The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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C. Burridge
C. Felton
C. Keighley
C. M. Scanlan
C. McLeod
C. Rains
C. Rawcliffe
C. Scott
C. Warburton
C. Woolley
C.C. Babington
C.J. Bibby
C.M. (Gloucs)
Caamano, Maggie
CABI Bioscience
Cabot, Steve
Cain, L.
Cain, Rick
Caine, Rachel
Caird, Iain
Caithness Museum
Caitlin Wilson
Calder, Paul
Callow, N.A.
Callum Mullins
Calow, G
Calow, Graham
Calum McLennan
Cambridge, Rev O.P.
Cambridge, Sgt P.
Cameron, Dr A.
Campbell, Drew
Campbell, F.M.
Campbell, J.M.
Campbell, R.
Campbell-Smith, Henry
Cane-Honeysett, Emmeline
Cane-Honeysett, Nigel
Cann, A.
Cann, A.J.
Cann, AJ
Cann, Alan
Cannon, Jill
Cannon, Lesley
Capitel, Dawn
Capon, Keith
Capps, Alan
Cara Cheeseman
Caradine, E.
Carati, I.
Carbonero, Brian
Cardif Museum
Cardus, Shirley
Carl Cornish
Carl Davies
Carl Davies, Stan Dobson & Jennifer Newton
Carlark, K.
Carle, I.
Carle, Ian
Carlisle Natural History Society
Carlisle Nhs
Carly Benefer
Carman, Lol
Carnegie, M.J.
Caroen, Tim
Carole Seaman
Caroline Alle
Caroline Jewell
Caroline Uff
Caroline Wiechmann
Carpenter, G.H.
Carpenter, G.H. and Currie, W.
Carpenter, G.H. and Evans, W.
Carpenter, G.H. and Scharff, R.F.
Carpenter, R M
Carr, D.
Carr, D., Davidson, M. and Hooper, J.
Carr, David
Carr, J.W.
Carr, L. A.
Carr, L.A.
Carr, Lynda
Carr, Mr L.
Carr, Mr L.A.
Carr, Richard
Carrick, A.
Carrick, T.
Carruthers, S.
Carter, C.I.
Carter, C.S.
Carter, Calvin
Carter, H.
Carter, H.H.
Carter, J., Gallon, R., Howe, M. & Sharp, N.
Carter, Paul
Carter, Pearl
Carter, Phil
Carter, Wendy
Carter, William
Cartwright, R A
Caruana, Glynis
Case, Barney
Casey, Theresa
Cassal, R. T.
Catchment Research Group
Cate, E.
Catharina Karlsson
Catherine Barnett
Catherine Bickmore
Catherine Corney
Catherine Gillen
Catherine McEwan
Catherine Thorpe
Catherine, C.
Cathrine, C.
Catley, Dr K.M.
Catley, K and Fowles, A.P.
Catley, K.
Catley, K.M.
Catlin, Millie
Catt, Martin
Cattell, John
Catteral Hall School
Catto, J.
Cavalcanti, Lorena
Cave, B.V.
Cave, Graham
Cavill, Graham
Cawley, M.
Cawthorn, A.
CCW Collection
Ceri Shields
Chadd Richard
Chadderton, Charlotte
Chadwick, H.N.
Chadwick, Mr H.N.
Chalmers, James
Chambers, Hayley
Chambers, Luke
Chambers, V.H.
Champion, Mark
Champkin, W.
Chan, S.
Chandler, J.H.
Chandler, L.
Chandler, Nick
Chandler, P.J.
Chandler, Sally
Channer, A.
Chant, R.
Chantler, Phil
Chapman, B.
Chapman, Barbara
Chapman, Mr D.
Chapman, R.
Chapman, R.A.
Chapman, Tom
Chappell, Debbie
Charalambou, Nicola
Chard, Jacqueline
Charlotte Anderson
Charlton, A.
Charlton, Andrew
Charlton, C.
Charlton, Nancy
Chase, B.J.
Chase, Brian
Chater, A.O.
Chater, Mr A.O.
Chatfield, J.
Chatfield, Matthew
Cheek, Marcel
Cheesman, Oliver
Cheetham, C.
Cheetham, C.A.
Cheke, Prof. R.A.
cherkley survey
Cherrett, Dr. J.M.
Cherrett, Prof. J.M.
Cherrill, Andrew
Cheshire, Della
Chick, Andrew
Chick, Barry
Childs, C.
Childs, J.
Chinery, M.
Chinnery, G.A.
Chinnery, Rebecca
Chittenden, Hilary R.
Chittock, Lee
Chris Bentley
Chris Cathrine
Chris Cathrine / Glenn Norris
Chris Cockburn
Chris Colbert
Chris Court
Chris Felton
Chris Felton & Steve Judd
Chris G.
Chris Gibson
Chris Handol
Chris Higgins
Chris Oliver
Chris Piatkiewicz
Chris Putt
Chris Spilling
Chris Strachan
Chris Workman
Christian Cowan-Sanluis
Christie, I.C.
Christine & James Adams
Christine Bold;Wendy Nelson
Christine Kelly
Christine Storey
Christmas, S.G.
Christopher Stack
Christopher Woolley
Churm, Graham
Cis Brook
City School Boys
Claire at
Claire Geddes
Claire Hurran
Claire Martin
Claire McKeever
Clapham, Annette
Clare Dinham & Dr Sarah Henshall (Buglife)
Clare Parker
Clare, P.
Clark, Andrea
Clark, B.
Clark, Barry
Clark, D.J.
Clark, D.J. and Jerrard, P.C.
Clark, G.
Clark, Gustav
Clark, H.E.
Clark, Helen
Clark, I.
Clark, J.
Clark, John
Clark, Laura
Clark, M.
Clark, Mr M.J.
Clark, Mrs
Clark, Ms H.E.
Clark, N.
Clark, R.
Clark, Ryan
Clark, Sue
Clarke, A.S.
Clarke, Brian
Clarke, D. and Parker, J.R.
Clarke, D.J.
Clarke, David
Clarke, H.N.
Clarke, Ian
Clarke, J.
Clarke, J.C.
Clarke, Joshua
Clarke, Justin
Clarke, Ken
Clarke, P.& J.
Clarke, Sarah
Clarke, Stephanie Lorna
Clarkson, Gary
Claudia Watts
Clausen, I.H.S.
Clay, D.
Clay, Dan
Clay, R.J.
Claydon, John
Clee, C.
Clee, Carl & Mawdsely, T.
Clements, D.
Clements, D.K.
Clements, H.A.B.
Clements, J.
Clements, Martin
Clementson, Ian
Clemons, L.
Clemons, Laurence
Clews, Janella
Cliff Raby
Cliffe, Aidan
Clifton, E.
Clifton, H.
Clinton, Michael
Clive McCarthy
Cloudsley-Thompson, H.
Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L.
Clough, J.
Clough, M.
Clover, Kerri
Clowes, Mrs B.
Clumber Volunteer Group
Clutterbuck, Mr
Clydesdale, Julie
Cobb, P.
Cobb, Paul
Cockrill, G.
Cocks, W.P.
Coghlan, Anne
Cokendolpher, J.C.
Colchester & Essex Museum
Colchester N.H.S.
Colchester N.H.S. (C.N.H.S.)
Cole, Dawn
Cole, Linda
Cole, Rae
Cole, Rod
Cole, Rodney
Coleman, R.B.
Coleman, S.
Coleman, Suzanne
Colenutt, S.
Colenutt, S.R.
Colenutt, Simon
Colenutt, Simon R.
Colin Campbell
Colin Duke
Colin Gooch
Colin Hazlehurst
Colin Howes
Colin J. Hawes
Colin Jacobs
Colin Jones
Colin Jupp
Colin Macey
Colin Mathieson
Colin Plant
Colin Plant Associates
Colin Plant Associates (Edward Milner)
Colin Plant Associates 2xh
Colin Smith
Colin W Plant
Colin Welch
Collen, B.
Collier, M.
Collin Jacobs
Collings, K.
Collins, Angela
Collins, Mr G.A.
Collins, Mrs. Lyn
Collins, Phil
Collins, Tim
Collis, G.
Collis, S. (Mrs)
Collis, Sheilah
Collison, Sue
Collyer, P.
Colston, A.
Colston, Adrian
Colwell, Paul
Colyer, C.N.
Comber, L.P.
Comley, Keith
Commey, David
Comont, Richard
Compton, Steve
Connell, D.
Connolly, J.P.T.
Connop, Stuart
Connor, Charlotte
Conor Jameson
Conroy, Kane
Constable , Philip
Constable, Mrs Coral
Convoy, Judith
Conway, Tony
Conyard, Mr.S.
Conyers, Tina
Cook, A.
Cook, Andrew
Cook, Caroline
Cook, Geoff & Wendy
Cook, J.
Cook, Paul
Cook, Sam
Cooke, D.J.
Cooke, Dr J.A.L.
Cooke, J. & Lampel, E.
Cooke, J.A.L.
Cooke, J.A.L. and Duffey, E.A.
Cooke, J.A.L. and Lampel, G.P.
Cooke, J.A.L. and le Gross, A.E.
Cooke, J.A.L. and Merrett, P.
Cooke, J.A.L. and Outley, E.A.
Cooke, J.A.L. et al
Cooke, P.
Cooke, Susan
Cooksey, Peter & Liz
Coombe, Dave
Coombes, Zoe
Cooney, M.
Cooney, Mr M.
Cooper, A.
Cooper, A.E.
Cooper, A.E. and Cooper, P.F.
Cooper, Cliff (warden)
Cooper, G.
Cooper, Gary C.
Cooper, Gemma
Cooper, J.D.
Cooper, Mark
Cooper, Martin
Cooper, Oliver
Cooper, Richard
Cooper, Simon
Cooper, Toddy
Coote, Bob
Cooter, J.
Cooter, Mr J.
Copestake, K.G.
Copestake, K.G. and P.
Copland, David
Copson, P.J.
Corbet, Dr G.B.
Corbet, G.
Corbet, G.B.
Corbet, N.U.
Corbett, S.
Corcoran, Angela
Corkhill, P
Corkhill, P.
Corner, T.
Cornish, C.
Cornwall Trust
Corrigan, Ms H.
Costello, D
Costello, Patricia
Cotton, Dr M.J.
Cotton, Laura
Cotton, M.J.
Couch, Yvonne
Coull, L.
Coull, R.
Coulson & Butterfield
Coulson and Butterfield
Coulson, J
Coulson, J.
Coult, T.
Countryside Council for Wales
Coupland, B.
Coupland, G.
Coupland, G.& R.
Coupland, R.
Course Students
Court, Chris
Courtney, Mrs
Cousins, Mel
Coutes, D.B.
Coventry, Mark
Coverdale, Janis
Coverly, Mr C.
Coward, T.A.
Cowden, D.
Cowden, D.G.
Cowden, Mr D.R.
Cowdon, D.
Cowen, Nicole
Cowin, W.S.
Cowley, J
Cowley, J.
Cowpe, Andrew
Cowthray, A.
Cox, J.
Cox, Jason
Cox, Kevin
Cox, L.
Cox, Linda
Cox, Mr J.R.
Cox, Nick
Cox, Pat
Cox, Patrick
Cox, T.
Cox, Tim
Coxhead, Peter
Coyne, Jane
Coyne, Mrs Joanne
Coz, W.
Cracker, Hanah
Craft, Jennifer
Cragg, Barry
Craig Macadam
Craig, Angie
Craig, Jennifer
Craig, Lynn
Craine, Gordon
Cram, M.
Cramp, Helen
Crane, N.R.
Crawford, Andy
Crawford, Rebecca
Crawford, T.J.
Crawford, Tony
Creddes, C.
Creer, J.
Creer, S
Creer, Si
Crellin, S.
Cressey, Maurice
Cressey, Maurice - Ashton, Frederick & Charles
Cresswell, James
Cresswell, Jim
Cresswell, Justin
Crick, Barrie
Crisp, Roger
Critchley, Kath
Crociani, Romana
Crocker, J.
Crocker, J. and Parker, J.R.
Crocker, J. et al
Crocker, J. et al.
Crocker, J., Daws, J.
Crocker, J., Horsman, F., Murphy, F. & Wanless, F.
Crocker, J.M Horsman, F., Murphy, F. and Wanless, F.
Crocker, John
Crocker, M.G.
Crocker, Mr J.
Croft, David
Croft, Dob
Crombie, I.L.
Cromer, Kevin
Cronin, Paul
Crookes, Sue
Crooks, Bill
Cropper, R.
Cross, A.
Cross, A. M. & Southgate, J.A.
Cross, David M.
Cross, I.
Cross, I.C.
Cross, Jules
Cross, Lee
Cross, Mr I
Cross, Peter
Cross, Steven
Crossley, Dean
Crossley, Jodie
Crossley, R.
Croton, N.
Croucher, P.
Croucher, S.J.
Crowe, Barbara & Tony
Crowley, Liam
Crowson, E.A. and Merrett, P.
Crowson, Mrs E.A.
Crowson, R.A.
Crowson, R.A., Crowson, M.A.
Croxson, Nick
Croxteth Park Volunteer Group
Croysdale, Emma
Cullum, Louise
Cumberlidge, Tony
Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Cuming, Nigel
Cumming, Ian
Cumming, Rob
Cummings, Cliff
Cummings, Mr R
Cummings, Mr R.
Cummins, Matthew
Cundall, A.
Cunningham, Andrew
Cunningham, Sean
Cure, R.
Curley, Christopher
Curling, Dorothy LucyAnn
Curran, Graham
Currie, Niall
Currie, P.W.E.
Curtis, D. & Flaherty, E.
Curtis, D. & Stinglhammer, H.R.G.
Curtis, D.J.
Curtis, D.J. & A.W.Darby
Curtis, D.J. & Darby, A.W.
Curtis, D.J. & S.Thompson
Curtis, D.J. & Stewart, H.G.
Curtis, D.J. & Stinglhammer, H.R.G.
Curtis, D.J. & Thompson, S.
Curtis, D.J. et al.
Curtis, D.J.& Flaherty, E.
Curtis, E.J.
Curtis, Miss J.
Curtis, Mr J.
Curtis, Paula
Cuthbertson, Mr N.
Cutler, M.
Cutts, D.B.
Cutts, Ian
Czainski, John