The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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F Farr-Cox
F. Garcia
F. Hall
F. Hinton
F.O. Pickard Cambridge
F.R. Woodward
Fairclough, J
Fairclough, J.
Fairclough, K.
Fairfield, Steve
Fairhall, Dan
Fairhead, H.
Falconer, Mr W.
Falconer, W.
Falconer, W. and Jackson, A.R.
Falconer, W. and Stainforth, T.
Falconer, W. and Winter, W.P.
Falk, S.
Falk, Steven
Fallon, Mike
Fallon, Peter
Faloon, Ann
Fanshawe, S.
Farage, Laura
Farino, T.
Farley, Dean
Farmer, Gary
Farnfield, Rebecca
Farr-Cox, F.
Farr-Cox, F. (Gloucs)
Farr-Cox, Francis
Farr-Cox, T.
Farrell, L.
Farrimond, Rachael
Farrington, Rowena
Faulds, T.
Faulds, T. and Williams, A.H.
Faulds, Tom
Faulkner, Annette
Fawcett, A.
Fawcett, Karen
Fayers, Lesley
Fearn, Mrs I.
Feest, A.
Feest, Dr.A.
Feinaugle, Matthias
Fekete, Krisztina
Fells, A.
Felstead, Bradley
Felstead, Caroline
Felstead, Stewart
Felton, C
Felton, C. Felton, C.
Felton, C.
Felton, C. & Hunter, A.B.
Felton, C. & Jones, K.
Felton, C. & Newns, R.
Felton, Chris
Felton, J.C.
Felton, Mr C.
Felton, S.
Felton, Scott
Fenner, Ann
Fenton, Mr C.
Fenwick, Mr J.D.
Fergus, Tony
Ferguson, A
Ferguson, I.D.
Fern, Adrian
Fern, Jon
Ferneyhough, Katie
Ferrer, Lucy
Ferris, Holly
Ferris, Paul
Fewe, Tracy
Fiedler, C.
Field Studies Council Students
Field, J.
Field, J.P.
Field, Mr J.P.
Field, Ms J.
Field, Sharon
Fielder, C.
Fieldhouse, D.S.
Fieldhouse, J.
Fife Nature spider ID course
Finbar Ward, James
Finch, A.
Finch, G.L. and Finch, N.A.
Finch, GL
Fincher, F.
Findlay, Anthony
Finley Hutchinson
Finn Gilham
Finn, Jaye
Finnegan, G.
Finnegan, P.
Finnemore, Patricia
Finnemore, T.
Fiona Aungier
Fiona Barclay
Fiona Beveridge
Fiona Milne
Firth, E.
Fiserova, Hana
Fish, Luke
Fisher, Julian
Fisher, Mark
Fisher, Paul
Fisk, J.J.
Fisk, Sally
Fitter, A.
Fitter, D.
Fitter, R.S.R.
Fitzpatrick-Ellis, James
Flanagan, J.
Flanders, Alison
Flatt, Anthony
Fleetwood, B.
Fleming, J.
Fleming, Jon
Fleming, Nicola
Fleming, Richard
Flemming, Mike
Fletcher, A.
Fletcher, E.
Fletcher, Emma
Fletcher, J.
Fletcher, Jo
Fletcher, Matthew
Fletcher, Miss M.J.
Flett, James
Flett, R.I.
Flint, Martin
Flint, P.
Flockhart, Ian
Foale, Geoffrey
Fogan, Mrs M.J.
Fogan, Mrs M.J. and Rands, Mrs E.B.
Fogg, Barnaby
Foley, Leah
Folkes, M.F.
Follett, Peter
Foran, Jean
Ford, A.
Ford, C.
Ford, Gb
Ford, Ian
Ford, Richard
Fordyce, Mark
Forestry Commission
Forgham, D.B.
Forman, B.
Formstone, B.
Formstone, Bryan
Formstone, J.B.
Forrest, Chris
Forrest, Larry
Forster, J.
Forsyth, Alastair
Foster, A.
Foster, Andy
Foster, Colin
Foster, G.N.
Foster, Gillian
Foster, Jenny
Foster, Karen
Foster, Kerryanne
Foster, Mr A.P.
Foster, N.H.
Foster, Richard
Foster, Stuart
Fountain, M.
Fowler, Cannon W. W.
Fowler, Deborah
Fowler, Elaine
Fowler, J.
Fowler, Jackie
Fowler, K
Fowler, Katherine
Fowler, Keith
Fowler, Martin
Fowler, Silvia
Fowles, A.P.
Fowles, Mr A.P.
Fox, Chelsey
Fox, D.G.
Fox, D.G. and Fox, H.L.
Fox, D.L.
Fox, Derek
Fox, Laura
Foxwell, D.J.
Frame, Ian
Frances Farr-Cox
Frances Kelly
Frances Murphy
Francesca Sconce
Francis Farrow
Francis Murphy
Francis Rowney
Francis, Caroline
Francis, J.
Francis, Ken
Francis, Louise
Francis, P.
Francis, P.M.A.
Francis, S.D.
Francois Chazel
Frank Hendre
Frankum, M.
Fraser, A.
Fraser, D.N.
Fraser, M.
Fred Fincher
Freeman and Halbert, J.N.
Freeman, A.
Freeman, J.
Freeman, Kris
Freeman, M.M.
Freeman, Paul
Freer, O.
Freke, C.D.
Freman, Guy
Fremlin, Maria
French, D.
French, Stephen
Freston, H.W.
Friday, Julie
Friday, Neil
Friedrich, Karl
Froud, Maggie
Fry, Adrian
Fry, Stephen
Fryatt, Chris
Fullick, Tony
Fulton, M.J.
Funnell, M.
Funnell, Michael
Furmage, D.B.
Furnival, D.
Furnival, Miss A.D.
Furze, Peter
Fussey, G.
Fussey, G.D.
Fyfe, A.
Fyfe, Deborah