The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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H J Berman
H, C.J.
H. Britten
H. Wiltshire
H.E. Henson
H.K. Airy-Shaw
H.M. Customs
H.P.B. Chubb
H.R. (Gloucs)
H.St.J.K Donisthorpe
H.St.J.K. Donisthorpe
Hackett, D.
Hackett, Dan
Hackett, Molly
Hackett, Shaun
Hacking, Joel
Hackston, Mike
Hadley, Kate
Hadley, Lynden
HAES Chris
Haes, E.C.M.
Haes, Mr E.C.M.
Hagdorn, Magnus
Hagerty, Dean
Haig, D.J.R. and Preston-Mafham, K.
Haigh, D.J.R.
Haigh, D.J.R. and Rixom, W.G
Haigh, D.J.R. and Rixom, W.G.
Haigh, David
Haigh, David & Alexander, Keith
Haigh, David & Harper, John
Haigh, David, Harper, John & Kilner, Mike
Haigh, M.
Haines, David
Hainsworth, P.
Halbert, J.N.
Hale, P.
Hales, J.
Halfpenny, G.
Halfpenny, G. and Steward, D.I.
Halfpenny, G. OR Bloomfield
Halfpenny, Mr G.
Halfpenny, Mr G., Slawson, Mr G.C.
Halfpenny, Mr G., Steward, Mr D.I.
Haliwell, Miss C.
Hall, D.
Hall, Graham
Hall, J.
Hall, Mr C.
Hall, Mr P.
Hall, P.
Hall, Steven
Hall-Jones, Phillippa
Hall-Smith, D.H.
Hallam, Jon
Hallett, K.
Hallett, Mr D
Hallett, Mr D.
Halliday-Greene, D.
Halliwell, G.
Halstead, A.J.
Halstead, K.H.
Hambler, C.
Hambler, Clive
Hamblett, Ray
Hamer, M.
Hamill, David
Hamilton, Alex
Hamilton, Dan
Hamilton, J.E.
Hamilton, K.
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Tom
Hamilton-Dyer, Sheila
Hamlin. Stephen
Hammerton, Paul
Hammerton, Richard
Hammon, Roger
Hammond, M.
Hammond, Mr
Hammond, Mr J.A.
Hammond, N.
Hammond, P.M.
Hammond, P.M. & Harvey, P.R.
Hamond, R.
Hampson, Perry
Hancock, E.G.
Hancock, G.
Hancock, J.
Hancock, John
Hancock, P.
Hancy, B.J.
Hancy, R.
Hancy, R.C.
Hancy, R.C. master database
Hand, Karen & Sarah
Handford, Wendy
Hanford, Nigel
Hankinson, Andrew
Hannam, Chris
Hannon, Kate
Hanratty, John
Hanson, M
Hanson, M.
Hanson, M.W.
Hanson, Noel
Harbott, Anthony
Harding, Christine
Harding, P.T.
Harding, Paul T
Hardwick, L.W.
Hardwick, Mr L.W.
Hardwick, Paul
Hardwicke, Bill
Hardwicke, L.W.
Hardy and Hull
Hardy, J.
Hardy, J.R.
Hardy, Mike
Hardy, T.G.
Hardye's School
Hargreaves, Ben
Hargreaves, Bruce
Harker, Rebecca
Harley, Basil
Harley, Brian
Harley, J.
Harley, Robin
Harman, T.W.
Harold, Mr J.
Harper Adams
Harper, Chelsea
Harper, J.
Harper, John
Harper, John & Haigh, David
Harper, John & Kilner, Mike
Harper, John F
Harper, K.
Harper, M.
Harper, Mr J.
Harris, Adam
Harris, G.J.
Harris, Gerrard
Harris, J.
Harris, J.I.
Harris, Mary
Harris, Mr A.L.
Harris, Pete
Harris, Roger
Harris, T.
Harris, Trevor
Harrison, Andrea
Harrison, Daniel
Harrison, Dave
Harrison, Dawn
Harrison, Dominic
Harrison, F.
Harrison, J.
Harrison, J. W.
Harrison, J.L.
Harrison, J.W.H.
Harrison, J.W.H. and Hull, J.E.
Harrison, Mrs J.
Harrison, W.H.
Harrold, Kathryn
Harrow, Matthew
Harry Eve
Harry Woolner/Chris Cathrine
Hart, Isobel
Hart, Robert
Hartley, M.
Hartman, Mr M.
Harvey, A.D.
Harvey, Charles
Harvey, J.
Harvey, M.
Harvey, Martin
Harvey, Martin C.
Harvey, Mr M.C.
Harvey, N.
Harvey, Neil
Harvey, Nick
Harvey, Nigel
Harvey, P.
Harvey, P. and Philp, E.
Harvey, P.R.
Harvey, P.R. & Plant, C.W.
Harvey, P.R./Plant, C.W.
Harvey, P.R./Smith, D.A.
Harvey, Paul
Harvey, Peter
Harvey, Peter R.
Harvey, R.
Harvey, R. = 1040
Harvey, Rob
Harwood, Mr S.
Harwood, R.
Harwood, S.
Hastings, S.
Hasty, Steve
Hatcher, Jason
Hatfield Forest
Hathway, Ren
Hattenberger, M.
Hatton, J.
Hawgood, Gavin
Hawke, C.
Hawkes, Will
Hawkey, Doug
Hawkins, K.M.
Hawkins, Kate
Hawkins, Laura
Hawkins, Ms K.M.
Hawkins, R.D.
Hawkins, R.D. and Sankey, J.H.P.
Hawkyard, J.
Hawkyard, James
Hawley, R.
Hawthorn, Mr J.
Haxton, V.
Haycock, Mr R.J.
Hayek, Tom
Hayes, Linda
Hayes, Maria
Hayhow,Simon J.
Hayley Wiswell
Haynes, Miss F.
Hayward, Michael
Haywood, J.
Hazell, Chris
Hazell, Gary
Hazelleagle, Chris
Hazelton, M.
Hazlehurst, J.
Heal, N.F.
Healey, Alan
Heard, ian
Hearle, A.
Heath, Darren
Heath, J.
Heath, J.J.
Heath, K.
Heath, Kay
Heather Marshall;Anthony Marshall
Heather Young
Heaton, Andrew
Heaton, Benedict
Heaton, Warren
Heaver, D.
Heaver, D.J.
Heaver, David
Hecker, Barry
Hedges, G.
Hedges, Gary
Hedley, Brian
hedley, russell
Heelas, Tyler
Heenan, Mr
Heeney, Will
Heeney, Will & Lamin, John
Heffron, Lorna on behalf of P.R. Harvey
Heidi Cunningham
Heighton, Luke
Heikenen, Jessica
Helen Jones
Helen Kirk
Helen Penn
Helen Read
Helen Rowe
Helen Smith
Helen Thompson
Helliwell, L.
Hemingway, D.
Hemming, F.
Hemsworth, Clare
Henaghan, P.
Henbane, Janet
Henderson, D.
Henderson, J.
Henderson, Martin
Henderson, Zoe
Hendricks, Jason
Hendry, Deborah
Henry Arnold
Henry J. Trevallion
Henshall, Ms S.
Henshall, S.
Henshaw, D.
Henson, Celia
Heptinstall, Nigel
Herault, Ms S.R.V.
Herault, Sylvie & Alton, Paul
Hercock, Anne
Herd, Mr J.
Herman, J.
Herringshaw, Liam
Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust Survey Team
Herts and Middx Trust For Nature Conservation
Herts Biorec
Herzog, J.O.
Heslop, Anne
Hetherington, M.
Hewdry, Matt
Hewitt, Brian
Hewitt, C.
Hewitt, Nathan
Hewitt, Roger
Hewitt, S
Heywood, Martin
Hiatt, Gwyn
Hibberd, Matt
Hibbert, Mike
Hickley, Tony
Hickling, R.A.O.
Hickman, A.E.D.
Hicks, G.
Hicks, P.N.
Hicks, P.V.
Hicks, Paul
Hider, M.
Hider, R.C.
Higgins, Charlotte
Higgins, R.C.
Higginson, Darin
Higginson, Pam
Higginson-Tranter, Dave
Higgott, Mike
Hignett, Sandra
Hilder, M.
Hill House School
Hill, D
Hill, D.S.
Hill, Dr D.S.
Hill, Elaine
Hill, K.
Hill, Ken
Hill, Laurie
Hill, M.
Hill, Mr J., Cooper, C., Hodgkinson, P.
Hill, R.E.
Hill, Sue
Hill, Tim
Hill-Cottingham, P
Hillier, Stacey
Hillman, P.
Hills, C.C.
Hills, Darren
Hills, Mr C.C.
Hills, R.J.
Hillyard, P.
Hillyard, P.D.
Hillyard, Paul
Himsley, Caryn
Hinchcliffe, G.
Hinchley, Carolyn
Hind, M.
Hine, Jan
Hingley, M.R.
Hinson, Philip
Hinton, Jeff
Hinton, Kevin
Hird, Gary
Hirst, M.
Hislop, Louise
Hislop, Susan Anne
Histed, John
Hitch, Ms P.A.
Hitchcock, Greg
Hitchcock, Mark
Hitchcock, Mrs J.
Hitchinson, Fran
Hoare, Mike
Hoare, Paul
Hobart, J.
Hobbs, R.
Hobbs, R.N.
Hobbs, Stephen
Hobson, Craig
Hobson, James
Hobson, P. and Taylor, M.N.
Hockett, Mr D.
Hodge, P.J.
Hodge, Simon
Hodge, Tim
Hodges, M.
Hodgetts, Rheece
Hodgkins, J.
Hodgkinson, David
Hodgkinson, J.
Hodgkiss, Daniel
Hodgkiss, Kate
Hodgson, J.
Hodgson, Miranda
Hodson, J.
Hoff, Mr WG
Hogarth, P. and Hogarth, S.
Hogarth, Peter J.
Hogg, George
Hogg, Kirsten
Hogg, M.
Hogg, M., Smithers, P. and Stevens, A.
Hogg, M.D. = Kilner, M.D.
Hogg, Mr M.D.
Hoggett, J.
Holden, Ray
Holding D J
Holding, John
Holland, Mr G.N.
Holland, Simon
Holloway, D
Holloway, K.B.
Holloway, Martin
Holloway, Ms B.
Holman, Tricia
Holmes, Alan
Holmes, Allen
Holmes, C.
Holmes, D.
Holmes, P.
Holmes, P.R.
Holroyd, Vicky
Holt, Dan
Holt, David
Holt, Ian
Holt, P.
Holton, N
Home, Lisa
Homewood, Julia
Honey, Martin R.
Honour, K., Lupton, P. & Williams, G.
Hood, Jenni
Hood, Rob
Hooper, J.
Hooper, J., Kent, R., Roberts, D.J. and Roberts, M.J.
Hooper, Margaret
Hooper, Robin
Hoose, Phil
Hooson, Brenda
Hooson, John
Hopewell, Jenny
Hopgood, Mrs
Hopgood, O.
Hopgood, Oscar
Hopkin, S.
Hopkin, S.P.
Hopkin, S.P. and Rockett, Carol
Hopkins, Dr Graham
Hopkins, I. J.
Hopkins, I.J.
Hopkins, I.J. and Slawson, G.C.
Hopkins, I.J. and Sutton, C.A.
Hopkins, I.J. and Weston, M.R.
Hopkins, I.J., Bowles, N. and Walker, J.
Hopkins, Miss B.A.
Hopkins, Mr I.J.
Hopkins, Mr I.J., Weston, Mr M.R.
Hornby, Donna
Hornsby, James
Hornsby, S.
Horrigan, Pat
Horsfall, J.
Horsfall, J.A.
Horsfield, D.
Horsley, Nigel
Horsman, F.
Horsman, F. and Murphy, F.
Horsman, F. and Wanless, F.
Horton, D.
Horton, Steve
Hose, T.A.
Hotten, M.
Hough, A.
Hough, Gillian
Hough, N.J.
Houghton, Allan
Houghton, H.J. & M.B.
Houghton, M. B.
Houghton, Mr H.J.
Houghton, Mr H.J. & Duddington, Mr J.D.
Houghton, Mr M.
Houghton, Peter
Houghton, R.
Howard Williams
Howard, C.
Howard, R.
Howard, Richard
Howe, Dr M.A.
Howe, Isobel
Howe, L.
Howe, M.
Howe, M. & May, R.
Howe, M.A.
Howe, Mike
Howell, Jason
Howell, Mr P.
Howell, P.
Howell, Peter
Howell, Sian
Howells, Charlotte
Howells, Lisa
Howes, C.
Howes, C.A.
Howes, Colin
Howes, David
Howson, Holly
Hoy, Loretta
Hoyland, R.
Hoyle, B
Hoyle, B.
Hubbard, K
Hubble, Dave
Huckfield, Jean & Watkins, Kevin
Hudgell, S.A.
Hudson, Mr I.R.
Hudson, Richard
Hugh Insley
Hugh J Griffiths
Hughes, Adrian
Hughes, C.
Hughes, I
Hughes, I.
Hughes, Ian
Hughes, J.T.
Hughes, K.
Hughes, Kay
Hughes, L.
Hughes, Les
Hughes, Mrs R.
Hughes. K.
Hugo, B
Hull University
Hull, F.E.
Hull, J.E.
Hull, J.E. and Jackson, A.R.
Hull, M.
Hulland, Ben
Hulstone, W.
Hume, Jim
Humpage, Karen
Humphrey, C.
Humphrey, Colin
Humphries, Aaron
Humphries, Colin
Hunford, Don
Hunmanby School
Hunnisett Mr J
Hunnisett, J.
Hunnisett, John
Hunnisett, Mr J
Hunnisett, Mr J.
Hunt, David
Hunt, Liz
Hunt, Matt
Hunt, Sharon
Hunter, A.B.
Hunter, Anthony
Hunter, Anthony B
Hunter, C.
Hunter, G.
Hunter, K.
Hunter, M.
Hunter, R.
Hunter, T.
Hurn, Zoe
Hurst, Chris
Hussain, Amir
Huston, K.R.
Hutchings, Fiona
Hutchinson, F.
Hutchison, Adam
Hutton, Richard
Huxley, T.
Hyatt, K.
Hyde, A.C.
Hyman, P.
Hyman, P./Kirby, P.
Hyman, Paul