preston-Mafham, R.A.
Prestwood, Kain
Prestwood, Mr W.V.
Price, A.
Price, J.M.
Price, Margaret
Price, Michelle
Price, R.
Price, Richard
Price, Trevor
Prichard, R.
Priddey, Chris
Priest, Hayley
Priest, Mr J.
Priestley, Alex
Priestley, Steve (home)
Prince, Kelly
Prince, Matthew
Pritchard, Alan
Pritchard, Hadley
Procter, D.
Procter, Miss D
Procter, Miss D.A.
Procter, P.
Proctor, Jeremy
Proctor, P.
Prof. Garth N. Foster
Prof. Garth N. Foster & Brian Nelson
Prof. Susan Limbrey
Proklov, Vlad
Prosser, Harry
Protheroe, Simon
Proudfoot, Mr Iain
Prowle, Mark
Pryce, D.
Pugh, Bethany
Pugh, Dylan
Pugh, M.N.
Pullicino, Jordan Mrs
Pullin, John
Purbrick, R
Purbrick, R.
Purgle Linham
Purkiss, John
Putman, Sue
Puttick, Katherine
Pye, Detective J
Pye, J.
Pyner, Tim
Pyrah, B.
Qualtrough, Andrew
Quartermain, Monica
Quilter, H.J.
Quin, Corinne
R A Crowson
R Clarke
R Hancy
R. A. Winnall
R. Allison
R. Boyce & Hill, BCS
R. Dawson
R. Gaze
R. Price
R. Walker
R.A. Jones
R.A.E.Conservation Group
R.C. Welch
R.D. Hawkins
R.E. Jones
R.E. Stebbings
R.G. (Gloucs)
R.H. Meade
R.S. George
Rabone, Tony
Raby, Cliff
Race, Ruth
Rachael Rhodes & Richard Burkmar
Rachel Bicker
Rachel Keen
Rachel O'Hara
Rachel Pickering
Radford, J.
Radford, Natasha
Radmore, Marcus
Rainbird, B.
Ralph, Matthew
Ralph, Mr Sim
Ralpty, L./HWT
Ramsey, P.
Randall, A. (= Jennings, A.)
Randall, Graham
Randall, Janice
Randall-Jackson, A.
Randall-Jackson, A. and Standen, Mr.
Randerson, Elliott, Keeling, Chris, Gibson, Dr Chris
Randle, A.J.
Rands, D.
Rands, D.G.
Rands, E.B.
Rands, M.
Ranger/English Nature
Rankin, C.
Rankin, Charlotte.
Rankin, J.
Rankin, Scott
Ranner, B
Ransome, Sheldon
Rapley, M.
Rapp, W.F.
Rasik Bhadresa
Raskill, Vanessa
Raven, Sue
Rawcliffe, C.P.
Rawlings C.A
Rawlings, C.
Rawlings, Sally
Ray Matthews
Ray Ruffell
Ray Symonds
Ray Wright
Ray, Rosie
Raybould, Andrew
Rayment, S.R.
Raymond, Craig
Raymont, Ms S.R.
Rea, Brenda
Read, H.
Read, H. and Rowland, K.M.
Read, H., Spilling, C. and Thomas, T.
Read, H.J.
Read, Helen
Read, Mr R.W.J.
Read, S.
Read-Jones, Robert H.
Reader, Neil
Reading students
Readman, F.
Rebecca Good
Redbridge Conservation Team
Reddaway, Jo
Redding, Martin
Reddy, Keith
Redgate, N.D.
Redman, Brian
Redman, Katherine
Reece, Teresa
Reed, Laura
Rees, Gareth
Rees, J.
Rees, Jenny
Rees, S.
Reeve, Nigel
Reeve, P.J.
Reeves, Melanie
Reeves, Michelle
Reeves, Ray
Reid, A.W.
Reid, Aaron
Reid, David
Reid, Dylan
Reid, Peter
Reid, Tara
Rendall, Mervyn
Rennie, James
Renouf-Miller, Lee
Renshaw, Linda
Renshaw, Maria
Renton, M.
Reporter at Surrey Advertiser/Surrey Times
Reubens, Doug
Rev. E A Woodruffe-Peacock
Revels, Richard
Revill, Steve
Reynolds, Darren
Reza, C.
Rhodes, J.D.
Rhodes, John
Rhodes, Mr O.C.
Rhodes, Stephen
Ribolla, D.
Richard and Ivy White
Richard Angliss
Richard Bashford
Richard Bennett
Richard Burkmar
Richard Burkmar & Richard Price
Richard Carpenter
Richard Chadd
Richard Comish
Richard Commont
Richard Evans
Richard Gallon
Richard Neil
Richard Porter
Richard Price
Richard Revels
Richard Rogers
Richard Rowlandson
Richard Rowlinson
Richard Smith
Richard Snelling
Richard Sutcliffe
Richard Thaxton
Richard Tomlinson
Richard Vulliamy
Richard Weddle
Richard Wilson
Richard, Anne-Marie
Richard, Stephanie
Richards, Adrian
Richards, Carol
Richards, Christian
Richards, Clodagh
Richards, Colin
Richards, David
Richards, Gerry
Richards, J.
Richards, J.P.
Richards, Keith
Richards, P.
Richards, Paul
Richardson, Andre
Richardson, Caroline
Richardson, D.T.
Richardson, J.
Richardson, John
Richardson, Michael
Richardson, Mr P.
Richardson, Mr T.
Richardson, Mr.
Richardson, Mrs B.
Richardson, Ms S.
Richardson, P.
Richardson, Paul
Richardson, S.
Richardson, Stephen
Richardson, Steve
Riches, C.
Rickard, R.M.
Riddell, Kay
Riddiford, Nick
Riddleston, Lauren
Ridell, Alan
Ridgeway, Sam
Ridgway, G.
Ridsdale, Philip
Rigby, Brian
Rigby, Robin
Rigg, E.
Riggal, E. C. & Kirk, F. L.
Riggall, E.C., James, B.C.
Riggall, Miss D. & Whatmough, Mr G. W.
Riggall, Miss L.J.
Riggall, Mr E. C. Riggall & Riggall, Miss J
Riggall, Mr E.C.
Riggall, Mr E.C., Whatmough, Mr G.
Rigsby, Ben
Riley, Joe
Riley, M.
Riley, Paul
Riley, Richard
Riley, Sean
Riley, T.
Riley, T.H.
Ring, J.
Ripon Cath. choir School
Risby, Ali
Risby, Allen
Ritchie, M.
Rixom, Mr W.G.
Rixom, Mr W.G., Stanney, Mr J.D.
Rixom, W.G.
Rob Brown
Rob Coleman
Rob Hawkes
Rob Macklin
Rob Mungovan
Rob Parker
Rob Petley-Jones
Rob Sheldon
Rob Smith
Rob Smith & Zoe Ringwood
Rob Wolton
Robb, K.
Robbins, Chris
Robbins, J.
Robert Burton
Robert Cumming
Robert Garrod
Robert McIntyre/Edmund Fellowes
Robert Merritt
Robert Yaxley
Roberts, Ben
Roberts, Chris
Roberts, D.J.
Roberts, D.J. & Roberts, M.J.
Roberts, D.J. and Roberts, M.J.
Roberts, Debra
Roberts, Dr M J & J Roberts, Dobson, Mr S., Kent, Mr R.
Roberts, Dr M.J.
Roberts, Dr. M. J., Dobson, S.
Roberts, J
Roberts, Jamie
Roberts, Louise
Roberts, M.
Roberts, M.J.
Roberts, M.J. et al
Roberts, M.J., S. Dobson et al,
Roberts, Mr Richard
Roberts, P.
Roberts, Philippa
Roberts, Samantha
Robertson, A.
Robertson, Graeme
Robertson, John
Robertson, Kar-Ann
Robertson, M.
Robertson, R.
Robichaud, David
Robin Harley
Robin Harvey
Robin Shrubsole
Robin Wynde
Robinson, Andrew
Robinson, Dr Mark
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Elva
Robinson, H.
Robinson, Jeanne
Robinson, Lynne
Robinson, M.
Robinson, Mark
Robinson, Neil
Robinson, Paul
Robinson, Phill
Robinson, Trevor
Robinson, V.
Robinson, W.C.
Robson, C.
Robson, Ms S.
Rocha, B.
Rochfort, Emma
Rod Allison
Rod Hill
Rod Taylor
Rodgers, Beth
Roebuck, A., Kew, Mr. H. Wallace
Roff, D.
Roffey, A.
Roger Holme
Roger Key
Roger Smith
Rogers, C.
Rogers, E.
Rogers, G.K.
Rogers, I.
Rogers, Mr S.
Rogers, R.
Rollings, J.A.
Ron Arthur
Ron Cooke
Ron Munday
Ronel, G.
Ronnie Geekie
Roome, Ilma
Rooney, Gemma
Rory Dimond
Rory Dimond & Chris Ayre
Rosalind Dallas
Roscoe, D.T.
Rose Middleton
Rose, Elizabeth
Rose, I.
Rosemary Atkins
Rosemary E. Hill and Ron Boyce
Rosetta Cowen
Rosie Earwaker
Rosie Earwaker (RSPB)
Ross Mcmahon
Ross Mounce
Ross, Alan
Ross, Callum
Ross, David
Ross, F.
Ross, Richard
Ross, Samantha
Ross-Macdonald, Melanie
Rostron, Glenn
Rotheray, G.E.
Rousseau, J.
Routledge, G.B.
Routledge, Gus
Routledge, Steve
Rowan Marshall
Rowan Williams
Rowbotton, N.
Rowe, Adam
Rowe, D.
Rowland, John
Rowland, K.M.
Rowland, K.M. (also 5058)
Rowland, K.M. and Thomas, T.
Rowland, Kate
Rowland, Mrs Kate
Rowlands, S.G.
Rowlandson, R.
Rowlandson, Richard
Rowley Snazell
Rowley, Mrs
Roy Anderson
Roy Crossley
Roy Crossley & Peter Skidmore
Roy Crowson
Roy Maycock
Roy Taylor
Roy, A.B.
Royle, Adrian
Royse, Susan
Roze, Saleema
Rozsa, Tunde
RSPB Capercaille Project
RSPB Ecologist
RSPB Staff
RSPB staff & volunteers
RSPB survey
RSPB Warden
Rudd, Brian
Rudd, Norman
Rudkin, Mrs E.H.
Ruff, Keith E.
Ruffell, Jo
Ruffell, R.
Ruffell, R.D.
Ruffell, Ray
Ruffino, L.
Rundle, A.J.
Ruscoe, C.
Rush, Jennie
Rush, Martin
Rushton, D.
Rushton, S.P.
Rushton, S.P. and Woodward, J.
Rusk, M.
Russell Gomm
Russell Leavett
Russell, A.
Russell, B.
Russell, Bill
Russell, C.
Russell, David
Russell, J.S.
Russell, Kay
Russell-Smith, A and Swann, P.
Russell-Smith, A.
Russell-Smith, A. & Nellist, D.
Russell-Smith, A. + E. Jones
Russell-Smith, A. and Jones, E.
Russell-Smith, A. et al.
Russell-Smith, A.R.
Russell-Smith, A.R. & E. Jones
Russell-Smith, A.R. in lit.
Russell-Smith, T.
Ruston, Ron & Dot
Ruth Pollock
Rutherford, E.B.
Rutherford, Harry
Rutter, Natalie & George
Rutter, Stacey
Ryall, Matthew
Ryan, Alison
Ryder, C.
S A Lane
S Ayres
S Corbett
S. Donnelly
S. Falk
S. J. Grove;Keith Alexander
S. Joyner
S. Leatherdale
S. Lowe
S. O'Riordan
S. Williamson
S.A.S.A. (Scottish Agric.Science Agency)
S.D.S. Bosanquet
S.J. Falk
S.J. Goddard
S.R.S. (Gloucs)
S.W.T. Team
Sacks, Ruth
Sage, B.L.
Sage, Mr J.
Saidenberg, Maura
Salih, S.
Sallie Jack
Sallows, Viv
Sally Hyslop and Charlie Outhwaite
Salmon, Ms G.E.
Salt, B.
Salt, Mr B.
Salter, A.
Salter, Alan
Saltmarsh, David
Salvidge, Paul
Sam Dean
Sam Griffin
Sam Trebilcock
Samantha Tranter
Sampson, David
Sampson, James
Sampson, Sue
Sandals, M.G.
Sander, P.
Sanders, R.
Sanders, Ray
Sanderson, A.
Sanderson, Adrian
Sanderson, D.J.
Sanderson, J.M.
Sanderson, Mr N.A.
Sanderson, T.A.
Sandford, Helen
Sandy Morrison
Sandys-Lumsdaine, Cren
Sankey, J.H.P.
Sankey, S.
Sanson, Sam
Santry, Kass
Sapiets, Melanie
Sara Mancini, Andy Fuller, Iain Adamson & Scott Shanks
Sara McMahon
Sarah Boswell
Sarah Brown
Sarah Butcher
Sarah Main
Sarah Nicholson
Sarah Niemann
Sargeant, D.
Saul, Zoe
Saunders, Anita
Saunders, Christina
Saunders, Natasha
Saunders, Ron
Savage, Declan
Savery, J.
Saville, R.
Saville, R. and Stewart, J.A.
Saville, R.E.
Savin-Jones, Michelle
Savory, T.H.
Savory, T.H. & Le Gros, A.E.
Savory, T.H. and Sholl, J.K.
Savory, T.H. and Stout, T.
Savory, T.S. et al.
Sawford, S.
Sawyer, L.C.
Sawyer, N.
Sayers, John
Sayers, Mr. T
Scales, Matt
Scanlan, C. M.
Scanlan, C.M.
Scarborough District N.H.S.
Scargill, S.B.
Schmitt, Wendy
Schneider, Leanne
Scholte, Carolyn
Scholtka, P.
School Pupil
School Pupils
Scorey, Russell
Scott G Dodd
Scott S
Scott Shanks
Scott, A.
Scott, A.G.
Scott, Ben
Scott, Bob
Scott, David
Scott, H.
Scott, J.
Scott, Karen
Scott, Liz
Scott, Martin
Scott, Paul
Scott, R.
Scott, Stephanie
Scott-Langley, D.
Scotty Dodd
Scowen, Wendy
Scrase, Joanne
Scruton, D.
Scully, Sandra
Seal, M.
Searle, David
Seath, Nik
Seaton, Nicole
Seaward, Mr R.D.
Seaward, Prof M.
Seaward, Prof M.R.D.
Seawright, Jenny
Sebastian Kurcab
Secker, Hannah
Sedakat, M.
Sedburgh High School
Sedman, Ken
See Notes
Seeley, Aaron
Segal, Daniel
Selby, Ann
Selby, Peter
Selden, Dr P.A.
Selden, P.
Selden, P.A.
Selden, Paul
Semper, Alan
Semple, Stuart
Senter, Simon
Sercombe, Christopher
Sergeant, Richard
Serjeant, T
Serjeant, T.
Sessions, Christine
Sessions, M
Sessions, M.
Seth Gibson
Sevastopulo, Mark
Sewell, Danny
Sexton, Mr T.C.
SGS Environment
Shallcross, Lesley
Shaman, Ciaran
Shane Farrell
Shardlow, M.
Shardlow, Matt
Shardlow, Matthew E.A.
Sharma, Manu
Sharman, Mrs
Sharman, Phil
Sharp, Amy
Sharp, Donna
Sharp, J.
Sharpe, Aaron
Sharpe, Peter & Diane
Sharrod, D.J.
Shaun Staveley
Shaw, Adrienne
Shaw, Andrew
Shaw, Chris
Shaw, D.
Shaw, Dr M.R.
Shaw, H.K.A.
Shaw, Jill
Shaw, Jim
Shaw, M.R.
Shaw, Mr P.
Shaw, Phil
Shaw, Richard
Shawyer, Jane
Sheard, Sue
Shearring, Alan
Sheehan, Michael
Sheen, Danielle
Sheila Abrams
Sheila Brooke
Sheila D.
Shelagh Stalwood
Sheldon, Deborah
Shell, J.K.
Shephard, Jack
Shephard, P.H.
Sheppard, A.
Sheppard, D.
Sheppard, Dr D.A.
Sheridan, M.
Sheridan, Mark
Sheridan, Tony
Sherwood, C.
Shield, C. Robert
Shields, Amy
Shillinglaw, Mark
Shingles, Darrel
Shingleton, G.
Shirley, P.R.
Shittock, Ann
Sholl, J.K.
Shona Turnbull
Shorrock, Elizabeth
Short, Raymond
Shorter, J.
Shotliff, Tracey
Shotter, Paul
Shouler, Penny
Shrigley, Paul
Shuttleworth, Ali
Shuttleworth, Ali Aspen, Peder
Shuttleworth, Alistair
Sian Kitchner
Sian Williams
Sibley, P.
Sibley, Paul
Siddiqui, Salma
Side, K.C.
Sidley, G.S.
Sidwell, L.
Siebrasse, Seb
Signorile, A. Lisa
Sillett, Elaine
Silvester, G.
Sim, E.V.
Sim, J.
Simcock, Mr
Simmonds, A.M.
Simmonette, Jason
Simmons, G.
Simmons, J.
Simmons, Martin
Simmons, Tom
Simms, Mike
Simon Craft
Simon Currie
Simon Henderson
Simon Hoy
Simon Manning
Simon Mc Laughlin
Simon Mclaughlin
Simon Stainer
Simon Taylor
Simpkin, Andy: Biott, Elizabeth: Shaw, Rachel
Simpson, A.
Simpson, Arran
Simpson, Bill
Simpson, Bob
Simpson, Bob. Johnson, Lee
Simpson, Colin
Simpson, Duncan
Simpson, James (ADAS)
Simpson, N.
Simpson, P.
Simpson, Sarah
Sinclair, E.S.
Sinclair, I.
Singer, J.
Singer, M.
Sinker, Mr C.A.
Sipos, Laszlo
Sivell, D.
Sivell, L
Skelcher, G
Skelton, Paul
Skidmore, Dr P.
Skidmore, Katie
Skidmore, P.
Skidmore, T.
Skinner, A.G.
Skinner, Gary
Skinner, Justin
Skinner, M.
Skinner, Meg
Skirrow, Martin
Slade, Karen
Slade, L. and Wild, R.
Slater, Andy
Slater, Kerry
Slawson G.C.
Slawson, Craig
Slawson, G.C.
Slawson, G.C. and Waterhouse, M.
Slawson, Mr G.C.
Slawson, Mr G.C., Adams, Mr M.
Slawson, Mr G.C., Bates, Mr J.
Slawson, Mr G.C., Hardy, Ms V.J.
Slawson, Mr G.C., Slawson, Mrs K.J.
Slawson, Mr G.C., Stanney, Mr J.D.
Slawson, Mr R.J.
Slawson, Mrs K.J.
Slawson, R.J.
Sleight, Tony
Slessor, A.
Sloan, Michelle
Small, J.R.
Small, Keith
Small, Mr H. M.
Small, Raymond
Smart, Janet
Smillie, Bill & Taylor, Pip
Smiseth, P.
Smiseth, Per
Smita Kulkarni
Smith, A.
Smith, A., Parker, C. B.
Smith, A.V.
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Arthur C.
Smith, B.
Smith, Barry
Smith, Bee
Smith, Bernie
Smith, Beth
Smith, C J
Smith, C.
Smith, C. D.
Smith, C. J.
Smith, C.J.
Smith, Carolyn
Smith, Clare
Smith, Clifford
Smith, Clifford J.
Smith, Colin
Smith, D.A.
Smith, D.A. on behalf of Harvey, P.R.
Smith, D.H.
Smith, David
Smith, Del
Smith, Denis
Smith, Donald
Smith, E.
Smith, E.J.
Smith, E.M.
Smith, F.
Smith, F.P.
Smith, Frank P.
Smith, G.
Smith, G. and Smith, A.
Smith, Gary
Smith, Gerard
Smith, Graham
Smith, H.
Smith, I.
Smith, J.
Smith, Jo
Smith, Jonathan
Smith, Jude (Gloucs)
Smith, Lauren
Smith, M.
Smith, Malcolm
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mel
Smith, Michael
Smith, Mr
Smith, Mr A. E.
Smith, Mr C.
Smith, Mr C.J.
Smith, Mr P.
Smith, Mrs W.
Smith, Ms B.
Smith, P.
Smith, P. A.
Smith, Paul
Smith, Peter
Smith, Phil
Smith, Philip J.
Smith, Phillip
Smith, R.W.J.
Smith, Rob
Smith, S.
Smith, V.C.
Smithers, P.
Smithers, P./CERC
Smithers, Peter
Smitt, Alison
Smout, A-M
Smudger, Steve
Smyth, Emma
Snazell, Dr R.G.
Snazell, Mr R.G
Snazell, R
Snazell, R.
Snell, Charles
Snell, R.
SNH Stornoway
SNH team
Snodgrass, J.
Snout, Mary
Snowdon ECN
Soanes-Carter, Troy
Sobieray, E.
Softley, R.A.
Soil Biodiversity Group (Natural History Museum)
Solanum project
Solomon, John
Sommerville, A.
Sophie Mogg
SOTES (I imagine this is 'Stoke on Trent Entomological Society)
Sousa, Rui
South, Miss A.
Southend Museum
Southern, R.
Sowden, R. Stephen
Spalding, A.
Spalding, Mr R.
Spalding, R.
Sparkes, Andrew
Sparkes, Colin
Speight, C.
Spence, Jonathan
Spicer, Richard
Spider Course Participants
Spider Course participants (1986/87)
Spider Course, Kindrogan, 1988
Spider Recording Scheme
Spilling, C.R.
Spilling, Chris
Spirit, M.
Spoek, G.L.
Spooner, B.M.
Spooner, Brendan
Spragg, Nicky
Spraggs, George S.A.
Spratley, Tony
Springett, Max
Spruce, Richard
Squires, A.E.
Squires, Steven
St Faiths School Pupil
St Martin's School
St. Cathrine, S.
Stacey, J.
Staddon, Richard
Staffs. database (I'm not sure if this is an recognized LRC)
Staines, Joanne
Staines, Judy
Stainforth, Mr T.
Stainforth, T.
Stan Dobson
Stan Dumican
Standen, R.
Standen, V.
Stanford, Luke
Stanney, J.D.
Stanney, John D.
Stanney, Mr J.D
Stanney, Mr J.D.
Stanney, Mr J.D., Bates, Mr J.
Stanney, Mr J.D., Harvey, Mr R.
Stansfield, Wayne
Stanworth, Dr C.W.
Stapleton, Alan
Stapley, Mrs L.
Stapley, Peter
Stares, Mrs S.H.
Starkey, David
Starling, L.
Statham, Muriel
Steed, Angela
Steeden, J
Steeden, J.
Steedman, J.E.
Steel, C.
Steel, E.E.
Steele, Mr E.E.
Steele, Will
Steen, Wendy
Steer, B.
Steer, Mr N.
Steff Ferguson
Steiff, John
Stelfox, A.W.
Stella Beaven
Stella Rumbles
Stenhouse, D.
Stenhouse, D.A
Stephen (Steve) McWilliam
Stephen Compton
Stephen Corcoran
Stephen Denny & Bill Welstead
Stephen Downes
Stephen Eddy
Stephen F. England
Stephen Hartley
Stephen Hewitt
Stephen James McWilliam
Stephen McWilliam
Stephen Moran
Stephen Moran;Stephen Hewitt
Stephen Williams
Stephen Wright
Stephen, David
Stephens, Rosemary
Sterling, Dr P.H.
Sterling, P.H. and Edwards, B.
Steve A. Lane
Steve Baynes
Steve Blain
Steve Bradley
Steve Davey
Steve Garland
Steve Goddard
Steve Gregory
Steve Hall
Steve J. Gregory
Steve J. McWilliam
Steve James
Steve Lane
Steve McWilliam
Steve Mills
Steve Nash
Steve Pilgrim
Steve Price
Steve Ward
Steven Bromwich
Steven Ord
Steven Porwol & Vicky White
Steven, C.
Stevens, Andrew
Stevens, Becky
Stevens, Dr Barbara
Stevens, Dr. A.
Stevens, Fred
Stevens, Owen
Stevens, R.
Stevens, R.A.
Stevens, Ron
Stevenson, J.
Stevenson, T.
Stew, M.
Steward, Mr D.I.
Steward. D.I.
Stewart Birks
Stewart Taylor
Stewart, Barry
Stewart, David
Stewart, J.
Stewart, J.A and Whaley, June
Stewart, J.A.
Stewart, J.W.
Stewart, Michael
Stewart, Mr J.
Stewart, Mr J.A
Stewart, Neal
Stirrat, Natalie
Stirret, Rosie
Stirrup, W.
Stock, Robert
Stocker, Bob
Stockley, Martin
Stockley, Mr E.
Stockton, Lucy
Stodulski, George
Stoke on Trent Survey Team
Stoke-on-Trent Environmental Survey Team
Stoke-on-Trent Museum and Art Gallery
Stokes, Jon
Stone, C.
Stone, David
Stone, Kerry
Stonely, Tanya
Stooks, Mrs
Storey, A.
Storey, David
Storey, Malcolm
Stout, T.
Stow, Miss S.C.
Strachan, I.
Strachan, R
Strachan, R.
Strachan, Robert
Strain, Sheena
Strasburg, Kirt
Stratton, C.
Stratton, P.
Straw, Julie
Streete, D.
Stretton, Tamasine
Stride, A.
Stringwell, M.
Strong, Ian
Stroud, D. and Stroud, J.
Stroud, Graeme
Strutt, J
Strutt, John
Stuart Ainsworth
Stuart Banks
Stuart Cole
Stuart Colgate
Stuart Elsom
Stuart of britishspiders yahoo group
Stuart Semple
Stuart Warrington
Stuart Warrington N.T.
Stuart-Moonlight, Dr B.
Stubbs, A.E.
Stubbs, Alan E.
Stubbs, Mr A.
Stubbs, Mr A.E.
Student on behalf of Watson, C.W.
Sudd, J.H.
Sue Bird
Sue Carlson-Dunn
Sue Lambert
Sue Tarr
Sue Taylor
Sue Townsend
sue wise
Suffolk Wildlife Trust
Suffolk, Stephanie
Sullivan, C.
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Linda
Sullivan, Mark
Sullivan, Patrick
Summers, A.
Summers, P.
Summers, Pete
Sunderland, K.
Surgey, Sarah
Surrey Wildlife Trust
Surry, Mr R.J.
Surtees, M.J.
Susan E. Marley
Susan Marley
Susan Weeks
Susan. Marley
Sussex LRC
Sustrans Officer & A E Binding
Sutcliffe, Brett
Sutherby, John C.
Sutton, C.A.
Sutton, C.A. and Hills, C.C.
Sutton, C.A. and Weston, M.R.
Sutton, D.J.
Sutton, Ms C.A.
Sutton, R.
Sutton, Robin
Suzanne Kipling
Swaby, Steven
Swann, P,S.
Swann, P.
Swann, Paul
Swansea University
Sweetingham, Laura
Swettenham, Trevor
Swift, S.
Swindell, John
Swinston, Kirsty
SWT Survey Team
Syer, G.N.
Syhana, Prub Thial
Sykes, Jan
Sykes, W.
Sylvia Bell
Symes, Phil
Symonds, James
Synnott, Richard
Syratt, Bill
Syred, Andrew
T. Clay
T. Coult
T. D. Knight
T. Evans
T. Witts
Tabbitha Luddem
Tagg, Don
Tainton, Steve
Tait, B. and Warr, S.
Talbot, Felicity
Talbot, Mick
Talbott, J.
Tallack, Stuart
Tamera Baker
Tams, Tom
Tanner, Rob
Tantram, Julia
Taplin, J.
Tara Dempsey
Tarbuck, Sam
Tarpey, Terri
Taverner, Jane
Tawfiq, Shirley-Ann
Taylor, A. (Gloucs)
Taylor, Adam
Taylor, Alex
Taylor, Anya
Taylor, Brian
Taylor, D.
Taylor, Gina
Taylor, Hayley
Taylor, L.A.
Taylor, M.
Taylor, M.N.
Taylor, Mark
Taylor, Michael
Taylor, Mick
Taylor, Miss R.E.
Taylor, Mr M.
Taylor, Mr T.C.
Taylor, Philip
Taylor, Pip
Taylor, R.A.
Taylor, Rachel
Taylor, Rob
Taylor, S.
Taylor, Simon
Taylor, Steven
Taylor, Sue
Taylor, T.
Taylor, Tony
Teagle, Mr W. G.
Teagle, W.J.
Teague, Mr N.
Teannassie Primary School
Tear, Mr B.
Ted Benton and John Dobson
Ted Bodsworth
Telfer, Dr M.
Telfer, G. Mark
Telfer, M.G.
Telfer, Mark
Telfer, Mark G.
Telford, Kevin
Temperley, Kate
Tenuta, Vincent Antonio
Teresa Frost
Terrell-Nield, C.E.
Terrington, Guy
Terry & Sheila Wells
Terry Box
Terry Coult
Terry Middleton
Terry-Evans, Jeanette
Teychenne, Mr G.C.
Thacker, Graham
Thackwray, Alyn
Thaxter, D. Mr & Mrs
The Warden
Theaker, Trevor & Repper, Laura
Thickett, L.A.
Thirlwell, Ian
Thomas, Annmarie
Thomas, C.F.G.
Thomas, Elaine
Thomas, Gareth
Thomas, Hilary
Thomas, J
Thomas, Jan
Thomas, Jane
Thomas, K.
Thomas, Mr N.R.
Thomas, Nicola
Thomas, Richard
Thomas, S.
Thomas, T.F.
Thomas, T.J.
Thomas, Tom J.
Thompson, A.
Thompson, Andrew
Thompson, Dave
Thompson, David
Thompson, Graham
Thompson, J.
Thompson, J.L.C.
Thompson, Jan
Thompson, Ken
Thompson, Marcella
Thompson, Michelle
Thompson, Mr G.
Thompson, Phil
Thompson, Robert
Thompson-Chen, Susan
Thomson Ecology
Thomson, Ashley
Thomson, G.
Thomson, Graham
Thomson, K.
Thomson, Kirsty
Thomson, Martin
Thornber, Tom
Thorne, Angela
Thorne, John
Thornhill, Alan
Thornhill, Mr W
Thornhill, Mr W.
Thornhill, W.A.
Thornley, Rev A.
Thornton, C.
Thornton, David
Thornton, Mr
Thorpe, E.
Thrush, Jayne
Thurrock Gazette
Thurstable Sch.
Thurston, Samantha
Thyne, Dawn
Ticheli, Heather
Tickner, Adam
Tierney, Anthony
Tierney, Peter
Tigwell, Eve
Tilley, Jamilla
Tilley, Lisa
Tilling, S.
Tillotson, Mr I.J.L.
Tim Cleeves
Tim Hodge
Tim Holt-Wilson
Tim Sexton
Tim Stripp
Tim Strudwick
Tim Worfolk
Tina Amey
Tina Plumb
Tinker, D.
Tipper, Ryan
Tiptree School
Titcombe, Mr C.
Tite, Master
Titmuss, David
Tittensor, Dr A.M.
Todd, David
Todd, Mike
Todd, V.
Toesland, G.
Toft, Mr
Tolley, M.
Tom Collins
Tom Cooper/Harry Woolner/Chris Catrhine
Tom Ellis
Tom Faulds
Tom Stainforth
Tom Starnes
Tom Starnes and Graham French
Tom Thomas
Toman, Becky
Tomlinson, Mark
Tone Killick
Tonks, J.
Tony Davis
Tony Gilbert
Tony Gillie
Tony Gutteridge
Tony Harding
Tony Holwill
Tony Kavanagh
Tony Lawrence
Tony Loy
Tony Madgwick
Tony Moverley
Tony Payne
Tony Prater
Tony Pym
Tony Riden
Tony Russell-Smith
Tony Sheridan
Toohey, L.
Tooke, Alex
Toomer, Miles
Toplis, M.
Topping, C.J.
Torc Ecology
Tordoff, George
Torino, Susie
Tottenham, Rev C.E.
Totterdell, Mark
Town, G.
Towner, Scott
Townes, M.
Towns M. J.
Towns, M.
Towns, M.J.
Towns, Mike
Townsend, M.
Townsend, Mr A.D.
Townsend, Sue
Tozer, Paul
Trace, C.
Tracey A. Lovering
Traill, J.W.H.
Train, Mr R.
Trathan, Christian
Traves, Nigel
Treadwell, Ann
Trelford, A.M.
Treloar, Gareth
Trenam, D.
Trenam, Dean
Trend, Roger
Trenter, Paul
Trevor Dymond
Trevor Harris
Trevor J Smith
Trevor Pendleton
Trevor Rose
Trewhella, Mr S.
Trewhella, Steve
Trewhella. Mr S
Triphook, Linda
Tristan Bantock
Troughton, Joan
Trower, Robyn
Truckle, M.
Trudy Seagon
Trundell, Peter
Trunecka, Dennis
Truswell, Paul
Trystan Williams
Tucholski, John
Tucker, Alex
Tucker, Mrs R.
Tucker, Mrs.R.
Tucker, Paul
Tucker, R
Tucker, R.
Tucker, Ruth
Tucker, Ruth Mrs
Tucker, Yolanda
Tunmore, Mark
Tunnicliffe, J.
Tunnicliffe, Kevin
Tunnicliffe, Mr J.
Tunnicliffe, Mr R.
Turk, Alan
Turk, F.A.
Turk, R.
Turk, S.M.
Turk, Stella
Turkington, Cheryl
Turley, Dave & Mike
Turnbull, A.L.
Turnbull, Pete
Turner, C.
Turner, Catherine
Turner, D.
Turner, Gemma
Turner, Gordon
Turner, Harry
Turner, Jane
Turner, Mr.
Turner, P.
Turner, Sean
Turner, Tania
Turner, W.L.
Turney, J,
Turrell, David
Tuzuner, Nilu
Twigg, N.
Twissell, C.
Twissell, C. and Twissell, I.
Twissell, C.&I.
Twissell, Colin
Tylan Berry
Tyler, J.
Tyler, John
Tynan, A.M.
Tyson, David, Binding, Allan
Tyszka, Nick
UEL, Caroline Nash
Uff, Caroline
Uffen, R.
Ulldemolins, David
Ullyott, G.
Underwood, B.
Underwood, Mr/Mrs
Unknown German Student
Unknown Person
Uren, Michael
Urwin, Bill
Urwin, W
Usher, M.B.
Usher, Martin
Usher, Prof. Michael
Ussher, Jessica
UWIST Catchment Group
Vale, John
van Kanart
van Lierop, Carmella
van Lindholm, Emma
van Mesdag, Savanna
Vane-Wright, R.
Vango, Michael J.
Vanna Bartlett
Vanni Bartlett
various recorders
various Yorkshire schools
Varley, P.
Varney, Tony
Varty, N.
Varty-Smith, J.C.
Vaughan, S.
Veasey, Justin
Vernon, Richard
Verstraelen, Stefan
via Colchester Museum FOI
Via Del Smith
via Duffey, E.
Via G.Legg
Via Gazette
Via J.Poland
Via Milner, Edward
Via P.Anderson
Via Plant, C.W.
Via Ross Andrew
Via Smith, Del
Via Wayne Rixom
Vialle, R.
Vickers, J.
Vicki Meehan
Victor Heng
Vigay, J.
Vigay, Mr J.
Viglaska, Katarina
Viles, I.
Villiam, Richard
Villiamy, R.
Vincent, J.
Virdee, Harjit
Vivienne Booth
Vivienne D. Irvine
W Barton
W. Blumsom
W. Falconer
W. J. Partridge
W. Morauf
W. Russell
W. Russell & P.D. Gabbutt
W. Watson
W., Chris
W.D. Toulman
W.S. Bristowe
W.W. Fowler
Wackett, J.A.
Waddell, Harleigh
Wade, Beth
Wade, Tim
Wadrup, Felicity
Wadsworth, James
Wagland, M.
Wain, Jeremy
Wain, Mrs
Wainwright, Hayley
Wainwright, Mr D.
Wair, Sven
Wair, Sven Michael
Waite, Mike J
Wake, A.J.
Wake, D. Mrs
Wake, Mrs.D.
Wakeham, Steve
Wakeley, S.
Walden, B.
Walden, T.A.
Waldrop, Jenni
Walker, C.
Walker, Clif
Walker, F.
Walker, George
Walker, J.
Walker, J. and Weston, M.R.
Walker, John
Walker, Lee
Walker, Lisa
Walker, Mark
Walker, Mike
Walker, Morag
Walker, Mr F.
Walker, Mr J.G.
Walker, Mrs J.
Walker, P.
Walker, P.A.
Walker, Peter
Walker, Robert
Wall, J.
Wall, T.
Wallace, Jenny
Wallace, B.
Wallace, B. & I.D.
Wallace, B. and Wallace, I.D.
Wallace, Dr I.D.
Wallace, Dr I.D., Wallace, B.
Wallace, Dr. Ian and Brenda
Wallace, family
Wallace, G. & I. & Felton, C.
Wallace, H.S.
Wallace, I.D.
Wallace, I.D. & B.
Wallace, I.D. & Finnegan,
Wallace, Ian
Wallace, Lucy
Wallace, Matt
Wallace, Mr. E. R.
Wallacke, I.D.
Waller, J.
Walling, Chris
Wallis, Kim
Wallis, Marianne
Wallis, Sarah
Walpole, M.
Walsh, B.
Walters, Craig
Walters, John
Wanless, F.
Warburton, C.
Warburton, Dave
Ward, Allen
Ward, Gemma
Ward, J.
Ward, K.
Ward, L.K.
Ward, Matt
Ward, Mr P.A.
Ward, Philip
Ward, S.
Wardaugh, M.
Warden, Grays Chalk Quarry
Warden, Hirta St Kilda
Warden, Old Hall Marshes RSPB reserve
Wardlaw, Mr J,
Ware, Sue
Warman, Sandra
Warmingham, Mr S.C.
Warmingham, S.
Warmingham, S.C.
Warmingham, Simon
Warmington, S.
WARNACT (County Trust Survey Team)
Warne, A.C.
Warne, M.
Warne, Martin
Warner, Dawn
Warren, Dick
Warren, J.
Warrington, Stuart
Warwick, J.
Warwickshire BRC
Water trap
Waters, Alice
Waters, Phil
Waters, Richard
Waters, Stephen
Waterston, A.R.
Watkeys, G.
Watkin, Teresa
Watson, A.
Watson, Alan
Watson, C.
Watson, C.W.
Watson, Charles
Watson, D.
Watson, Dan
Watson, G.
Watson, Hazel
Watson, Hugh
Watson, Ian
Watson, Nigel
Watson, Rhona
Watson, Shirley et al.
Watson, Susan
Watson, W.
Watson, Will
Watssman, M.
Watt, Debbie
Watt, John
Watt, K.
Watt, K.R.
Watts, C.M.
Watts, Claudia
Watts, L.E.
Watts, M.A.H.
Watts, Paul
Waugh, D.E.
Waugh, Mr C.
Way, G.
Webb, Alex
Webb, Dale
Webb, Mr J.
Webb, N.R.
Webb, R.
Webb, S
Webb, S. (Stephanie)
Webb, Stephanie
Webster, D.
Webster, M.
Webster, M.B.
Weddle, R.B.
Weigand, Rosemary
Weigarend, R
Weir, Z.
Welby, Stuart
Welch, Bill
Welch, Colin
Welch, Geoff
Welch, Paul
Welch, R.
Welch, R.C.
Wellard, Ayelet
Weller, Liam
Wells, Andrew
Wells, Michael
Wells, Terry
Welsh database
Welsh Peatland Invertebrate Survey
Welsh, Gareth
Welsh, Murray
Welstead, Mr A.
Wendy Carter
Wendy Herniman
West, Graham
West, Mrs H.
West, Paul R.A.
West-Maycott, A.
Westbrook, Rebecca
Weston, M.R.
Weston, Mr M. R.
Weston, Mr M.R.
Weston, Mrs I.
Westropp, Mr E.
Westwood, Brett
Westwood, Simon
Wetton-Smith, R.
Weyman, Gabriel
Weyman, Gaby
Whale, Tasha
Whalley, Mr E.
Whatcott, M.
Whateley, Mrs Mandy
Whatmough, G.
Whatmough, G. W. & O. B.
Whatmough, G.W.
Whatmough, Mr G.
Whatmough, Mr G.W.
Whatmough, Mrs O.B.
Whatmough, W.
Wheatcroft, Jennifer
Wheatley, Carolyn
Wheatley, Catherine
Wheatley, V.A.
Wheeldon, Thomas
Whelly, Cris
Whelpton, Judith
Whieldon, David
Whild, Ms S.J., Dawes, Mrs R.A., Bowler, Miss
Whild, Ms S.J., Trueman, Prof I.C.
Whild, Sarad
Whisby Volunteers
Whitaker, David
Whitaker, T.
Whitbread, Gemma
White Young Green Environmental
White, A.J.
White, G.
White, G.W.
White, Ian
White, Ian M.
White, J.
White, Josh
White, Keith
White, Lee
White, Sarah
Whitehead, Helen
Whitehead, Mr P.F.
Whitehead, Nicola
Whitehead, P.
Whitehead, P.F.
Whitehead, Paul
Whitehead, Zoe
Whiteley, D.
Whiteley, D. E.
Whiteley, Laurie
Whitely, D.
Whitfield, Ben
Whiting, Jon
Whitley, Colin
Whitlock, Alex
Whitman, Jan
Whitney, Linda
Whitson, Richard
Whittaker, I.
Whittaker, T.M.
Whittaker, Terrance
Whittle, M.M.
Whitton, David
Whyatt, E.
Whyman, J.
Wicken Fen 1999 Survey Team
Wickham, Mr R.J.
Widdicombe, S.
Widdicombe, T.
Widdicombe, T. & Students, Riseholme College
Widdows, Nick
Widgery, J.
Wiffin, Kelly
Wiggs, Steven
Wikew, H.
Wild, A.M.
Wild, Mr A. M.
Wild, Mr A.M.
Wild, Nicole
Wilde, Findlay
Wilde, I
Wilde, I.
Wilde, Imogen
Wilde, Mrs I.S.
Wilde, R.B.
Wilder, R. (FWAG)
Wilding, C.
Wiles, David
Wiles, Mark
Wiliams, R J
Wilkes, Neil
Wilkie, V.
Wilkin, P.J.
Wilkins, Jeff
Wilkins, Phil
Wilkinson, Alan
Wilkinson, Chris
Wilkinson, D.C. and Wilkinson, S.A.
Wilkinson, Daniel
Wilkinson, F.
Wilkinson, P.
Wilkinson, S.
Wilkinson, S.A. and Wilkinson, D.C.
Wilkinson, Stephen
Will George
Will Kirby
Will Watson,Don Goddard
Willcock, D.
Willcocks, Graham
Willder, Ros (FWAG)
Willet, Jonathan
Willgoss, P.
William Seager
Williams, A.
Williams, A.H.
Williams, Alan
Williams, Alex
Williams, Anne
Williams, Christina
Williams, D.
Williams, D.W.
Williams, Dave
Williams, David
Williams, E.
Williams, Frederick
Williams, G.
Williams, H.
Williams, Hilary
Williams, I.
Williams, Ian
Williams, J.
Williams, L.
Williams, Lyn
Williams, Mike
Williams, Mr D.W.
Williams, Mr S.A.
Williams, N.
Williams, P.
Williams, P.A.
Williams, Paul
Williams, R.B.
Williams, Richard J
Williams, Rob
Williams, Rosemary
Williams, S.
Williams, S.A.
Williams, Sam
Williams-Ellis, R.
Williamson, G.
Williamson, Jenny
Williamson, M.
Williamson, S.
Willis, M.T.
Willis, Michael
Willis, Trevor
Wills, B.E.
Wilmshurst, R
Wilshin, David
Wilson, A.
Wilson, Adam
Wilson, Alison
Wilson, D.
Wilson, Dale
Wilson, Dominic
Wilson, Ed
Wilson, Jane (=Jayne)
Wilson, K.
Wilson, K., Binding, A. E.
Wilson, Keith
Wilson, Kevin & P. Andy?
Wilson, Les
Wilson, Mick
Wilson, Mr K.
Wilson, Mr K.M.S.
Wilson, Mr P.J.
Wilson, P.
Wilson, Pam & Peter
Wilson, Paul
Wilson, R.
Wilson, Ray
Wilson, Rebecca
Wilson, Richard
Wilson, S.
Wilson, Steve
Wilton, Dave
Wilton, L.
Wilton, Mr
Wiltshire, G.
Wiltshire, Mr.G.
Winde, I.
Winder, John J.
Windsor, A.
Windsor, Mr
Winfield (could be 1262), V.
Winfield, R.T.
Winfield, V.
Winkler Ford, Flavio
Winnal, R.A.
Winnal, Rosemary
Winnall, Rosemary
Winter, Fiona
Winter, John
Winter, M.
Winter, Peter
Winter, S.
Winter, Shaun
Winter, W.P.
Winterbottom, Mr J.C.
Winthrop, Alan
Winwood, Michael
Withers, P.
Witt, Canna
Witty, Neal
Wolfe, Stu
Wood, Adrian
Wood, Ashley
Wood, Catriona
Wood, Craig
Wood, J.H.
Wood, Jenna
Wood, Martyn
Wood, Simon
Wood, Stephen
Woodall, R.
Woodbridge, David
Woodfield, D.
Woodhams, B.
Woodhead, J.
Woodleigh School
Woods, Aaron
Woods, Aaron Gaze, Mark
Woods, James
Woods, John
Woods, K
Woodward, D.
Woodward, D.J.
Woodward, Ivor
Woodward, Mrs E.
Woolf, Katherine
Woolgar, Jen
Woollard, Pauline
Woolley, K.
Woolner, Martin
Woolnough, R.
Worcestershire Biological Record Centre (WBRC)
Worcestershire Naturalists' Club
Worcestershire Nature Conservation Trust
Workman, Chris
Workman, Christopher
Workman, Karen
Workshop participants
Workshop team
World Museum Liverpool staff
World Museum Liverpool trap
World Museum Staff
Wormell, Jessie
Wormell, P.
Worner, A
Worrall, P.
Worrall, Steve
Worrell, Rose
Worsdale, Mr R.
Worsley, Fiona
Worth, John
Wotton, E.
Wren Group
Wrench, Chloe
Wrench, Dan
Wrench, Lucy
Wrifir, J.A.
Wright, Alice
Wright, Andy
Wright, Ben
Wright, Claire
Wright, Dougy
Wright, Elaine
Wright, Eloise
Wright, Elton
Wright, J.
Wright, J.W.
Wright, James
Wright, L.
Wright, Mrs K.
Wright, Neville
Wright, R.
Wright, Richard
Wright, Robert
Wright, Roger
Wright, S
Wright, Stephen
Wright, Tim
Wright, Tyra
Wuster, W.
Wutte, Barbara
Wylie, Alex
Wynlock, Lyn
Wytham Survey
Yalden, D.W.
Yates, J.N.
Yaxley, R.
YNU (Yorkshire Naturalists Union
YNU Excursion
Youles, John
Young, Duncan
Young, H.
Young, H.C.
Young, Ian
Young, James
Young, L.
Young, Lorraine
Young, M.R.
Young, Mr W.L.
Young, Paul
Young, W.
Younge, Stephen
Younger, A.
Yuill, Kathryn
Yule, Bethan
Yvonne Benting
Yvonne Sharp
Zaman, Abid
Zealand, Keith
Zonfrillo, B.
Zrust, M.
Zugor, S.