The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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L. Clemons
L. H. Doncaster
L. Jenyns
L. Rawlings
L. Taylor
La Touche, A.A.D.
Labbett, Roger
Lacey, Paul
Lachlan, Katie
Lack, A.
Lacy, John
Laing, M.
Lake, Mark
Laken-Louise Hives
Lalor, Patricia
Lamb, John
Lamb, Nick
Lamb, Paul
Lambdon, P.W.
Lambert, D.G.
Lambert, J.
Lambert, S.J.
Lambert, Sarah J.
Lamin, Mr J.
Lammiman, Mr F.
Lampel, G.P.
Lancashire Wildlife Trust
Lancaster, J.
Lancaster, V.
Lander, Frank
Lane, A.
Lane, Darren
Lane, David
Lane, K.
Lane, Mark
Lane, Ray
Lane, S.A./A.
Lane, T.
Lane, V.
Laney, Brian
Laney, Brian & Shute, Dave
Laney, Bryan
Laney, Paul
Lanfear, Terry
Lang, Christine
Langdon Hills CP
Langley, Brian
Langley, Roy
Langton, A.
Lansley, Amber
Lanyon, Sara
Larder, J.
Large, Lukas
Laskey, Iain
Last, B.
Last, Barbara
Lavelle, Tom
Lavery, A.
Law, Andrew
Law, N.
Law, Nick
Lawlor, Eamonn
Lawman, Dave
Lawrence Bee
Lawrence, Rachel
Lawrie, Iain
Lawson, A.K.
Lawton, Barbara
Layland, M.
Lazenby, A.S.
Lazenby, Mr A.
LDA Design
Le Gassick, J.
Le Gros, A.E.
Le Gros, Mr A.E.
le Gross, A.E.
Le Page. Mrs E.
Le Quesne, W.J.
Le Sueur, A.
Lea, Chris
Leach, H.C.
Leach, Miles
Leah, J.
Leaver, J.L.
Leavold, Zak
Lebrun, Suzanne
Lee Johnson
Lee Shields
Lee, D.
Lee, D.C.
Lee, Dave
Lee, Dawn
Lee, Laura
Lee, M.
Lee, Matthew
Lee, Mr D.C.
Lee, Mr P.
Lee, P.
Lee, Paul
Lee, Phil
Lee, R.
Lee, Tracey
Leech, M.J.
Leech, Michael
Leeds students
Lees, Mr M.
Leftwich, A.P.
Legg, Gerald
Legg, June
Lehane, M.
Leigh, Sarah
Leighton, R.
Leighton, R. and Mackie, D.W.
Leisk, William
lelo, N.
Lemon, Ellie
Lemon, Natalie
Lemon, W.
Lenel, Peter
Lepage, J.M.
Leport, Barbara
Les Hughes
Les Mosco
Lesa Campbell Brown
Lesa Campbell-Brown
Lesley Mills
Letter, J.
Lever, P.D.
Lewington, Mr W.
Lewington, R.
Lewis Curran
Lewis, Elfyn
Lewis, J.W.
Lewis, Jonathan
Lewis, Kai
Lewis, Keith
Lewis, Matt
Lewis, Matthew
Lewis, Ms J.
Lewis, P.
Lewis-Dobson, D.
Liam Andrews
Lickfold, James
Lidbury, T. D.
Lidgett, Angela
Lightowler, D.M.
Liley, Michael
Lim, Lucie
Limb, Mr. W.
Limbert, Martin
Linaker, Kim
Lincolnshire Naturalist Union
Lincolnshire Naturalists Union
Lind, Stephanie
Linda Underwood
Linda Wren,Lynn Jenkins,Chris Bentley
Lindley, John
Lindroth, C.H.
Lindsay Gemmell
Lindsay, Mrs
Linehan, F.
Linehan, R
Linklater, A.
Linley, Jim
Linwood, John
Lisa Flatman
Lisa Trownson
Lister, S.M.
Little, Brian and Stephanie
Little, Miss D.
Little, Paul
Livermore, S.
Liverpool Museum
Liverpool Museum survey team
Livsey, Julian
Liz Andrews
Liz B
Liz Huxley
Liz Rogers
Liz Wright
Lizzy Edson
Lloyd Bore
Lloyd Garvey
Lloyd, Adrienne
Lloyd, D.
Lloyd, D.F.
Lloyd, Julie
Lloyd, L.C. and Savory, T.H.
Lloyd, Marc
Lloyd, Mrs B.
Lloyd, Sarah
Lloyd-Evans, L.
Lloyd-Owen, David
LMS Enquiry
LNHS/BM survey
LNU Junior Member
LNU Member
Loader, Gary
Loader, Isabelle
Local schools
Locke, Roger
Locket & Millidge
Locket, E. et al
Locket, G.H.
Locket, G.H. & Millidge, A.F.
Locket, G.H. and Mackie, D.W.
Locket, G.H. and Millidge, A.F.
Locket, G.H. and Pickard-Cambridge, O.
Locket, G.H. et al
Locket, G.H., Stubbs, A.E. and Williams, S.A.
Locket, Mr G.H.
Lockie, H.
Lockley, R.M.
Lockton, Alex
Lockwood, Sarah
Loder, N.
Lodge, Mike
Lodhi, Dr.
Logan, T.
Logue, Brenda
Logunov, D. & Beccaloni, J.
Logunov, Dmitri
Lomas, Jennifer
London, Thomas
Long, Graham
Long, R.
Longbottom, H.
Longland, Jessica
Longrigg, Sarah
Lonsdale, David
Lorna Cole
Lothian Wildlife Information Centre
Lott, D.A.
Lou, Becky
Louis Lawler
Love, Brian
Love, Nikki
Lovelace, M.
Lovelace, Melody
Lovesey, Dr E.J.
Lovesey, E.J.
Lovett, Adam
Low, D.
Low, Mrs M.
Lowe, Mrs
Lowe, Steve
Lowe, Tom
Lowestoft Field Club member
Lowry, Roy
Loxton and Walker
Loxton, Dick
Loxton, Dr R.G.
Loxton, Dr. R.G.
Loxton, R.
Loxton, R.G.
Loxton, R.G.(and Moore, S J given same number)
Loy, Peter
Lucas, B.R.
Lucas, Jane
Lucas, L.
lucien, I-spot
Lucinda King
Luck, Peter
Lucy Arnold
Luff, Martin
Lugg, Mr K.
Lugman, Sousan
Luke Anderson
Luke Tilley
Luke, Phil
Lund, Tony
Lunn, R.P.
Lunniss, Julia
Lunt, D.
Lunt, Gaynor
Luscombe, Mr
Luscombe, Mr. K.R.
Lush, Colin
Lyall, Ruth
Lyden, John
Lydia Alborn
Lydia Trunecka
Lydiard, Edward
Lydon-Johnston, Jay
Lyel, Tony
Lynch, Ann
Lynch, Tony
Lynes, Mark
Lynette Choppin
Lynn Giddings
Lyon, Brian
Lyons, Graeme
Lyons, Thom
Lyster, I.H.J.
Lyszkowski, R.
Lyszkowski, R.W.J.