The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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E H Smith
E. Duffey
E. Pollard
E. Styan
E.A. Butler
E.A. Crowson
E.A. Crowson;R.A. Crowson
E.A. Ellis
E.F. Greenwood & J.M. Newton
E.J. Lovesey
E.W. Groves (see Lond nat
Eardley, C.
Earland-Bennett, P.
Earley, Paul
Early, J.P.
Early, Jeremy
Earp, Kerry
Eason, Shane
East Malling Research
East, Helen
East, J.
East, Judith
Easterbrook, M.
Easton, Mrs P.
Eastwood, R.
Eaton, Aishling
Eaton, Graham
EAU surveyor
ECC Survey
Eccles, T.
Eccles, T.M.
Eccles, Tom
Eckersley, P.
Eco Club
Eddington, M.
Edgar, Audrey and Young, Mark
Edgar, Marion
Edgar, W.
Edgington, M.
Edgley, Robert
Edinburgh University Biological Society
Edith Rom
Edkins, Keith
Edmunds, J.
Edmunds, Stuart
Edward Phillips
Edwards, Billie
Edwards, Christine
Edwards, Colin
Edwards, Dr Helen J.
Edwards, Eloise
Edwards, James
Edwards, K.
Edwards, M.E.
Edwards, M.E. et al.
Edwards, M.E., Hodge, P. & Lee, P.
Edwards, Mike & Hodge, Peter
Edwards, Mr B.
Edwards, Natalie
Edwards, R.
Edwards, Scott
Edwards, Steven
Eeles, A.
Eeles, W.J.
Egglinshaw, H.
Eke, Mr B.
Ekins, G.
Ekins, G.R.
Ekins, Graham
Elbourn, C.A. and Paviour-Smith, K.
Eldridge, Lee
Eleen, M.
Elford, Toby
Elina Doss
Elinor Low
Elise O'Donnell and Steve O’Donnell
Elizabeth Ackerley
Elizabeth Atkinson
Elizabeth Holding
Elizabeth Kay
Elkin, Trevor
Ellen Prince
Ellen, M.
Eller, W.J.
Ellingford, Joy
Elliot, G.A.
Elliot, M.
Elliott, A.
Elliott, C.
Elliott, M.
Elliott, Mr.
Ellis, A.E.
Ellis, D.
Ellis, D. & Myers, G.
Ellis, I.
Ellis, Jo
Ellis, Mr R.J.
Ellis, Peter
Elliston, Glenn
Elmore, Jason
Elphick, J.
Elsdon, David
Else, George R.
Else, Mr
Else, Mr G.R.
Else, Ric
Elton, C.
Ely, Mr W.A.
Ely, W.
Ely, W.A.
Emberson, R.M.
Emblem-English, Chris
Emerson, James
Emerson, Pauline
Emily Taylor
Emirali, A.
Emley, Mr D.W.
Emma Garston
Emma Harber
Emmett, Ben
Emmett, E
Emmett, E.E.
Emsley, Mr D. W.
English Nature
English Nature (Colchester)
English Nature Survey Team
English, Tim
Enock, F.
Enticknap, T.
Enticknap, Tony
Entwistle, P.F.
Environment Agency
Epping C.C.
Epping F.C.C
Epping F.C.C.
Epping Forest Con. Centre
Epping Forest Conservation Centre
Eric Janke
Eric Parsons
Eric Patrick
Eric Philp & Peter Harvey
Erland-Bennet, P.
Erskine, P.
Esmond Brown
Essex Spider Group
Essex, Niel
Ethelreda, Sister
Etheridge, S.J.
Ettema, Nico
Eunice, M.
Evan Jones
Evans, A.H.
Evans, Alan
Evans, Emily
Evans, F.
Evans, I.M.
Evans, L.L.
Evans, Liz
Evans, Lloyd
Evans, M.
Evans, Michelle
Evans, Mr
Evans, Mrs
Evans, Mrs D.M.
Evans, Neil
Evans, P.A.
Evans, Phil
Evans, Philip
Evans, R.
Evans, Rebecca
Evans, Sian
Evans, T.G.
Evans, Tony
Evans, Tricia
Evans, W.E.
Evans, William
Eve, H.C.
Everett, Hugh
Everset, Helen
Eversham, B.
Eversham, B.C.
Eversham, Brian
Eversham, Mr B.C.
Everson, Katy
Ewan Munro
Ewan Parry
Extence, Chris
Eyre, Dr M.D.
Eyre, M.D.
Ezard, A.